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PS4 Beats Xbox One in Capcom Sales Charts

Capcom sells more than double the number of PS4 games as Xbox One titles during the last quarter.


As part of Capcom's latest earnings report on Thursday, which was rosy overall, the Japanese publisher also released a slide that offers a breakdown of games shipped by platform.

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As you can see, the Nintendo 3DS, with more than 3.75 million units shipped, was Capcom's top platform during the three-month period. This is likely attributable to the top-selling Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

As for home consoles, the PlayStation 4 led the way with 2.45 million copies shipped. This is more than double the 1.2 million Xbox One units shipped during the period.

Another interesting takeaway is that digital games are an increasingly big business for Capcom. Full-game downloads made up the majority of Capcom game sales during the quarter, accounting for 5 million of 8 million total sales. A sign of the times, it seems.

Take a look at the chart below for more.

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