PS4 Demo For Yakuza 6 Pulled Because The Full Game Is Playable

The Yakuza 6 demo has been removed, at least temporarily.

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Update 2: Sega has now confirmed that it did indeed pull the demo because players were able to access more than intended. "We apologize, but have had to remove the Yakuza 6: The Song of Life demo from the PlayStation Store," it said on Twitter. "We are as upset as you are, and had hoped to have this demo available for everyone today. We discovered that some were able to use the demo to unlock the full game. We're looking into the nature of the issue. Thank you for your patience."

Update: The Yakuza 6 demo has now been pulled from the PlayStation Store, at least in the US. The unusually large size of the demo is apparently due to the fact that the entire game is included, though only the prologue should be accessible. However, players have reportedly found a way to access more--possibly the entire game. We have not been able to verify this as of yet, but the demo is indeed gone from PSN for the time being. We've reached out to Sega and will report back with anything more we learn. The original story follows.

Sega had some disappointing news to share earlier this year when it delayed Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, but it did make up for that by announcing that it would release a demo of the upcoming PS4 game. It's already begun to launch in some markets around the world where it's already February 27. If you're eager to start playing, you might want to call your ISP and upgrade your internet speed now.

While still dwarfed by the size of full games, for a demo, Yakuza 6's trial is enormous--it weighs in at 36.53 GB. It's available now on Australia's PlayStation Store and should be available as the calendar turns to Tuesday elsewhere around the world. The PSN listing describes the demo as consisting of the game's prologue. As a result, you can probably expect a fair number of cutscenes, which may explain the demo's large size. [Update: The demo is also now available in the west, including on the US PlayStation Store.]

Sega previously announced that your save data from the demo version can be carried over into the full game, which is now due out on April 17 in North America and Europe. That's almost a full month later than the previously scheduled March 20 release date. An explanation for the delay was not shared, with Sega simply stating, "This was a tough business decision we didn't make lightly."

Yakuza 6 has been available in Japan since December 2016. Western localizations of Yakuza games have typically taken a long time, as players of Yakuza 5--which released internationally three years after its Japanese launch--can attest. We recently got a good look at Yakuza 6 and its improved visuals, as you can see in the video above. For even more, check out our deep dive into the history of Yakuza.

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Avatar image for Atzenkiller

So they pushed back the release date but still used the full game as a demo? Since the game's been long done does that mean that part of the game still isn't translated? Or that it's simply a marketing move? My guess would be the latter.

Avatar image for playstationzone

@Atzenkiller: look that way doesn’t it .

Avatar image for playstationzone

Too bad I download the game demo and going to play it and ya it’s sega fault they made the demo.

Avatar image for videogameninja

Does this mean when the full game releases it will only be a demo?



Avatar image for banhammer

lol damn didnt get to dl it

Avatar image for Jdzspace

@banhammer: that's exactly what i was thinking. i tried last night to download it but it hadn't gone live in the US yet....forgot about it this morning. close. it doesn't really matter, i'm still barely into zero, and still have at least a few others to play before i can even get to 6 regardless, so....owell

Avatar image for robbiejones

@Jdzspace: i got it on my ps4 downloaded from last night (australia) is it the full game? i havent booted my ps4 yet

Avatar image for sakaixx

I was right all along the game size means they have whole city but just lock section of map.

Avatar image for arrowhead927

so they havent learnt from the hundreds of games that have "demo barriers" that always fail

Avatar image for snugglebear


Avatar image for downwithsony667

Will wait for the PC version of the games. Its not even a Playstation exclusive anymore anyways. Hasn't been for years. Its on Wii U (of all platforms) and mobile. They want to bring it to PC as well.

Avatar image for hardcoregamer1

I am behind in the yakuza series I still haven't finished yakuza 5, too many games and not enough time to play.

Avatar image for kritvichu

Three things that make Yakuza series the best are a superb story telling, good face modeling expression, and beautiful pre-rendered environment of the cities and atmosphere. However, the biggest flaw that never changes is the gameplay. If you like me and read any comment about how good this game is, I see no one mentions having a good time with gameplay at all. All their praises are the story. That is it. I played Yakuza 1,2, and 5. The gameplay is only the factor I stay away from buying. The gameplay should not be complicated but fun to play with again and again. The best gameplay is Sleeping dog. The mechanism is way way simple but so much fun. If Yakuza series can at least do the gameplay like Sleeping Dog, it will be superb.

