PS4 3.50 Update Revealed, Includes Appear Offline Feature

Sony details next system software update; Including Remote Play expansion to PCs and Macs.

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Sony has revealed key details of an upcoming 3.50 firmware update set to deploy soon to PS4.

Sony said it will begin rolling out 3.50 update to beta users shortly
Sony said it will begin rolling out 3.50 update to beta users shortly

Among other features, the major patch will introduce the long-requested feature of appearing offline whilst connected to the PlayStation Network.

Also added to the feature list is Remote Play on PC or Macs, which--as previously announced--will allow players to connect their PlayStation 4 with a desktop computer within the same home network; then play PS4 games on another screen or in another room in the house.

Previously, Remote Play was a feature that only worked on PlayStation Vita, the micro-console PlayStation TV, and an assortment of Sony smartphones.

The beta for the 3.50 update, codenamed Musashi, will roll out soon to select customers, Sony said. An official release date has yet to be announced.

Patch notes for the 3.50 system software, as written by Sony marketing exec John Koller, can be found below.

New Social Features

Friend Online Notification – Want to know the moment your friends come online? With this update, you can, as we’ve added an option to be notified when members of your friends list sign on the network.

Appear Offline – Sometimes you want to play a game or watch a movie without being bothered by friends. Now it’s easier to go incognito as we’ve added the option to appear offline. You can designate if you would like to appear offline when you log-in or at any time from your Profile or the Quick Menu.

User Scheduled Event – Time for a play date! We’ve added the ability to schedule a future gameplay session with your friends on the system. When your event starts, users who registered for the event will automatically be added to a party so you can start playing right away.

Play Together – This features allows all members of a Party to see what each person is playing so that you can easily join a friend’s game, or start a new game together.

Other New System Features

Remote Play (PC/Mac) – We’re bringing PS4 Remote Play to Windows PC and Mac. This feature won’t be available to test in the beta, but you can look forward to it soon.

Dailymotion – With this update, you’ll be able to live stream directly to Dailymotion on PS4. We’ll also support archiving live broadcasts, like we do for other streaming services.

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Avatar image for swillermann

So the one thing remote play on the vita had over xbox one's version, is you could play anywhere with a strong wifi signal. Was the big decider to get the PS4 version of Fallout 4. Allows the ability to play at work/traveling. So why do you have to be on the same network for the PS4 version for Mac/PC client? This really sucks that sony can't do better then the existing xbox one feature. But hey, at least it is not restricted to Win 10 only.

Avatar image for hitechgraphs

So this is the best you can expect from Sony to their loyal customers, a beta testing for their stupid updates. How meaningless can that be and naming a beta update, who gives a shit about it? This is the only thing that you care about? You are a joke, Sony.

Avatar image for ZoidGamer

Okay Folks....I feel that I might have started something....Which is good....Dialogue is always good.

I understand progress and things needing to move forward but as an old fart gamer....I was there when Pong was in cabinets at the arcades as well as Space Invaders. It was nice seeing companies like Sony have backward compatibility for almost their whole line of products from PS2 and PS3. To see them dropping it just is a tad upsetting to have to not have a system that will eventually not be useful (yes, even consoles eventually break down)...and then forced to upgrade and then eventually re-buy your favorite titles either through DLC or download of some sort. It would just be nice. Since Sony has the lead in sales nowadays....I wonder if they would loose so much making their long time supporters happy. It is sad to see companies forget or not care for the people that supported them and then be relegated to a number or a percentage to be disregarded because they don't need too.


Avatar image for tsunami2311

yay more "social" feature cloging on resources

Avatar image for Jinzo_111887

The PS4 is looking more polished, but the PS+ requirement to use our own Internet connection to play games online still keeps me from buying this otherwise decent console.

Avatar image for gns

Wait? Select customers? Why the discrimination. Why not to all users that have a PS4. Sounds fishy...

Avatar image for profilia

@gns: Probably for bug testing.

