PS4 Beats Xbox One in Ubisoft Sales Charts

Publisher's data suggest solid growth for both consoles.

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The Playstation 4 and Xbox One have been available for well over a year. As the two consoles begin to expand their game libraries, Sony's PS4 appears to be cementing its lead.

Ubisoft sales figures released earlier today show that while third quarter Xbox One software sales now account for 23% of the publisher’s total, the Playstation is on top at 34%. That’s a far cry from last years Q3 numbers which had the PS4 and Xbox One neck-and-neck at 12% and 9%, respectively. Both systems have shown strong year-on-year growth, but these figures also don’t seem to make too much sense when we factor in the fact that the PS4 system has sold twice as many units.

The most likely cause for the disparity is that while there are a lot more PS4 systems in consumer hands, Xbox One owners are simply buying more Ubisoft games.

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