PS4 Commercial Celebrates Valentine's Day With Literal Hearts

We gave our hearts to PlayStation.


If you're going to be alone this Valentine's Day, or if your partner also wants to spend your time together gaming, PlayStation has you covered. At least we think that's what the latest PlayStation commercial is trying to say among its odd dystopian imagery.

In "Feel the Power of PlayStation," a group of armed men are sent into an abandoned facility with attack dogs, rappelling down into the darkness to uncover a secret below. They encounter no enemies, but after busting open a door they encounter rows of disembodied hearts. They're still pumping as if they're connected to a Matrix-style mainframe, but PlayStation 4 consoles replace the computers.

Are PlayStation consoles powered by human hearts? Hopefully not literally, but the imagery does have some connection to Valentine's Day. It isn't the most romantic, however, as there aren't any flowers or chocolates in the entire commercial. The hearts want what the hearts want.

Sony is no stranger to strange campaigns for its PlayStation consoles. These have included PlayStation 3 commercials with creepy baby dolls, eggs, and a floating Rubik's cube. It's still not entirely clear what they were supposed to convey, but they did grab our attention.

The latest PlayStation 4 exclusive, Dreams, arrives for its full release on February 14. You can create essentially any type of game using its tools, including a romantic gesture for your loved ones if our best Valentine's Day gifts don't cut it. The game previously launched in early access in 2019, and its pre-made campaign was designed using the same tools players have.

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