PS4 Games: Sony Lists Everything Confirmed for 2015

PS Vita game release dates also disclosed; New titles to be added after E3 and Gamescom.

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Sony has published a list of all the currently confirmed PlayStation 4 games, along with their release dates, that are scheduled to ship in 2015.

While some of the most highly anticipated games are listed, such as Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and No Man's Sky, Sony does urge that the list is subject to change due to the unexpected nature of games development.

Nevertheless, should all projects stay on track, the PS4 will add 232 new titles to its library by the end of the year. Twenty of those are available now, while another twenty have a confirmed release date (such as Batman: Arkham Knight, Bloodborne, and Battlefield Hardline), while the remaining 192 games have no specific launch details aside from their 2015 target.

Meanwhile, another 72 PlayStation 3 games are listed, along with 79 PlayStation Vita titles.

Take a look below for the full, unabridged list.

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Available now

AeternobladeCorecell TechnologyPS Vita
ApotheonAlien Trap StudioPS4
Atelier Ayesha PlusKoei TecmoPS Vita
Best of Arcade GamesBigben InteractivePS3 / PS Vita
Citizens of EarthAtlusPS4 / PS Vita
Chivalry: Medieval WarfareActivisionPS3
Criminal Girls: Invite OnlyNIS AmericaPS Vita
Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton EditionDevolver DigitalPS3 / PS Vita
Dying LightWarner Bros.PS4
Fat Princess: Piece of CakeSony Computer EntertainmentPS Vita/iOS/Android
Game of Thrones – Episode 2: The Lost LordsTellTale GamesPS4 / PS3
Grim Fandango RemasteredDouble Fine ProductionsPS4 / PS Vita
Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2 Sisters GenerationIdea FactoryPS Vita
Ironclad TacticsZachtronicsPS4
Joe Danger 2: The MovieHello GamesPS Vita
Kick & FennickGreen Hill BVPS Vita
King Oddball10tons Ltd.PS3
Life is Strange: Episode 1Square EnixPS4 / PS3
Monopoly PlusUbisoftPS4 / PS3
Monopoly DealUbisoftPS4 / PS3
Motorcycle ClubBigben InteractivePS4 / PS3
MinutesRed Phanton Games LimitedPS4 / PS Vita
NihilumbraBeautifun GamesPS Vita
Resident EvilCapcomPS4 / PS3
RugbyMaximum GamesPS4
Saints Row IV Re-ElectedDeep SilverPS4
Saints Row Gat Out of HellDeep SilverPS4 / PS3
Shake Spears!Alawar EntertainmentPS3 / PS Vita
Super Stardust UltraSony Computer EntertainmentPS4
Tetris UltimateUbisoftPS4 / PS Vita
Unmechanical Extended EditionGrip DigitalPS4 / PS3
Woah Dave!Choice ProvisionsPS Vita

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Confirmed Release Dates

TitlePublisherPlatformRelease Date
Dead or Alive 5 Last RoundKoei TecmoPS4 / PS320/2/2015
The Order: 1886Sony Computer EntertainmentPS420/2/2015
Dragon Ball XenoverseBandai NamcoPS4 / PS327/2/2015
Dynasty Warriors 8 EmpiresKoei TecmoPS4 / PS327/2/2015
Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black HeartIdea FactoryPS Vita27/2/2015
PillarMichaelArts LLCPS418/2/2015
htoL#Niq: The Firefly DiaryNIS AmericaPS Vita25/2/2015
Project CARSBandai NamcoPS420/3/2015
Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episode 1CapcomPS4 / PS325/2/2015
Under Night In-Birth Exe: LateAksys GamesPS327/2/2015
Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk SeaKoei TecmoPS313/3/2015
Sniper Elite 3: Ultimate Edition505 GamesPS4 / PS313/3/2015
DMC Devil May Cry Definitive EditionCapcomPS410/3/2015
Tokyo Twilight Ghost HuntersAksys GamesPS3 / PS Vita13/3/2015
Awakened Fate UltimatumNIS AmericaPS320/3/2015
Final Fantasy Type 0 HDSquare EnixPS420/3/2015
Bladestorm: NightmareKoei TecmoPS4 / PS36/3/2015
Battlefield HardlineEAPS4 / PS320/3/2015
BloodborneSony Computer EntertainmentPS427/3/2015
Borderlands: The Handsome Collection2K GamesPS427/3/2015
LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of RoninWarner Bros.PS Vita27/3/2015
Toukiden: KiwamiKoei TecmoPS4 / PS Vita / PSP27/3/2015
MLB 15: The ShowSony Computer EntertainmentPS4 / PS3 / Vita1/4/2015
Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First SinBandai NamcoPS4 / PS33/4/2015
Mortal Kombat XWarner Bros.PS4 / PS314/4/2015
The Witcher III: Wild HuntWarner Bros./ CD Project RedPS419/5/2015
Batman: Arkham KnightWarner Bros.PS42/6/2015
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Set For 2015 Release

