PS4 Could Get Namco's Fighter Rise of Incarnates Someday

Free-to-play game could be released on PlayStation 4, but only if it's able to attract a large user base on PC first.

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Bandai Namco has not ruled out releasing its upcoming PC fighting game Rise of Incarnates on PlayStation 4 someday. Talking during a recent roundtable interview at the Tokyo Game Show, Bandai Namco game designer Michael Murray said that the game could see a release on PS4 down the road if the PC version proves to be popular.

"Not at the moment," he said when asked if Bandai Namco had any plans to bring Rise of the Incarnates to PS4. "We're focused on Steam. So if the game, when it gets popular and has a large user base, then we hope to shift our efforts to PS4 at that time."

Rise of Incarnates, a free-to-play game, represents a brand-new IP from Bandai Namco. Built by the creators of major fighting franchises like Tekken and SoulCalibur, the game offers 2-vs-2 battles in 3D environments. Players can choose from a range of characters--known as Incarnates--each with its own unique skills and powers.

The game is currently in beta, with a full release scheduled for sometime later this year. For more on Rise of Incarnates, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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