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Feature Article

PS4-Exclusive Erica Could Make Playing Movies More Interesting

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Erica, a new PS4-exclusive title developed by Flavourworks, made its debut during the PlayStation media briefing at Paris Games Week. A very brief teaser showed the game is presented entirely though live-action cinematics and doesn't have any 3D-rendered assets. Interestingly, the tease video also invited players to guide the story of the eponymous Erica through PlayLink, which allows games to be played on the PlayStation 4 using a mobile phone, as an alternative to a controller.

During Paris Games Week, Lucy and I got to check out Erica in a hands-off gameplay demo. To our surprise, we found that the player is much more involved in the experience than we initially thought they would. Another similar PlayLink title, Planet of the Apes: The Last Frontier, asks players to make decisions during key moments and the story plays out depending on the outcomes. However, Erica looks to be much closer to a traditional point-and-click adventure game.

In the demo, we were shown that players could move around environments and investigate objects to learn more about what's going on. Despite being fully live-action, players also had a high-degree of control over things like opening a box or flicking open a lighter, and objects in the environment also reacted to aggressive and soft touch inputs differently. It was quite impressive, and we decided put our overall impressions of Erica to video. You can watch that above.

Erica is currently in development for PS4 and does not have a release date yet. Sony also showed off a number of other upcoming PS4 titles at its media briefing, including the new game from Infamous developer Sucker Punch. Here's all the biggest PS4 new from Paris Games Week.

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