Game TitlePublisherPlatform
A Virus Named TomMisfits Attic, Inc.PS3
Aaru’s AwakeningLumenox GamesPS4 / PS3
AlienationSony Computer EntertainmentPS4
Alone With YouBenjamin Rivers Inc.PS4 / PS Vita
AmplitudeHarmonixPS4 / PS3
ArmikrogVs. EvilPS4
APB: ReloadedDeep SilverPS4
Ascension: Chronicle of the GodslayerPlaydekPS Vita
Assassin’s Creed Chronicles ChinaUbisoftPS4 / PS3
Assault Android CactusWitch BeamPS4 / PS Vita
Axiom VergeThomas Happ GamesPS4 / PS Vita
AztezTeam ColorblindPS4 / PS Vita
Baboon!Relevo VideogamesPS Vita
Badland: Game of the Year EditionFrogmindPS4 / PS3 / Vita
BastionSupergiant GamesPS4 / PS Vita
BigfestSony Computer EntertainmentPS4 / PS3 / Vita
Blast ‘Em BunniesNnoooPS4 / PS Vita
Blood Bowl IIFocus Home InteractivePS4
BodycheckLudometricsPS Vita
BroforceDevolver DigitalPS4 / PS Vita
Broken Age: The Complete AdventureDouble Fine/ 3rd Party ProductionPS4 / PS Vita
Carmageddon: ReincarnationStainless GamesPS4
Capsule ForceIron GalaxyPS4
ChasmDiscord GamesPS4
Chroma SquadBehold StudiosPS4 / PS3 / Vita
Close CastlesSirvoPS4
Color GuardiansFair Play LabsPS4 / PS Vita
Cosmic Star HeroineZeboyd GamesPS4 / PS Vita
Darkest DungeonRed Hook StudiosPS4 / PS Vita
Day of the Tentacle RemasteredDouble Fine ProductionsPS4 / PS Vita
Dead Island 2Deep SilverPS4
Death Ray MantaBagful of WrongPS Vita
Death TalesNine TalesPS Vita
Dengeki Bunko: Fighting ClimaxSEGAPS3 / PS Vita
Devil May Cry 4: Special EditionCapcomPS4
Desert AshesNine TalesPS4 / PS Vita
Disgaea 5: Alliance of VengeanceNippon Ichi SoftwarePS4
DistanceRefract StudiosPS4
Don Bradman Cricket 14Home Entertainment SuppliersPS3
Dragon Fin SoupGrimm BrosPS4 / PS3 / Vita
Drawn to DeathSony Computer EntertainmentPS4
Dream Pinball 3D IITopWare InteractivePS3
Dungeon Defenders 2Trendy EntertainmentPS4
DrifterCelsius Game StudiosPS4
EA Sports PGA TourEAPS4
EarthNightCleaversoftPS4 / PS Vita
Energy HookHappion LaboratoriesPS4 / Vita
Elder Scrolls OnlineBethesdaPS4
Enter the GungeonDevolver DigitalPS4
Ether OneWhitepaper GamesPS4
Everybody’s Gone to the RaptureSony Computer EntertainmentPS4
Extreme ExorcismRipstonePS4
Farming Simulator ’15Focus Home InteractivePS4 / PS3
Fat Princess AdventuresSony Computer EntertainmentPS4
Fenix RageReverb TripleXPPS4 / PS Vita
Final Fantasy VIISquare EnixPS4
Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD RemasterSquare EnixPS4
Flame OverLaughing JackalPS4 / PS Vita
forma.8MixedBagPS4 / PS Vita
Foul PlayDevolver DigitalPS4 / PS Vita
GALAK-Z: The Dimensional17-BitPS4 / PS Vita
Gang BeastsDouble Fine ProductionsPS4
Get EvenThe Farm 51PS4
Giana Sisters 2Black Forest GamesPS4
Godzilla: The GameBandai NamcoPS4 / PS3
GraveBroken Window StudiosPS4
Guns of Icarus OnlineMuse GamesPS4
Guns Up!Sony Computer EntertainmentPS4
Gunship XHidden ElephantPS4 / PS Vita
GunsportIron GalaxyPS4
Habitat: A Thousand Generations in OrbitVs EvilPS4
