PS4 And Vita's Catherine Remake, Full Body, Will Release In The West

Representation matters.


A Catherine PS4 and PS Vita remake was announced for Japan earlier this week, but for fans across the pond, there's a bit of good news for you too. Catherine: Full Body has been confirmed to have localized versions in both North America and Europe.

Atlus USA announced the localization today after the Japanese trailer for the remake released a few days ago. The new-gen version will include online battles, new difficulty levels, and even a new character named Rin. The English teaser website is live and running now, but we've yet to see a translated version of the Japanese announcement trailer yet.

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Catherine fits Atlus's unique and quirky anime vibe, but isn't anything like its other showstoppers such as Shin Megumi Tensei or Persona. Instead, Catherine is part puzzle game and part dating simulator, deeply seeded in sexuality, lust, betrayal, and morality. When it first released six years ago, we gave it an 8.5 in our Catherine review.

However, the remake is causing a bit of a stir among LGBTQ+ fans of the title. Kotaku reports the original title includes a trans woman among its cast who is deadnamed and somewhat mocked towards the end of the game, outting her identity as transgender. The remake's new character Rin seems like she may be treated in a similar, disrespectful manner.

Within Full Body's trailer, we see a moment between Rin and Vincent where Vincent looks at her body in sheer horror. Nothing has confirmed that Rin is transgender, but assumptions have been made by fans and critics who are calling for fair and respectful representation of the LGBTQ+ community, which Atlus has been criticized for in the past.

The Japanese version of the game is set to release next Winter. A Western release date and pricing have not yet been announced.

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