PS4 Adding Classic Neo Geo Games Like Metal Slug and King of Fighters This Year

The excellent Samurai Shodown is also on its way to the PS4.


Classic Neo Geo games, such as The King of Fighters '94 and Metal Slug, are coming to PS4 this year, Hamster Corporation director Taeko Muto announced. The developer is responsible for bringing several classic arcade games to Sony's console, including Rygar and Contra.

The Arcade Archive Neo Geo series will kick off with The King of Fighters '94 on October 27. Later this year, we'll see Metal Slug, Samurai Shodown, Alpha Mission II, Fatal Fury, and World Heroes hit the PS4. Neo Turf Masters and NAM-1975 will join the series in early 2017.

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Muto noted on the PlayStation Blog that the release dates are subject to change. He also added that Hamster will work with SNK Playmore to bring more Neo Geo games to the PS4. We'll keep you updated as more is revealed.

If you want to play Metal Slug right now, the PS4 offers Metal Slug Anthology for $20. It includes Metal Slug 1-6 and X. You can see it on the PlayStation Store here.

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Give me Crash games on PS1 on PSN and I'm set

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and charge you £7.99 for the privilege, or i can just play the arcade version for free on my emulated xbox!!!

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Will Smaurai Showdown come with online multiplayer?

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Porting the classics is great, but after the 100000th time it gets old... I'd like to see ports of more recent and/ or obscure SNK games, like KOF XI, the PS1 version of Real Bout Fatal Fury Special and maybe some Hyper Neo Geo 64 games! Online multiplayer would also be nice, even if SNK has always had a terrible netcode in their games.

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LOL PSN. Winkawaks emu plus all SNK\NEOGEO\CPS ROMS on fullscreen with no borders all for free says this is a stupid deal.

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Oh sweet ! Charging again for freeware, No thanks. Fightcade has all these games and more, with ggpo's netcode. FU very much P$N.

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Metal Slug is a solid classic.

What was that amazing platformer, Magician Lord? Magician something-or-other...

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@Pyrosa: Magician Lord is correct.

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Nice. Sony's really been knocking it out of the park with the old arcade hits on PSN. Keep em coming.

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Sweet. Metal Slug is my favorite arcade shoot 'em up. Can't wait to play these classics again, especially with couch coop! :D