PS4 game War Thunder supports keyboard and mouse, head-tracking

Gaijin Entertainment confirms upcoming flight combat game supports variety of PC inputs and head-tracking.

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PlayStation 4 game War Thunder will support a variety of PC inputs, including keyboard and mouse, as well as flight sticks. Gaijin Entertainment president Anton Yudintsev confirmed the news to Kotaku this week during the PS4 review event in New York City.

In addition, War Thunder on PS4 will support head-tracking via the PlayStation Camera, as well as cross-platform play between the PS4 and PC versions. The PC iteration of War Thunder recently crossed 5 million players for its beta.

The PlayStation 3 currently supports any USB-certified keyboard or mouse (wired or wireless), though whether or not players can use these peripherals for gameplay is determined by developers. Unreal Tournament 3 and Dust 514 currently support keyboard and mouse control on PS3.

War Thunder will be released on PS4 on November 29.

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