PS4-Exclusive "Dumb Robot Golfing Game" Receives a Firm Release Date

Robots, golf, and virtual reality.


100ft Robot Golf was announced back at PlayStation Experience last year, and it looks pretty absurd. In the game, you take control of--you guessed it--a 100-foot-tall robot playing golf. Today, developer No Goblin revealed that the game is coming to PS4 on October 10.

In a statement, No Goblin confirmed the release date and also explained the game's PlayStation VR compatibility. The game is fully playable in PS VR as well as on normal screens, but it also has a separate VR mode that lets you ride on top of the robots. You can take a look at it in action in the video below (via GameSpot sister site Giant Bomb).

100ft Robot Golf isn't just about trying to get pars and birdies, though. Because you control a massive robot, the game emphasizes destruction as much as it does keeping your score low. In addition, it supports four-player online or local co-op, and No Goblin says that you can mess with your friends by shoving objects in front of their shots.

PS VR launches on October 13 for $400. You can check out a list of some of the other games coming to PS VR here. Keep an eye on GameSpot in the coming weeks for more on the headset and 100ft Robot Golf.

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