Hand of FateDefiant DevelopmentPS4
Hatoful BoyfriendDevolver DigitalPS4 / PS Vita
HellbladeNinja TheoryPS4
HelldiversSony Computer EntertainmentPS4 / PS3 / Vita
Henka Caper TwistOrigamincPS4
Heroes of LootAbstraction GamesPS Vita
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong NumberDevolver DigitalPS4 / PS3 / Vita
HTR+ Slot Car SimulationQUBytePS Vita
Hyper Light DrifterHeart MachinePS4 / PS Vita
Imagination is the Only EscapeNine TalesPS Vita
Invokers TournamentStormBASICPS3
Jamestown+Final Form GamesPS4
Jet Car StuntsGrip DigitalPS4
J-Stars Victory VS+Bandai NamcoPS4 / PS3 / Vita
Jungle RumbleDiscoPixel LLCPS Vita
JourneySony Computer EntertainmentPS4
Just Cause 3Square EnixPS4
Killing Floor 2Tripwire InteractivePS4
Kill StrainSony Computer EntertainmentPS4
Kingdom Under Fire IIBlue SidePS4
King’s QuestActivisionPS4 / PS3
KlausLa Cosa EntertainmentPS4 / PS Vita
KodokuCarnivore StudioPS4 / PS Vita
Krinkle KrusherIlusisPS4 / PS3 / Vita
KynVs. EvilPS4 / PS Vita
Legend of RavenNicalisPS4 / PS Vita
LEGO Jurassic WorldWarner Bros.PS4 / PS3 / Vita
LEGO Marvel’s AvengersWarner Bros.PS4 / PS3 / Vita
Let It DieGunghoPS4
Lost OrbitPixelnautsPS4
Lost SeaEastAsiaSoftPS4
Magicka 2Paradox InteractivePS4
MechRunnerSpark Plug GamesPS4 / PS Vita
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom PainKonamiPS4 / PS3
Metal Slug 3SNK PlaymorePS4 / PS3 / Vita
MiegakureMTB DesignPS4
Mighty No. 9Comcept USAPS4 / PS Vita
MilitAntXibalbaPS4 / PS3 / Vita
Monster BagSony Computer EntertainmentPS Vita
Moon HuntersKitfoxPS4 / PS Vita
Murasaki MistHollow GamesPS4 / PS3 / Vita
N++Metanet SoftwarePS4
Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Storm 4Bandai NamcoPS4 / PS3 / Vita
Night in the WoodsFinji GamesPS4
Ninja Pizza GirlDisparity GamesPS4
Ninjin: Clash of CarrotsPocket TrapPS4 / PS3 / Vita
No Man’s SkyHello GamesPS4
Nom Nom GalaxyDouble 11PS4
Not a HeroDevolver DigitalPS4 / PS Vita
Nova-111: A Cosmic VoyageFunktronic LabsPS4 / Vita
Nuclear ThroneVlambeerPS4 / PS3 / Vita
Octodad: Dadliest CatchYoung HorsesPS Vita
Oddworld New ‘N’ TastyOddworld InhabitantsPS3 / PS Vita
OlliOlli 2: Welcome to OlliwoodRoll7PS4 / PS Vita
One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3Bandai NamcoPS4 / PS3 / Vita
One Way TripBeret ApplicationsPS4 / PS Vita
Operation Abyss: New Tokyo LegacyNIS AmericaPS Vita
Orcs Must Die! UnchainedRobot Entertainment, Inc.PS4
OreshikaSony Computer EntertainmentPS Vita
PaparazziPringo Dingo GamesPS4
PaperboundDissident LogicPS4
Persona 4 Dancing All NightAtlusPS Vita
Persona 5AtlusPS4 / PS3
PGA Tour Golf 16EAPS4
Pier Solar and the Grand ArchitectsWatermelon Co.PS Vita
Planetside 2Daybreak Game CompanyPS4
Primal Carnage: ExtinctionCircle Five StudiosPS4
Project RootReverb TripleXPPS4 / PS Vita
Rack n’ RuinLifespark Entertainment LLCPS4
Ratchet & ClankSony Computer EntertainmentPS4