Avatar image for Sohereiam

@kritvichu: Complicated? How old are you, 5?

It's a simple gameplay and the combat is to mix perfectly with the story, Sleeping Dogs is a good game, but compare with Yakuza, it's like comparing a Persona game with a Tales game.

Avatar image for Berserk8989

@kritvichu: Lol, if Yakuza's gameplay is too complicated, then gaming isn't for you. The combat's good for what it is and fits in perfectly with the narrative.

Avatar image for taylor_sparks

@kritvichu: "The best gameplay is sleeping dogs"

Oohhh riiighhht the game where you defeat your enemies and bosses by tapping the triangle button. Yeah because that's so much fun and challenging. Please, Yakuza has had far better combat than that game where you have 3 fighting styles to mix it up and not feel REPETITIVE. And my God, Yakuza doesn't have that complicated gameplay....

Avatar image for scottyp360

Never played the Yakuza games..are they any good?

Avatar image for robbiejones

@scottyp360: you have to be patient with long cut-scenes. they are written very well, and the chracters are great, but i would be lying if i said it didnt get bothersome after awhile.

Avatar image for Berserk8989

@scottyp360: They're unique gems of the modern gaming era. No game is quite like a Yakuza game. They're generally perceived as great, if you look at the review scores on various sites, but they're one of those games/franchises, that can really grow on you and which you'll remember forever (for various reasons, heh).

Start with last years Yakuza 0, if you wish to try it. You can get it pretty cheap by now and it's also arguably the best Yakuza game to date (it's also the beginning of the story of the franchise, so it's a perfect start for newcomers).

Avatar image for sakaixx

They probably includes the whole city and just put an invisible wall so we could not move too far

Avatar image for Atzenkiller

@sakaixx: The town itself probably never took up much space, mainly because they were still using assets from the PS3 and PS2 era. I guess the huge size shows how much they've improved the graphics on the new engine. The Yakuza series might have finally moved away from its PS2 era roots over to the current gen.

Hopefully the quality of the rest of the game has improved as well. So far quantity has been way above quality in these games at least since the PS3 era.

Avatar image for sakaixx

@Atzenkiller: wait what? I know they have new engine but reusing old assets? But digital foundry early analysis shows many new particle animations and breakable pieces during fights. Really good assets management there

Avatar image for Atzenkiller

@sakaixx: I was talking about the older games. Just check out the last gen games and you'll see street signs and textures everywhere that look like they were taken straight from the PS2 games. Hard to make any significant upgrades to the graphics or the engine if you have to push out a new game every single year I guess.

But now we get autosaves and the ability to save at any time from what I hear, in addition to decent current gen graphics. The future has arrived. Maybe things might finally change in this series, but if Sega just keeps pushing out new games every year those changes will probably remain for another 10 years or so until they do another overhaul.

Avatar image for sakaixx

@Atzenkiller: they just confirm they put the whole game so.... My assumption is indeed, correct.

Avatar image for Atzenkiller

@sakaixx: I never doubted it. Sega's lazy and creating a demo with only a few parts of the game in it would make more effort. And as it seems they couldn't even be bothered to lock the rest of the game properly for this demo. We can be glad they're not too lazy anymore to eventually bring these games to the west.

Avatar image for twztid13

@sakaixx: Possibly the textures on obscure objects, and geometry that makes up the buildings you can't go inside of & things like that could be recycled from older iterations of that world from prior console generations. I seriously doubt they are using ps2 era anything if they just created the world in a new engine. It's very likely they have done that in past games because of their limited resources & the increasing size of the world they created. Now there are engines that are much easier to develop with, such as Unity, which leads directly to less expensive development costs, for what's essentially the same overarching idea as the original, but created in a new engine with a few new features. Given the popularity of the series in North America this generation, it shouldn't have any reason they couldn't fund the current & proper development of the world/city from this point forward.