PS4 Boss Reacts to Nintendo Switch

"I think it's good for core gamers."


Nintendo will release a new console next year in the form of the Switch. It's a unique system that has at-home and on-the-go elements. Now, an executive at rival PlayStation has spoken out to share his thoughts on it. PlayStation Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida told DigitalSpy that he thinks it's a "very unique system."

"It's very interesting that they've designed the system to work well with more conventional games in terms of inputs and buttons," Yoshida said. "So I think it's good for core gamers and their marketing message focused on that."

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Asked if Sony views Nintendo as a competitor in the hardware space, Yoshida replied, "I think they're going to cover a new market for themselves."

You can read the full DigitalSpy interview here.

Yoshida is not the only executive of a competing company to share his thoughts on the Switch. On the day that the console was officially announced, Xbox boss Phil Spencer commented, "I'm always impressed with their ability to state a bold vision and build a product that delivers on that vision."

The Switch goes on sale in March 2017. The console's price, specs, and launch lineup will be announced at an event in early January.

In other news, a report today claimed the console will play GameCube games via the Virtual Console. Super Mario Sunshine, Luigi's Mansion, and Super Smash Bros. Melee are reportedly among those that will be available.

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