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PS4 and PC Getting Non-Combat MMO Wander Next Week

Watch a new trailer for Wander, a game that lets you play as a variety of creatures, right now.


Non-combat MMO Wander--which allows you to play as a bird or a sentient tree, among other creatures--finally has a release date. The intriguing-looking game will be released on June 4 for PlayStation 4 and PC, writer and character designer Crystal Flinn announced today.

A new trailer for Wander is also now available, revealing a new playable creature called Hira. She's a humanoid with gills and fins. Using her fins, she can swim and also use them as a Just Cause-style wingsuit.

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As you'll see in the trailer, Hira can also ride griffins and even jump from one griffin to another mid-flight.

A new in-game communication system for Wander was also announced today. While players explore the world, they will find stones that teach them how to draw symbols. The DualShock 4's touchpad can then be used to communicate with other players.

Hira is just one of Wander's playable characters. The full lineup is below.

  • Oren -- A walking, sentient tree (you begin the game as Oren)
  • The Griffin -- A flying creature
  • The Azertash -- A creature that can swim and breathe underwater
  • Hira -- A humanoid with gills and fins
A closer look at Hira
A closer look at Hira

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