PS4 Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC News Coming Next Week

"I hope no one boycotts the purchase" over Xbox One exclusivity deal, BioWare boss says.

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Just because the first expansion for Dragon Age: Inquisition--Jaws of Hakkon--launched first on Xbox One and PC, doesn't mean it's not coming to PlayStation 4. The content will indeed be released on Sony's new console, and BioWare is planning to announce more details about the PS4 release sometime next week.

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"Jaws of Hakkon is a timed exclusive for the Xbox One and PC (through Origin). This approach allowed for a lot of support from Microsoft and Origin in launching the DLC, so [it] did have that benefit for the team, and we appreciate the partnership," BioWare general manager Aaryn Flynn said as part of a Kotaku Q&A session today.

"However, as a timed exclusive, it is definitely coming to the game's other platforms, and based on our internal discussions I expect we'll be announcing more details next week."

"I hope no one boycotts the purchase, as it's a pretty fun adventure that WILL be available on all platforms," he added. "That said, everyone is free to vote / message / communicate how they feel, so if that happens it happens. We're definitely paying attention."

Jaws of Hakkon was released this week only for Xbox One and PC as part of an exclusivity arrangement between BioWare owner Electronic Arts and Microsoft. The terms of this deal prohibit BioWare from even disclosing the length of the exclusive period.

So far, the Jaws of Hakkon expansion has been confirmed only for Xbox One, PC, and PS4. BioWare has not announced any plans to bring the DLC to last-generation consoles such as Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

In Jaws of Hakkon, players will "discover the fate of the last Inquisitor and the powerful dragon he hunted."

Set in an overgrown wilderness populated by the Avvar hunter people, the content will see players exploring an "ancient Tevinter fortress that hides a dangerous secret."

Gamers can also expect to face off against new enemies, and amass new legendary armor and weapons. Jaws of Hakkon concludes with a battle against an "ancient god of war bent on destroying the world."

For more on Jaws of Hakkon, check out GameSpot's review and some images in the gallery below.

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Avatar image for waelse1

As a PS4 owner and DAI enthusiast, I'm looking forward to getting it, sounds like a good DLC to have. Don't care that it was delayed over some other platform, that happens all the time.

Avatar image for EricDWright

Timed exclusive? Well maybe opening my wallet will be a timed exclusive. They could not even inform us to the cost of the DLC? I'm with gokartmotzart....I am too engaged with Bloodborne atm to even care about anything else.

Avatar image for deth420

dont worry, there's enough cut content for everyone!

Avatar image for deactivated-5893d17ed65b4

I have this game, but my PS4 backlog is already so huge, I haven't been able to get into it. I think I may wipe my character and start fresh. DLC won't be an issue for quite some time. That said, timed exclusivity for DLC is stupid. If it's coming to a console, it's coming. Who cares if you have to wait a month or two?

Avatar image for kyrazifyNow

I think that Bioware really screwed up with this DLC, first of all that they are releasing it first only for Xbox One and PC. Ps4 have to wait but Xbox 360 and Ps3 players?

Like, sorry dudes that I dont have the money to buy a new console!

I think that you, Bioware, screw over alot of your fans.

I´m really disappointed

Avatar image for depman1972

These exclusive only idiots that do this to both consoles should really feel proud of themselves that they are doing a great deed for humanity.

Avatar image for gokartmozart89

I'm not boycotting, but I'm not rushing to make the purchase. With Bloodborne out, I don't have that much time to get sucked back in to Thedas. I'll pick it up eventually. Maybe after the Witcher 3 and MGSV. Sorry, but not sorry. Your timing sucked.

Avatar image for srichard5_basic

"That said, everyone is free to vote / message / communicate how they feel, so if that happens it happens. We're definitely paying attention."

Ok, then I guess you just gave me a reason to send you a message. Timed exclusives suck. This practice needs to end. I have a PS4 and will be boycotting all DLC for Dragon Age Inquisition. I might just be one person, but you asked for a message.

