PS4 back in stock at GameStop

After seeing "tremendous customer demand" during launch and throughout holiday, "limited" supply of Sony's new system now available at stores across the United States.

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The PlayStation 4 is back in stock at GameStop stores across the United States, the retailer announced today. The company said it has been working with Sony since Christmas to receive more units, and now has a "limited" supply of the $399 console to offer shoppers across the country.

“As expected, we experienced tremendous customer demand for the new PS4 console during the initial launch and throughout the holiday season, selling out of the consoles just as quickly as we could stock them,” GameStop senior merchant Darron Nielsen said. “We have been working closely with Sony to replenish our inventory levels of the PS4 as quickly as possible to ensure the many customers still looking to purchase one are able to do so.”

PS4 availability will vary by store and consoles will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. You're encouraged to check stock levels at or by calling your local store. By comparison, the $500 Xbox One remains in stock at GameStop.

Despite being "supply-challenged" in 2013, the PS4 managed to make its way into 4.2 million homes worldwide during the year, better than the Xbox One's 3 million mark.

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