PS4 Game Sale: PSN Deals Until Feb. 20

A bunch of 2K games are on sale this week.

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It's the beginning of a new week, which means a new selection of game discounts are now available in the US PlayStation Store. This week's deals are fairly slim compared to the Ubisoft and Play Anime sales available last week, but players can still find discounts on a handful of titles from publisher 2K Games across PS4, PS3, and Vita.

As always, the biggest selection of deals is reserved for PS4 owners. The critically acclaimed strategy game XCOM 2 is $19.79, while its War of the Chosen expansion is $26. In addition to that, NBA 2K18 is $39, WWE 2K18 is $30, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is $19.79, BioShock: The Collection is $19.79, Mafia III is $16, Evolve is $7.49, and Battleborn is $7.49. PS4 owners can also find discounts on the deluxe versions for many of the aforementioned titles.

The only PS3 game from 2K on sale this week is NBA 2K18, which runs for $24. Vita owners, meanwhile, can pick up XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus for $5 and Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution 2 Plus for $5. You can find the full list of games included in this week's 2K sale here.

While there are no other formal sales going on in the PlayStation Store this week, there are still a couple of other new deals to take advantage of. On PS4, players can get the just-released Crossing Souls for $12; you can learn more about the game in our Crossing Souls review. In addition to that, the new VR rollerblading game Sprint Vector is $24 ($21 with PS Plus), Rainbow Six Siege is $41.49, NBA Live 18: The One Edition is $12 ($4.49), Warhammer 40K: Deathwatch is $24, and Space Hulk: Ascension is $26.24.

Most of the above deals will only be available until February 20, giving you a week to pick up any titles you may be interested in. You can find all of this week's game discounts on the PlayStation Store.

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Avatar image for albertojedi

No single game for which I would pay a dime.

Avatar image for tom_cat_01

US story always so much better than the EU one :( :(

Avatar image for Pyrosa

Some true excellence there! Pick up both XCOMs and CivRev2, folks.

Avatar image for Cikatriz_ESP

I’ve played all the GTA games and could never get into them. Is Mafia III worth it for someone like me?

Avatar image for alex_pilgrim

@Cikatriz_ESP: Not really. It's basically GTA in 1960s New Orleans.

Avatar image for scottyp360

@Cikatriz_ESP: guess it would depend on what you disliked about GTA. I rented Mafia 3 when it first released and only got an hour or two in. Didn't necessarily dislike it but there wasn't enough to interest me into buying and playing through the entire game.

GTA V was the only GTA that I actually completed the story mode. Usually with GTA games I get bored with the missions and end up getting distracted screwing around in the open world but GTA V had enough entertaining missions that I wanted to keep going back to finish. That said there definitely are slow moments and boring missions, which is bound to happen in all open world games.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

@Cikatriz_ESP: Even more repetitive, according to a trusted reviewer in my squad. He loved GTAV's characters and action, and liked the characters in Mafia3 but not the grind to make progress.

Avatar image for superklyph

Battleborn and Evolve are dead. Stay away.

Avatar image for hardcoregamer1

(As always, the biggest selection of deals is reserved for PS4 owners) I am confused by this statement in the article because I dont think there are any deals in the psn store for xbox owners, it must be an error.

Avatar image for comments123

@hardcoregamer1: They mean as opposed to PS3 and Vita owners.

Avatar image for timpossible

NBA Live 18 for $4.49 is a steal

Avatar image for scottyp360

@timpossible: and yet I'm still reluctant to buy lol. I've played the game but just feel like it's something I'd buy and rarely play especially since I have 2k.

Avatar image for thomaswmak

@timpossible: How is it a steal if you have to pay?

Avatar image for nikolistary