Avatar image for clarens56

Why would ps4 players boycott this you dont me boycotting bungie when i'm paying full price for dlc's on destiny and only getting 75% of what ps4 players get and dont even know when i'll get the rest of my dlc but its only been a few days with ur money still in your pockets and ya complaining

Avatar image for adri2007

I understand the frustrations of PS4 fanboys. DAI is a great game and if they boycott the dlc then its their loss. MS and Sony do the same thing with exclusive deals. If you dont have money to buy both consoles and have to choose one then you should research better whuch one will give you the most fun.

What i found funny is that PS4 fans cry about exclusivity and call for boycotts while the Xbox One just move on if a game or dlc is exclusive to Sony. So definately the Xbox one owners are more mentaly mature.

I bought the ps4 for bloodborne, but it is frustrating so i am playing killzone Shadow fall instead. I like the Ps4 but the conteoller just does not feel as the Xbox one so I will use it for some exclusive games and definately for uncharted 4. However, the Xbox One is the one I use for all cross platform games.

Avatar image for allanirvine

Can't tell if serious?

Avatar image for Redrivar

<< LINK REMOVED >> I want to make a sarcastic comment, but your naivete just makes me feel sympathetic to you.

Avatar image for EricDWright

<< LINK REMOVED >> Seriously stating Xbox one owners are more mentally mature? Not even worth saying anything further...... pretenstious

Avatar image for milsvaard

Timed exclusives are terrible, just release the new content on every platform so everyone can enjoy it.

Avatar image for Alysheba

I noticed this DLC is actually available through EA's Origin. Does this mean a Bioware DLC will actually be on sale in the future? I'll buy it then, and only then. I'm cheap.

Avatar image for NTM23

I couldn't care less really. I'm not sure if I'll get the DLC, but that's only because I haven't really looked into it. I loved the main game.

Avatar image for xenomorphalien

I still think its bullshit that companies do this with games, DLCs, and services.

And this is an Xbox One user.

Avatar image for ghost140

"Jaws of Hakkon is a timed exclusive for the Xbox One and PC (through Origin). This approach allowed for a lot of support from Microsoft and Origin in launching the DLC"

Does this mean anything other than MS gave EA money?

Avatar image for atakanovic

I love Dragon Age but I'm not supporting this bulshit

Avatar image for Fhiend

How does a timed exclusive, especially DLC benefit anyone? I mean, if you have the PS4 version, you arent going to go out and buy either the PC or Xbox version just for the DLC. It seems this is just angering people who would have bought it, but now will not due to this nonsense. I understand full games. Maybe a few people would buy the system it comes to first, but even that is dumb since you could just wait and get it for your system of choice anyway. More proof that game companies are totally out of touch with gamers.

Avatar image for BohemiaDrinker

<< LINK REMOVED >> I suspect it doesn't; this deal was probably made with MicroSoft back before the launch of current gen. EA was betting heavilly in the model MS wanted to push back then, with heavy DRM and always online and stuff like that. When that fell trough, EA became more inbclusive (Garden Warfare, for instance, came to PS systems rather fast), but by then the deal had already been made.

The fact that we're getting news on this DLC this next week already is kinda proof of this: EA has to honor the deal, but iot wants out of it as fast as possible.

Avatar image for Fhiend

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> That makes sense, but I still think it is a dumb deal, and I still dont see how it benefits anyone.

Avatar image for deathproofx

Doesn't matter if it comes out next year. DLC is DLC at the end of the day. I'll buy it whenever it gets released. I have too many games to play to worry about when more dlc is being released.

Avatar image for pjdespaw

The timed exclusive isn't what keeps me from buying DLC or any other Bioware title for that matter. What keeps me from buying another Bioware title is the fact that PS4 endgame Corypheus fight crashes every single time I start the game up. The fact this bug has been gating completion of the game for months for some people with no acknowledgement from Bioware is abysmal.

