PS4 Exclusive Dreams Beta Coming in 2016

From dream to reality.


At Paris Games Week today, Sony shared more footage and information about Dreams, the latest creation game from LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway studio Media Molecule. It was also announced that a beta for the title will be available in 2016.

In the game, players will create their own Imp, a tiny floating creature. This Imp will help users interact with objects in the environment. The Imp can be used to move objects and open doors, as well as communicate with other characters. The Imp can also possess characters, vehicles, and inanimate objects to make them move and guide them around the game.

Developers also said that every time players open a door, it will lead them somewhere new, to a different "dream." In the demo shown during the presentation, a developer used the Imp to solve an environment puzzle involving manipulating a statue to open a door. Inside the door, players found a new character--a giant mouse in a sweater--and the Imp possessed this character to find the next piece of the puzzle.

According to developers, Dreams is still in an alpha stage.

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