PS4 Gets Dino/Dragon Open-World Game Ark: Survival Evolved Today

All players will earn double XP this week to celebrate the launch.


The PlayStation 4 version of Ark: Survival Evolved launches today on PlayStation 4. As announced previously, the $55 game comes to PS4 in the form of the Survivor's Pack, which includes the base dinosaur game and the Scorched Earth expansion that features new areas and dragons.

PS4 players also get exclusive content like a Bionic Giganotosaurus skin and the Manticore armor set for male and female characters. Check out the PS4 launch trailer below to see the game in action.

Like the PC and Xbox One versions of Ark, the PS4 edition is unfinished. In a blog post today, developer Studio Wildcard said players can expect a "constant stream" of updates for Ark between now and when the "content complete" version of the game launches in Spring 2017.

To mark the launch of Ark on PS4, Studio Wildcard is kicking off an "Evolution Event." Beginning today at 12 PM ET, all official servers will offer double the rates for XP, harvesting, and taming. These bonuses will remain active--on all platforms--until Monday, December 12, at 12 PM ET.

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Interestingly, Studio Wildcard initially said that Sony blocked Survival Evolved from release on PS4 because it did not allow in-development games on the platform. Apparently Sony has loosened its stance on this front, though it remains to be seen if other unfinished games will come to PS4.

Initially released in June 2015, Survival Evolved has been a big hit, attracting more than 5.5 million players across PC and Xbox One. It remains one of the most popular games on Steam, sitting in the No. 6 position right now in terms of top games by player count.

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