PS3 trophies, in-game XMB just weeks away?

Source: A short but media-rich piece on What we heard: When the PlayStation 3 was launched, it was criticized for a number of reasons. One particular bone of contention was the fact that players had to quit a game to access the PS3's cross-media bar, commonly abbreviated as XMB...


Source: A short but media-rich piece on

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What we heard: When the PlayStation 3 was launched, it was criticized for a number of reasons. One particular bone of contention was the fact that players had to quit a game to access the PS3's cross-media bar, commonly abbreviated as XMB. By contrast, the Xbox 360 allows players to access the Xbox Live blade in-game, letting players check up on friends and messages as well as peruse Xbox 360 achievements, while merely pausing the game.

Speaking of achievements, Sony also suffered a few slings and arrows following its presentation just before the 2007 Game Developers Conference. At the event, then-president of Worldwide Studios Phil Harrison revealed the PS3 would be getting "trophies" for in-game feats much like Xbox 360 Achievements. However, instead of resulting in a numerical score, said trophies would be displayed as three-dimensional statues in a trophy room in the PS3's avatar-based Home service.

While the recently delayed Home remains far off, this week evidence surfaced that PS3 trophies may be much nearer than expected. MaxConsole is proudly displaying cell phone photos (pictured) and video that it received from a user claiming to have access to a PS3 dev kit. Specifically, this dev kit was reportedly equipped with the v2.4 PS3 firmware upgrade, which--according to the poster--bestows the console both with trophies and an in-game XMB.

Though it was long known both features were in the cards, the purported firmware version number indicates they could be just around the corner. Sony released the v2.2 firmware update in mid-March and the v2.3 upgrade in mid-April. The last PS3 update, v2.35, was released on May 15--meaning the leap to v2.4 is mere weeks--or days--away.

Also of note is the fact the trophy-bestowing game shown in the shots appears to be the just-announced PS3 edition of BioShock, which is currently in development at 2K Games' Marin studio. That title--which will be an expanded version of the Xbox 360 and PC original--is due out in October, suggesting developers are already working trophies into 2008 releases.

The official story: Sony Computer Entertainment reps had not responded to requests for comment as of press time.

Bogus or not bogus?: Convincing evidence + long-overdue features = Probable not bogus.

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Lol jobo Home is just going to be a place where u will go and end up wasting tons of ur time instead of playing MGS .

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I think its gud that there trying to be as good as the xbox but no xbox owner is going to want to leave there beloved gamerscore for the rip off version of achievments on the ps3.Oh yeh and i totally agree with Evinco_DX sony do seem to be copying alot but its always just a worse version lyk six axis WTF!?! oh and what happened to 4D graphics hahahaha.

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I cant wait it will be very cool so now we ps3 users can gloat to the 360 users that say their system is better now its pretty much the same alright we win

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I'm going to start with a have a PS3 so I like what they are doing, just wish it was a little faster. there are alot of people that talk about which system is better. I dont think thats what its all about. because if it was just about system then anyone can clearly look at the hard cold facts and see the PS3 is a system of the furture, just needing to tighten up in some areas mostly online... that being said, not bagging on other systems, people buy systems for the games that come only for that platform.... xbox and Wii have good titles that move there product. and of course xbox live doesnt hurt xbox. only if it were free

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i personally dont care if the achievement/trophies and home is late... PSN is free so why should i complain.. but when this thing is out PS3 will be the best... as long as PSN remains free ill enjoy it

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I tell you. i just bought my MGS PS3 bundle and im actually enjoying it, i have XB360 and an XB360 elite, and i also bought a NIN Wii. its good when you can go switch from console to console and never be bored. my personal fav is the Xbox360 because of the Online Achievements so im glad Ps3 is doing it.

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Everybody tries to give reasons why their console is better than the other... I have all 3: 360, PS3, and Wii. Here's why: Xbox 360: Excellent Multiplayer, PS3: best Blu Ray player available, Wii: Fun to play when friends are over drinking. Each has their ups and downs and I wish people would stop bashing one or the other. You know you only do it b/c you can't afford another system with your job at Walmart. If PS3 finally comes out with new games that are good, then great. If 360 has a dry spell for a couple of months, great. It's your own personal opinion and I'm pretty sure reading your negative post isn't going to sway a person one way or another. That's why consoles have games that are specifically labeled "system sellers".

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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we may be just now getting achievements, but watching blu-rays movies during the wait has been excellent. Oh, sorry, was that too soon for you xbox fanboys?