Avatar image for thespicychiken

ehhh, I'll wait for the GOTY edition to hit, than I'll wait till it's 19 dollars on Origin. ಠ_ృ

Avatar image for idosofacility

rest assured.. it has nothing to do with it.. Im just satisfied with DA... not getting the DLC. only if they release a substantial multiplayer DLC.. that would make me go back and play it.. specially if they make character creation available to MP.

Avatar image for lunchbox2042

I'm boycotting it despite having it on PC.

Avatar image for DeanoFantasy

I haven't completed it yet but I might just wait till its all complete so I can enjoy the whole complete package fully.

Avatar image for sladakrobot

Whats the crap with boycotting? lol

Everyone who wants it,will get them.
The others will wait for a pricedrop and get it too.

Avatar image for blackmagica

i was going to buy the game this week. if it's second hand ill buy it, never going to buy the DLC because of this... sorry :)


Avatar image for sladakrobot

<< LINK REMOVED >> How old are you? 11?

Avatar image for deactivated-57bcc1891a93a

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> this many

Avatar image for losstoney

i dont play dragon age ... but timed exclusives ... fucking retarded. Hope they really stop this bullshit fast

Avatar image for fallen_one_84

meh. will probably sell off or shelve my copy.

i will buy the complete all dlc edition when its on sale.

Hoping for a bitter black isle style area with regening chests for dlc.

treasure chest tier 2-4.

dragon enemies which drop their rare mats.

3-5 bosses. that can drop rare or unique equipment.

the treasure loot table that has power amulets.

or a drop from the regening final boss that does the same thing. for any character that uses it.

Avatar image for Maize84

They never hid that it'd be a timed exclusive. I had hoped it would only be a week wait, much like the PS3 had the one week exclusive on the battlefield 3 dlc. However I won't buy it if/when it comes out. If it had released along with the x1 and pc same day I would have. I mindlessly buy up all things Bioware. The problem now is that I haven't seen anyone say that it's a must buy. I haven't seen anyone say it's even good. All I have read on it, is that it was meh or one to skip.

If I play it, it will more than likely be when I pick up the "ultimate version" when it comes out on PC.

Avatar image for delok1

Too fucking bad then. I won't support such an anti-consumer practice.

Avatar image for Mindwipe77

Not buying it. I dont support companies that say "this half of our fans can enjoy the dlc today, our other fans can take a flying leap" I'll save money and youtube it instead. Im not supporting these pratices

Avatar image for RicanV

<< LINK REMOVED >> It wasn't so much timed exclusivity for me as it was leaving customers in the dark.

Avatar image for deactivated-595b778b5cc80

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Agreed. I knew that XBOX and PC would get the DLC first, I remember it being said at last year's E3 I think. I didn't realise that I'd be left guessing as to when I'll be able to play it. Leaving paying customers in the dark is never good practice. Hopefully if/when a bigger expansion comes along we'll at least know when we can get our hands on it.

Back to Pillars of Eternity and Bloodborne for now anyway. The thing is, as fantastic as those games are (both are probably better than DA:I), I'd take a break from both of them if I could get a few more hours with my Inquisitor and party in Thedas.

Avatar image for lustgreedenvy

<< LINK REMOVED >> It's not their fault it's obviously the greed of EA, BioWare wants everyone to play what they create

Avatar image for b1ank

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> either way, boycotting it will prove a point to he people who did it

Avatar image for deactivated-57bcc1891a93a

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> it's this kind of horsesh't that makes me want to pirate it. << LINK REMOVED >>. well that and the endless list of EA shenanigans past and present. find another publisher instead of sustaining the Worst Company in America by selling entire consoles on the shoulders of a single DLC. pretty much all gamers wouldn't do that though at least. i hope lol

Avatar image for Yomigaeru

<< LINK REMOVED >> Doesn't really sound like it'd be worth the price to me, anyway. Timed exclusivity or not, it sounds like it's generally mediocre.

Avatar image for chnum1970


Avatar image for theteaface

<< LINK REMOVED >> Good point.

Avatar image for normanislost

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> looks more like a fullstop to me

Avatar image for theteaface