PS3s getting 3D Blu-ray playback Sept. 21

Sony reveals next firmware update will add 3D Blu-ray playback to the console's list of functionalities; current catalog includes Monster House, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.


TOKYO--Today, Sony continued its 3D initiative by announcing that the next PlayStation 3 firmware update would add 3D Blu-ray movie playback capabilities to the platform. Currently, it is the only console to offer standard Blu-ray playback and/or 3D gaming.

The 3D-enabling update, v3.50, will be pushed to consoles via the PlayStation Network on September 21, 2010--next Tuesday. However, only a few Blu-ray titles currently have 3D versions, including Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and the just-released Monster House. A 3D-compatible television is also required to view the games in 3D, with Sony's electronics business offer offering several models in its Bravia line of high-definition televisions.

PS3s will be able to act as 3D Blu-ray players next week.
PS3s will be able to act as 3D Blu-ray players next week.

Sony's interest in stereoscopic 3D gaming on the PlayStation 3 was first rumored late in 2007 and began to be implemented in June. That's when such games as Wipeout HD, Super Stardust HD, PAIN, and a demo of MotorStorm: Pacific Rift were the first to add 3D graphics.

As for the future, Sony announced that at least one of the upcoming PlayStation Move games--The Fight: Lights Out--will feature optional 3D graphics. Several upcoming games, such as the just-announced HD Team Ico Collection and Killzone 3, will also have full 3D visual support.

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double duh

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as awesome as this is, im not going to go out and pay 1G to just replace the 1G cost of a tv i have, just for 3d -its not gonna happen sony -im sorry your going to have to wait for the TV i currently own to die-- should of made 3d so instead of replacing the whole television, i should of had to just go out and buy some stupid converter box- would of not been that hard--its just a wee bit more forethought especially since the R&D people have know about this for the last 5 years at a minimum....

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@ Gtoniser "If they make loss on their TV they will never earn something back from that," Except for their 3D movies. Sony is already trying to get more money from theaters. In TX, some theater chains now have signs up saying that they are no loner accepting free passes for ALL Sony movies. But back to the TV situation... If you buy a 3D TV, you are going to have to have a Blu Ray player. Sony, along with a few other, has a stake in that. What's the best selling BR player on the market....the PS3 They are going to get their money back. "the chance that you buy more games because you have a 3D TV is just 0." That's why i said offer a deal to PS3 owners. Those consumers will buy the games and the movies. Just give them a 3D game when they purchase.... wait, they've done that already in Europe. Maybe I should have been more clear and said they should of a deal for PS3 owners in the U.S.

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All of Mitsubishi's DLP TVs are 3D ready, all you need is the 3D kit to go with it. A 60" is under a thousand bucks. I have no idea why people even bother buying LCD and plasma sets when a DLP is so much cheaper.

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@tboogy It is all ready out and Fry's Electronics has it on sale this week.

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For anyone curious, Samsung is coming out with a 50 inch (I think it was) "3d Ready" tv for only $1000 soon. You just have to buy the glasses when you are ready to make the jump. So for roughly $1,300 you are set. Not bad. But I admit, the problem is no one wants to wear the glasses. I may buy that TV just to have the option though.

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ok, I have to ask. Is anyone utilising the 3D capabilities of the PS3 right now? Thumbs down if you are, thumbs up if you are not. I'm just very curious because Sony are doing so much to promote 3D but what I want to know is if anyone is actually using it.

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wish I had a 3D tv, or can even afford one :P I would love to play games in 3D for sure

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Can anyone actually see 3D TVs being taken up by the masses? They are way too expensive for most people and no one wants to have to wear special glasses just to watch TV or play games. There is also a good proportion of the population that can't see 3D or feel ill when doing so. I enjoy watching 3D films in the cinema but think that's where it belongs for now. Perhaps in a few years when its less expensive it may be viable at home for playing games.

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Anybody won't to loan me 2 grand for a 3dHDtv and 300 for a pair of glasses. Didn't think so. Still nice to see Sony is doing this in a free firmware update and it won't require a new PS3. Considering I my household already has 4 HDtvs the 3D tvs either came to late or too early for me as I can't justify replacing any of my TVs for a few years. Probably for the best though as it will be a couple of years before we find out if 3d is just a fad or if it will be around for the long haul because I still have some serious doubts.

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Thanks, I don't want to replace my laser once in a while for this. PS3's laser has a short lifespan as it is. 3D only brought headache for me, it's just a gimmicky.

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@FallenOneX Loss on playstations fits in the business model, because they expect you to buy games, which make them earn money. If they make loss on their TV they will never earn something back from that, because the chance that you buy more games because you have a 3D TV is just 0. 3D TV's are new. New = expensive. Either wait till they become cheap or just stick to 2D gaming. 3D hasn't got much advantage anyhow.

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I wish $ony would actually read some of these posts and realize that many people would enjoy it more if the TV's weren't so damned expensive. They're used to taking a loss on consoles, why not offer a deal to PS3 owners for a few hundred dollars off?

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It's good that the 3D capability is release, it's too bad you had to buy an expensive 3DTV and a Kinect priced 3D glasses in able to experience it.

