PS4 Getting PS1-Inspired Translucent Controllers

Beautiful new PS4 controllers coming soon.


Update: After initially revealing the new PS4 controllers for Europe only, Sony has now announced the new range will also come to the US. The Crystal one is exclusive to GameStop in the region, Red Crystal exclusive to Best Buy, and Blue Crystal exclusive to Walmart. Each one costs $65 in the US and will arrive in the region in September, though Sony is still yet to reveal whether the set will come to Australia. Original story follows.

Sony has revealed a new set of translucent PS4 controllers, seemingly inspired by similar see-through pads released for the original PlayStation 20 years ago. The new DualShock 4s are all semi-transparent, and they come in three color variants: Crystal, Blue Crystal, or Red Crystal.

The trio boast the same features incorporated into the most recent DualShock 3 models, meaning they have a light bar on the top of the touch pad and are able to communicate with the PS4 directly using USB connectivity (bypassing Bluetooth, should you wish to do so). All three models launch in Europe on October 17.

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So far, the new designs have only been announced for European markets, with no word on an American or Australian launch. The UK, meanwhile, will only receive the colorless Crystal model. Brits had previously received a Crystal DualShock 4 in June as part of a limited release, but that model was the old DulaShock that did not include wired communication or the new touch pad light bar. GameSpot has contacted Sony to confirm whether the controllers will come to the US and Australia.

Europe, along with Australia, will also receive a special Destiny-themed DualShock 4 very soon. That's not coming to the UK (or Russia or Poland) either, however. There's now quite a few versions of the DualShock 4 out there; if you want to know which is the best for you, check out our review roundup of the best PS4 controllers.

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