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we should all stop fighting. ps3 has it's good things, 360 has it's good things and the wii has it's good things. I still like the ps3 better.

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look at these poor PS3 users. Very damn excited about their new features. LOL! We have been enjoying it in X360 for years man! And Sony finally came to think about it.

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when Home starts up and the trophies are added i wont be albe to stop playing its going to be so awesome

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hey I just bough a 46"1080p monitor with a dvi connector, and yellow video rca, s-video. now I hooked the hdmi to dvi cable I always use on my other tv, it didnt work. I read that my tv is not a tv just a monitor and is not hdcp compliant. that sucks. Then when I hook it up to my 360's hdmi to dvi it works fine, but there is no way to get sound out of it because you cant plug an hdmi and regular video audio cable at the same time, and I cant watch hd-dvd or regular dvds on the monitor because the xbox does not support playing video to a non-hdcp display. hdcp sucks. now I wont be able to play MGS4 with ingame xmb.

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i so cnt wait for this update but then again i cant wait for home to be playable lol

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They should of had these kind of things from the beginning.Imao Everyone was so juiced about HOME on the PS3, and it seems like Sony is so behind on so many things.

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Hmm a Metal Gear Rex trophy for Metal Gear?!?!?!?!?

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I'm really looking forward to this. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea (so to speak), but I think it's kind of cool! I, personally, think that getting achievements or trophies add to games. I'll play the game through on my own terms and then I'll go back and try to get the achievements. It adds to the overall value of the game. This next update will be great! And I have to give Microsoft props for having their system for this in first (for this gen). Competition IS good! Who knows... maybe Sony wouldn't have even worried about this if the Xbox 360 version wasn't so popular and well received.

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all im saying is fingers crossed it happens even though i wont be in the country to get the update when it rolls it if it does come out lol. ig custom soundtracks hopefully cause that GT5 prologue remix of Mars volta is crap compared to the real standard version of Goliath.

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hopefully this will happen, cos having to quit games to read messages is such a pain in the ass, and hopefully trophies can be used to earn prizes, extra content n such. sounds good.

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This is a good time to have a PS3. They have what looks like a good line up of games (not too many good horror games but we can't get everything we want in life...)

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The PS3 never fails to impress me & it keeps getting better. What a great time to be a PS3 gamer!

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Here's something that will no doubt make the news rounds soon. There's a German source that's broke the news that backwards compatability for PS2 games will be included in a firmware update in October, for those that have the 40GB version. Makes sense, as Sony is gearing up to start offering PS2 games on the PS store.

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wow. tagan 55 i totally dig and respect what you have to say. i gave you a thumbs up because you spoke the truth and thats what we need.

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cant waiiiiit!!!!!shame it's only next week....anyways i'll play cod4 online :D

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oh and the ps3 did copy the x-box with trophies but look soon enough your going to see x-box-BLU RAY edition. and as for the wii the motion for the wii is how you play alot of the games with ps3 it just a small feature not fully blown motion gaming like wii.

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This year is a great year to own a ps3 reasons why , blu ray won the hd war, ps3 in game xmb, ( note some games have been released already) killzone 2, resistance 2, motorstorm pacific rift, MGS4, some that arent exclusive battlefield bad company, bioshock, GTA4, Guitar hero 4, and many more. The ps3 is just as good as the x-box now we get most of the good games x-box gets besides the big let down of halo 3, but i loved halo 2. and gears of war 2 is going to get blown out of the water by all theawesome ps3 exclusives coming. x-box had its year with 07 and everyone thinking the ps3 would fail well its over now this year is the ps3's year and its gonna be great.

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This update better come out soon cause MGS4 is coming out next week!

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hope the make them look cool and 3d

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Interesting but unnecessary. I hope we get something useful too. I can't say I care about getting arbitrary and seemingly useless points for doing things that (if I like the game) I'm going to try and do anyway. It might've been interesting if we got rewarded for these trophies or if Home was already out but who knows if we'll ever see that.

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In-game XMB!!! WOOT!!! I still don't understand how trophies can work without the Home service being available. I guess I'll find out soon though. And now... I need to go click on Bioshock... That is one HELL OF A GAME!!!

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Cant wait

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About time SONY :) Sombodys ass getting fired for leaking this tho lol

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To all of you predicting exclusive games and stuff... World will end in 2012 anyway.

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It's about dam time Sony.

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Yeay a 3D trophy! What Ive always wanted. I'm so excited!!!! I can show my friends (while game is paused *bonus*) when they come over! "Look what I got!" *is proud* lol

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They're true look them up on here and in Game Informer magazine.

