PS4 Critics Choice Sale Discounts Red Dead 2, Battlefield 5, GTA5, And More (US)

High-brow for a low price.

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The latest PlayStation Store sale offers discounts on games that are critically acclaimed. The Critics Choice sale gives you a chance to catch up with some highly rated triple-A PS4 games you may have missed, or smaller gems that were given accolades. As usual, PlayStation Plus members get a little extra off the discounted prices.

Some of the games listed come from just last year, like Battlefield 5, Celeste, Spyro Reignited Trilogy, and Red Dead Redemption 2. Others, like Grand Theft Auto 5, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus give you a chance to catch up on older games. Plus there are a handful of indies that like What Remains of Edith Finch and Tacoma going for cheap.

For those still using Sony's older hardware, this sale even features a handful of deals on PS3 and PlayStation Vita. This comes as Sony is offering its last PlayStation Plus freebies for those two systems, though it is giving away increased cloud save storage for Plus members on PS4 instead.

This sale will last through March 1 at 8 AM PT, so get your final purchases in by then. Check below for some of our picks for the best deals, and head to the PlayStation Store to make your purchases.

  • Abzu -- $12 / $10 with Plus
  • Banner Saga Trilogy -- $35 / $30 with Plus
  • Battlefield 1 & Titanfall 2 bundle -- $20 / $15 with Plus
  • Battlefield 5 -- $30 / $24 with Plus
  • Burnout Paradise Remastered -- $8 / $6 with Plus
  • Call of Duty WW2 Gold -- $30 / $24 with Plus
  • Celeste -- $14 / $12 with Plus
  • Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy -- $28 / $24 with Plus
  • Diablo 3 Eternal Collection -- $30 / $20 with Plus
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 -- $18 / $15 with Plus
  • Guacamelee 2 -- $14 / $12 with Plus
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 -- $44 / $40 with Plus
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider -- $36 / $30 with Plus
  • Spyro Reignited Trilogy -- $34 / $30 with Plus
  • Tacoma -- $10 / $7 with Plus
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt -- $16 / $12 with Plus
  • Unravel 2 -- $10 / $8 with Plus
  • Valkyria Chronicles 4 -- $42 / $30 with Plus
  • Watch Dogs 2 -- $21 / $15 with Plus
  • Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus -- $30 / $20 with Plus

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Avatar image for mbrogz3000

This must be why RDR2 is being ad blitzed this weekend all over TV..

Avatar image for Vodoo

Still no Spiderman DLC pack. C'mon Sony, you put the game on sale, now put the DLC on sale. I will hold out... I WILL!!!

Avatar image for Boddicker

It's hard to believe Diablo 3 is still $60. I wouldn't pay more than $20 for it. Pick it up now if you have PS+.

Avatar image for bat725

@Boddicker: I’d rather get this one for Switch with 4-player couch co-op.

Avatar image for Barighm

Witcher 3 complete for $

Avatar image for boardsport311

@Barighm: $15 actually.

Avatar image for orangeslime

@boardsport311: thats just the base game tho :/ they regularly have the complete on sale for $20 tho

Avatar image for boardsport311

@orangeslime: It’s the complete edition, 70% off, $14.99 for plus members, base game $11.99.

Avatar image for jsprunk

@Barighm: I’d say it’s worth it at that price. I got my copy for free when I bought my last video card and ended up spending 200 hours riding around on Roach.

Avatar image for ice12tray

@Barighm: It’s on sale for that every other week...

Avatar image for jamesbr27

Shadow of the Tomb Raider critically acclaimed? Where? Never heard of Tacoma and Im on GameFaqs everyday.

Otherwise it is a good sale in this middle of the shortest month of the year.

Avatar image for srfilk86

Lots of good stuff on sale. But I'm saving my bits for Sekiro.

Avatar image for jumalan75

@srfilk86: exactly what I’m waiting and saving my money for... ever play Nioh?

Avatar image for srfilk86

@jumalan75: No, but mostly because I always think it'll feel like offbrand souls.

Avatar image for mistertech

Did this start on Tuesday? Why is the article just now going up? Or did it just start today?