PS4 Game Deals: Resident Evil 2, Kingdom Hearts 3, Red Dead Redemption 2, And More

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Some highly anticipated PS4 games are heading our way in 2019, but you won't likely find deals on many of them until well after they launch. But if you want to pre-order digital versions of select PS4 games from Green Man Gaming, you can save 7% right now. The discount also applies to PlayStation Store credit that you can spend on anything you like, including already-discounted PS4 games. Below are some of the items that qualify for this 7% off deal.

In terms of pre-orders, $55.79 lets you reserve a copy of the long-in-the-making Disney/Square action-RPG Kingdom Hearts 3; it's set to release January 29. Releasing earlier is a very different game: the survival horror remake Resident Evil 2. The standard edition is on sale for $55.79, while the Deluxe edition, which comes with additional in-game items, is marked down to $65.09.

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The standard edition of Metro Exodus, an open-world shooter set in Russia after a nuclear war, is marked down to $55.79, while the Gold Edition is on sale for $79.04. It's set to release on February 15. The final discounted PS4 digital pre-order is Left Alive, a survival shooter from Square Enix that doesn't have a release date but is expected this year.

There is one game in the sale that's already available, and it's one that has gone on sale very rarely since launch. It also happens to be GameSpot's 2018 Game of the Year. It's Red Dead Redemption 2, and you can buy the standard edition of this open-world western for $55.79 or the Ultimate edition for $92.99.

You'll find the full list below, including links to the PS Store credit you can also get for 7% off.


PlayStation Store Credit

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That's like removing the sales tax.

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Must be a slow day if they're writing trash articles like this.

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Where tf is onimusha?


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I don't like this aspect of GS, I'll remember this poster name

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How much does Green Man Gaming pay you guys to write this junk article?

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I'll gladly pay another $4 for a hard copy.

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Now we need some one to invent another day such BlackFriday.

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January 25th is the Japanese release date for Kingdom Hearts, everywhere else gets it on January 29th.

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@ivanthemonkey: I was thinking that, had to read that sentence a few times to make sure I wasn't seeing things lol

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Eh its not much of a savings.

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@shirleycford: SHUT UP!