PS4 crushes Xbox One on eBay during respective launch weeks, data shows

Data from Terapeak shows PS4 sales through auction site were 78 percent higher than Xbox One during respective launch weeks.


The PlayStation 4 crushed the Xbox One during their respective launch weeks, data from market research firm Terapeak released this week shows.

During the PS4's launch week (Nov. 15-22), total eBay sales for the platform were $12,554,461, compared to $7,898,233 for the Xbox One (Nov. 22-29), the firm said. Notably, the PS4's launch week covers North America only, while the Xbox One's first seven days span 13 markets around the world.

The Xbox One drove more total dollar sales on launch day compared to PS4, Terapeak said, though this is likely the result of the $500 vs. $400 price discrepancy between the platforms.

The PS4 started ahead of the Xbox One on eBay and stayed ahead. An eBay representative confirmed last month that more than 10,000 PS4 units were sold during the platform's Nov. 15-17 launch weekend, compared to 7,000 Xbox Ones sold November 22-24.

The Terapeak data also shows that the PS4 outpaced Xbox One by a massive 78 percent margin for total unit sales, with Sony's console moving 21,309 units compared to 11,992 units for Microsoft.

During launch week, the average PS4 selling price was $589.16, compared to $658.63 for the Xbox One, Terapeak said. The firm noted that this 10 percent disparity is smaller than the $100 retail price gap between the two consoles and may signal that the PS4 is seeing more unmet demand.

Importantly, this data does not come directly from eBay, but rather by way of Terapeak's unspecified method of aggregation and analysis. Speaking with GameSpot today, an eBay representative would not comment on the veracity of the data, but said sales information surrounding next-generation gaming consoles will be shared next week.

Not all eBay shoppers had a pleasant next-generation console buying experience. One United Kingdom teenager paid $750 for what he thought was an Xbox One, though all he received was a piece of paper.

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