Ray’s The DeadRagtag StudioPS4 / PS Vita
Rebel GalaxyDouble Damage GamesPS4
RelativityWilliam Chyr Studio LLCPS4
Resident Evil: Revelations 2Capcom/3rd Party ProductionPS Vita
Rocket LeaguePsyonixPS4
Rocketbirds 2: EvolutionRatloopPS4
RocketsRocketsRocketsRadial GamesPS4
RoundaboutNo GoblinPS4
Salt & SanctuarySka StudiosPS4 / PS Vita
Samurai GunnTeknopantsPS4
Savant AscentD-Pad StudioPS4
Scram KittyDakko DakkoPS4 / PS Vita
SeveredDrinkbox GamesPS Vita
Shadow of the BeastSony Computer EntertainmentPS4
Shantae: Half-Genie HeroWayForwardPS4 / PS Vita
ShiftlingsSierra EntertainmentPS4
Shovel KnightYacht Club GamesPS4 / PS3 / Vita
ShuCoatsinkPS4 / PS Vita
Silence: The Whispered World 2Daedalic InteractivePS4
SketchcrossSpiky Fish GamesPS Vita
Skullgirls EncoreLab Zero GamesPS4 / PS Vita
Skulls of the Shogun: Bone-a-Fide Edition17-BitPS4
SkytornMatt Makes GamesPS4
SNOWPoppermost ProductionsPS4
Soft BodyBodysoftPS4 / PS Vita
Söldner-X 2: Final PrototypeEastAsiaSoftPS Vita
SOMAFrictional GamesPS4
Son of ScoregasmRC KnightPS Vita
Soul AxiomWales InteractivePS4 / PS3
SourceFenix FirePS4
SpliceCipher Prime StudiosPS4 / PS3
Spongebob HeropantsActivisionPS Vita
SquaresLeap GSPS Vita
StarboundChucklefishPS4 / PS Vita
Star Wars: BattlefrontEAPS4
StarwhalBreakfallPS4 / PS3 / Vita
SteamWorld HeistImage & FormPS4 / PS Vita
Steins;GatePQubePS3 / PS Vita
Super Exploding ZooHoneyslugPS4 / PS Vita
Super Time Force UltraCapy GamesPS4 / PS Vita
SupermagicalTama GamesPS3 / PS Vita
Table Top Racing: World TourPlayrise DigitalPS4
Tales of ZestiriaBandai NamcoPS3
Tearaway UnfoldedSony Computer EntertainmentPS4
TeslagradRain ASPS4 / PS3
The Banner SagaVs. EvilPS4 / PS Vita
The Banner Saga 2Vs. EvilPS4
The Castle GameNeptunePS4
The Dreamfall ChaptersRed ThreadPS4
The ForestEndnight StudiosPS4
The SwindleCurvePS4 / PS3 / PS Vita
The Talos PrincipleDevolver DigitalPS4 / PS3
The Tomorrow ChildrenSony Computer EntertainmentPS4
The Vanishing of Ethan CarterThe AstronautsPS4
The WitnessTheklaPS4
There Came an EchoIridiumPS4
TinertiaCandescent GamesPS4
Titan SoulsDevolver DigitalPS4 / PS Vita
To LeaveFreaky CreationsPS4 / PS Vita
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six SiegeUbisoftPS4
Tom Clancy’s The DivisionUbisoftPS4
TorenVersus Evil LLCPS4
Tower of GunsGrip DigitalPS4 / PS3 / Vita
TowerFall: AscensionMatt Makes GamesPS Vita
Tropico 5Kalypso Media USAPS4
Ultra Street Fighter 4Capcom/3rd Party ProductionPS4
UltratronCurve DigitalPS4 / PS3 / Vita
Uncharted 4: A Thief’s EndSony Computer EntertainmentPS4
Until DawnSony Computer EntertainmentPS4
Viking SquadSlick EntertainmentPS4
VolumeMike BithellPS4 / PS Vita
We Are All DoomedVertex PopPS4
Woah Dave!Choice ProvisionsPS4
Yorbie – Episode 1 ‘Payback’s a Bolt’Happy Dance GamesPS4
Zombie Army TrilogyRebellion Interactive LTDPS4
Zombie VikingsZoink ABPS4

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