Avatar image for illage2

So they add Dailymotion streaming support but not hitbox??? SONY GET YOUR HEAD OUT YOUR ARSE! No one streams on Daily Motion, it makes more sense to add HitBox, YT Gaming and Twitch Streaming. You know the platforms people actually use???

Avatar image for hystavito

Well that eliminates the very specific and infrequent usefulness of my PlaystationTV, assuming it works well on PC. I don't know if it was a weakness of the PSTV's decoder or the PS4's encoder, but it was the decoding then it should look a lot better on a PC. It should have been a decoding weakness since the PS4 has dedicated 1080p encoding for all the sharing/recording stuff.

Avatar image for asnakeneverdies

Wasn't this a heavily requested feature? I never cared for it, I'm just surprised it took them this long to implement it.

Avatar image for bmanva

Holy sheet bout time we had an appear offline. Xbl had them eon ago

Avatar image for DARKCHOAS

How about they add things that we HAD on the PS3? Things like a Sony Bluetooth headset with support for it? Now they are adding the ability to appear offline and friends notification.....these are things we HAD on the PS3 years ago. We now pay for the online service (which I don't mind at all) but why do we have less? Why does it take so long to get features we should already have?

Avatar image for Terminator95

@DARKCHOAS: Correct.

Avatar image for kee1haul

Welcome to 2016 PSN!

Avatar image for hateforumgeeks

Another pointless update titled: Hello world, I know nobody gives a shit about me but pls watch my stream on dailymotion while I get that awesome bronze trophy .......Yet again.

Avatar image for Terminator95

@hateforumgeeks: Yes Need my Trophies to brag to everyone on the Internet !

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

@Terminator95: IS this the generation that needs to be so mothered and told that they are special now when we play video games - anything we do needs to be called an 'achievement' or requires a 'trophy'. Congratulations you just finished level 3 - you need a trophy and a way to share it with the world. Here is an achievement for crafting you first item, "would like the world to know you are the proud owner of 'sword level one'?" I get the joke ... I do. Where playing multiplayer games needs validation as a 'sport' and it is more important to have twitter/facebook then enough ram to run games on a new console.

Some of this shit just seems so gag inducing anymore, where a console maker spend ways to much time and effort ensuring you can record video and upload it because you got a headshot, then on actual games themselves. I would not be surprised if the eject disc button pops out a virtual titty for man/children to suckle on, because they lost a match.

Avatar image for gns

@jenovaschilld: I don't know about you, but I don't care about any achievements or trophies. I play a game for the purpose of entertainment only. If, e.g. while playing Uncharted games along the way by shooting a couple of enemies in the face or by accidentally finding trinkets, the system will show me that I've earned some sort of a trophy, it will be meaningless to me. And I wont care. I don't know what you are so worked up about. It's not like the system constantly blips on your TV screen and says: "Hey, you've got an achievement". Also, as I recall, in your PS4 options menu, you can disable trophy notifications.

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

@gns: O h do not get me wrong - getting a trophy for ff7 knights of the round is cool, it is this 'need' to be coddled by every little thing that I find a .... peeve.

Avatar image for Terminator95

@jenovaschilld: Indeed I was being Sarcastic, I like how angry you got. haha "suckle" on bravo ! That's the New generation, FB, Twitter, Youtube, etc... I myself can't wait for the SEX Robots !!!

I remember hearing on the news that a person hit someone by accident with his car and instead of calling 911, he takes his phone out, takes a picture, and uploads to his facebook !

PS 5 and Xbox 2 might be all virtual reality games and will not have the physical blu-ray disk anymore. Instead you have to download everything from your video game console.

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

@Terminator95: It was more of a generalization of a peeve than anything like 'hate', as inflection is hard to type. Think more of it like Lewis Black.