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Great news, thanks Sony.

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WOW Thanks Sony!

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great news. now if i could save up 2000 dollars to buy a 3dhdtv ill be all set:)

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that's awesome for people who can afford 3D TV.

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Must get 3DTV NOW!

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Oops, looks like those who cannot update their PS3s are S.O.L.

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I'll be interested in 3D when it is real, not jut stereoscopic, ie, I can move my head and look behind something

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Great news...for those who own a 3d tv.

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3D gives me headaches i bet they're secretly giving us cancer D:

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i whould love to play team ico in 3d that will be wild

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im still thinking bout getting a 3d tv

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this is good news i just bought a 3d tv

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My parents got a 3D TV last month and come with the 3D Blu-ray version Alien vs monsters. I was the only one with a Blu-ray player and that was my PS3 and the 3D worked.

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That is BOSS!!!!!

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@ Slim02 Whatever since your apparently the expert on 3DTVs I'm not gonna argue, but I'm still not getting it for the price and the fact that I have glasses. And yes I know you said you have glasses in previous comments but I find it a hassle.

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Sony is really pushing 3D. I still think it's a huge gimmick that in the end will fade out again like it has done several times before. However, I give Sony credit for trying to make it as big as HD. All I can say again is good luck LOL

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@ Wuflungdung do you know there are 3d hdtvs out there I want one I just can't afford one right maybe sometime after the holiday that is when I finish college and I hope to get a job right after

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@thrasher510 So you can keep you head and sit straight in the middle of your TV to view without moving one inch either way... Because that is the only way you can watch without glasses.. You can not sit on angle without having 3D glasses. Also I was not talking about the Wii but the 3D DS that is coming out and it is called 3DS... Again people that call 3DTV gimmick do not know what they are talking about and are clueless..

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@ Slim02 I wouldn't mind watching the TV from a certain angle, I mean I don't even have a wii so why should I move while watching.

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I agree that 3d is a gimmick as it stands now. the fact that the tv can't detect ur head without u wearing glasses is laughable. we live in a world of multi-tasking. who really watches tv and does nothing else at the same time anymore? people eat, text, surf the internet, exercise, etc while watching absurd and awkward would it be for someone to do that while wearing $100 glasses. plus, how many companies are going to fork over millions of dollars for a product that very can even use...that would be like re-releasing hd-dvd movies...very stupid indeed.

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@Wuflungdung People do not seem to think it is stupid to wear glasses with 3D Movies at theTheater!.. I wear glasses and have tried out the 3DTV and I had no problem wearing them over my glasses,, 3D added to the HD and until people try it themselves you do not know what you are missing.. It is night and day difference..

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@Slim02 the difference is to watch a 3D tv you need to wear stupid glasses, people dont want to put effort into watchin tv (including myself). While HD just was expensive when it first came out, I love HD, I see why people would enjoy 3D but I would just rather have a beautiful HD TV like I have.

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The new Mortal Kombat will also support 3D.

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@thrasher510 Good luck with that seeing you need to be viewing at the TV straight on just like how the 3DS works.. Without grasses you can not watch on a angle or on the side.. You be dead before that can even happens.. lol..

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Any other new features in 3.50, or is 3D support it?

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Does it still have the glasses? If so I'll wait.

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People that call 3DTV a gimmick because they have no clue in what they are talking about... People said the same thing about HD and look what happens.. 3D is not going no where and you will see every HDTV have 3D.. The 3DTV that are out are not any thing like them stupid cheap crap (red and blue paper glasses) that you used in the pass to watch 3D movies.. Again it not a gimmick but a new way to watch and play.. Also you can get a 3DTV under $2000.. All the movie studios and even DirecTV and ATT are adding 3D channels..

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@suprsolider ill tell you exactly why corporations are pushing for 3D. Sales. Period. Up until early 2000s CRT tvs dominated and have slowly grown in size. Each year larger and larger models would hit. Then LCDs hit big in early 2000 and those started small and slowly have been growing in size and dropping in price. I remember when a 37'' LCD tv was 2.9k$ Now LCDs in the 50-60'' range are starting to drop in price due to consumers already having large LCD TVs. To keep sales up companies needed to develop something new that consumers "must have" The landed on 3D and so now they are pushing it big to continue sales.... pretty simple really.

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God I am sick of this new 3D gimmick. Ever since Avatar made it popular everyone and their dogs are jumping on the bandwagon. Just like GTA 3 became popular, it was everywhere when Vice City came out, radio stations would continue to play the music that's in the game, every developer including Naughty Dog and Sucker Punch made their games open world GTA style. Now with Avatar being a huge success every damn movie has to be 3-D from Clash of the Titans,Toy Story 3,Despicable Me,Piranah 3-D, Step Up 3-D and more. I want this stupid trend to end right now people. It's pointless and WILL die out again soon. God what's wrong with this world.

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glad my dad's going to buy a 3D Tv to see football games in 3D hey dad mt ps3 is going to change from my room to the living room =P

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3D works perfectly fine. If u have a 3D enabled TV.

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