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PS4 Firmware Update Will Bring HDR Support to All PS4s

That includes your existing PS4.


One of the focal points of today's PlayStation Meeting event was on HDR, or high dynamic range. While it was shown off primarily with regard to games running on the newly revealed PS4 Pro, it's actually something that all PS4s will soon be capable of.

Sony revealed it plans to release a firmware update next week that introduces HDR support on all existing PS4s--even the standard PS4 model. No further details were shared regarding exactly how this will work or if there's some caveat that applies to HDR support on standard PS4s.

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Sony Worldwide Studios chariman Shawn Layden reiterated this immediately after the event, stating, "We will have a firmware update which will take every one of the 40 million-plus PS4s across the world, make them HDR-ready, make them compatible. Of course, Slim will do that--the new form factor for PS4--and PS4 Pro. So right across the board, anything that has PS4 on it will support HDR."

We'll have more details on this update as it's announced.

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