Avatar image for Dav_id83

They need to add

Feature to customize the PS4 menu like all my games that are installed into 1 GAMES folder like the TV and Video features

, and to remove or disable stuff to clean up the menu

Actually view my trophies offline when the network goes down

The messaging feature actually has proper time stamps because apparently when I send a message it was sent 7 mins ago


Avatar image for BigPrimeNumbers

Glad to see more features added; the friend notifications and appear offline especially. That said:

+1 to PS4 library management

+10000000 to changing PSN ID!

Please and thank you :)

Avatar image for louixiii


Avatar image for goodgamesguy

Good stuff.

Avatar image for soarlozer

They need to make party chat bigger or give us some skype/vent/teamspeak/etc apps. I sometimes get on and like to talk shit to some my friends but I can only be with 7/10 of them so we have to decide to split into 5 and 6 or who gonna be the odd 3 out.

Avatar image for the-gigacrusher

How about being able to redownload your PS3 system games? Seriously.

Avatar image for Barighm

@the-gigacrusher: Different architecture. That's like squeezing star pegs through square holes.

Avatar image for edenli

The play on pc sounds awsome! I wonder if it be with the remote ot with the key board..

Avatar image for gns

@edenli: You misunderstood. You wont be able to actually play a PS4 game on your PC. However, you will be able to see the game that you're playing on a computer's monitor instead of your TV, if you'd like. And, still, you're going to need a controller, unless, as Barighm stated, the game supports keyboard and mouse options.

Avatar image for Barighm

@edenli: With the PS4 controller, unless the game supports mouse & keyboard like FF14.

You're just seeing the game on your monitor. Everything still goes through the PS4.

Avatar image for dcoutten

Ok so we still can't organize the home screen. Why was this not thought of when making the software?

Avatar image for maximo

"Appear offline" is a feature. LMFAO.

Sony are so far behind

Avatar image for kyelo

@maximo: MS/Sony/Nintendo are so far behind...that works for whatever bias you like to pedal.

Avatar image for maximo

@kyelo: I'm not "pedaling" any bias. The fact of the matter is this has been on Live for ages.

On a wider note, I have used both PSN and Live and I can tell you that Sony are so far behind on the service it's laughable.

Avatar image for joshrmeyer

@maximo: Live is just getting features psn has had for years also. It goes both ways. Glad they finally implemented this though... it was long over due.

Avatar image for kyelo

@maximo: *Opinion* others will say otherwise thus I stand by what I said. Bias for Sony: more sales, more games, more higher scoring aggregate scores, better hardware, rechargeable batteries in controller, controller features etc Bias for MS: more stable online, better non gaming capabilities, replaceable batteries, kinect features etc

You see you have taken an opinion, spun a pro of MS feature and then labelled it 'so far behind' which can be demonstrated to be subjective bs. Yes bias.

Avatar image for Barighm

@kyelo: Xbox Live hasn't been more stable lately. It was completely gunked last week. Nothing, game or non-gaming service, would work.

Avatar image for myhomieyoda

@kyelo: ::DROPS MIC::

Avatar image for joshrmeyer

@kyelo: Kudos to this comment. Well explained.

Avatar image for ryanthegeneral

@akassassin11: actually PS3 did have an appear offline. Was just hidden and not an official thing.

Believe it was you had to change comment to . ..

That's a period(dot)- space(or two) - period period

You did that and you would be online but no one would see you were on. You would know it worked because on the flip you would not be able to see who was on. Again not official but it worked. Used it a few times myself.

Avatar image for ryanthegeneral

@akassassin11: yeah I used to play online a lot more. So when it was time to relax and play solo was annoying to get invites every 5 minutes. Knew there had to be a way. Found that trick and used it every time I wanted to go invisible.

Don't know why it worked but it did.

Avatar image for joshrmeyer

@akassassin11: Could be... there are games I own that I don't want others to see I'm playing. Sounds stupid, but I have a 3 year old, and some may be offended that I'm playing a certain game while watching her. Even though they don't know whether she's here or at a friends house. *parenting problems*