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@ Superman_Legend Superman_Legend wrote: "These are the 360's title this year Lost Odyssey, Ninja Gaiden 2, Age of Conan Hyborian Adventures first next gen console mmorpg, Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts, Tales of Vesperia (the 1st next gen Tales game), Infinite Undiscovery (Square Enix 360 exclusive rpg which is the 1st next gen rpg square will release not ff13), Fable 2, a lot atlus strategy rpgs Spectral Force 3 /Operation Darkness/Zoids Assault etc. , Viva Pinata Trouble in Paradise, Guilty Gear 2 first true sequel to Guilty Gear, Sacred 2 Fallen Angel rpg, Too Human, and Gears of War 2. " Actually, I heard God of War is coming out around March of next year. Who knows when FFXIII is coming out. MGS4 is gonna blow Gears of War 2 away. Also, you forgot to mention LittleBigPlanet, Motorstorm 2, Resistance 2 (you may say it sucks but at least its better than Halo), and possibly HOME! I havent even heard of half of those games you mentioned for the 360. Gears of War is a good game but I seriously doubt it will be released this year. And if somehow it is, its not going to live up to its potential due to MS rushing them to get it out this year. As for next year for the PS3, WE GET KILLZONE 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have the feeling that this PS3 update,(if it turns out to be true),will come out around the same week as MGS 4 hits the shelves.

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Thats right sony is coming up strong man 2008 it's sony year and with metal gear solid 4 alone will bring sony back to the top !!! xbox 360 is running out of big hit all they got is gears of war 2 on it's back for this x-mas !!! sony got hits god of war 3 , resistance 2 , final fantasy 13, killzone 2 , need i say more

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@Evinco_DX You'd be hard pressed to find anything entirely original about any of these consoles. Even motion sensing was done before the Wii and PS3. Multimedia players were done before the consoles, rewards were given before video games, Internet was done before being integrated into the consoles, etc. Seriously, "originality" is only a spur-of-the-moment term in today's world. Everything today has its origins somewhere in the things that came before it. EDIT: @jknight5422 Actually, in the end, it is generally more cost effective to produce Multiplatform games instead of make exclusive titles. While it may cost more to make games multiplatform, I wouldn't go so far as to say that it doubles the price to make it. After all, when games are multiplatform, even ones released at the same time, there is usually one base platform that the game is made on, and it is then ported to the other consoles that it will also be made for. This way, the developer (well, actually the publisher gets the most) can increase his capital intake, as the number of people who are able to purchase the game in question rises.

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Evinco_DX wrote: "Seems like sony keeps copying the competition this generation. NIntendo had motion control so sony has to have it to. Xbox 360 introduced achievements so sony had to come up with a achievement system of its own. Isn't there any originality with the PS3?" Ummm.... where have you been? Have you ever heard of Blu-Ray? You know, the disc format that killed HD-DVD? Yea, Sony developed that. Ever heard of the Playstation Eye? You think its just a camera with a built in mic but not quite. Check out vids for the Eye of Judgement, that is a cool game. I would like to see Microsoft try to come up with something thats even half as creative as that. But not only can the Playstation Eye make a typical card game like the Eye of Judgement a thing to amazed by. But it can also be used in this tank game that Sony developed (which is rumored to be released sometime). Type in "PlayStation Eye Tank War Demo - GDC '08" on youtube, this is some cool stuff. Draw your own tank on paper, take a pic of it with the PS Eye and you can use it in the game. *sarcasm* Whew, I guess 360 is the best system. *end sarcasm*

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I couldn't care less about achievements. But I guess this is nice for people who that into that.

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Are achievements going to open up for games already released? Would have commented before, but was in Jamaica.

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this is all good news for the PS3 but i belive that the PS3 isn't finished yet in my opinion the PS3 won't finlly be complet until all it's features have been released and set up until this happens i'm sticking with my 360 and i will continue to wait for the PS3 to reach it's full potential and reslease it's most awsome exclusive games like FF13, verse 13 and kingdomhearts 3.

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Seems like sony keeps copying the competition this generation. NIntendo had motion control so sony has to have it to. Xbox 360 introduced achievements so sony had to come up with a achievement system of its own. Isn't there any originality with the PS3?

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jknight5422: "You need to go wiki the Playstation's origins & see how it was developed" Did you just say to use a wiki to get information? Wow, have you a lot to learn about the internet...