PS4 controller to include LCD touch screen, biometric sensors?

Source says Sony could replace long-running DualShock controller with an all-new pad for next-generation console.


The PlayStation 4 could introduce a new controller, pushing the longstanding and iconic DualShock input to the background. A "senior games studio" source speaking to CVG claims Sony's research and development department has been busy testing numerous controller designs for the still-unannounced next-generation machine. One such design includes an LCD touch screen and biometric sensors on its grips.

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Biometrics technology is capable of reading data from a gamer's body, including heart rate and temperature, among other things. Half-Life and Portal studio Valve is also experimenting with the technology.

This information is backed up by other sources who told Eurogamer that Sony has been testing a PS4 controller with a touch screen and biometrics functionality for as long as six months. The designs reportedly change every month.

The DualShock controller was introduced with the original PlayStation in 1997, and a version of the pad has been used in every PlayStation console since. It is not clear if the DualShock will be replaced entirely by a new controller or if the PS4 will be compatible with older inputs, similar to the way Wii Remotes work with the Wii U.

Sony is reportedly gearing up to announce the PS4 at an Apple-style media conference at the end of March.

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