PS3 to use Blu-ray Discs?

Japanese PC magazine reports that Sony may be considering adopting the cutting-edge technology.


TOKYO--According to a report by Asahi PC magazine, Sony may be considering using Blu-ray Disc (BD-ROM) technology in the PlayStation 3. The news comes from an interview that the magazine conducted with Kiyoshi Nishitani, Sony's management director in charge of Blu-ray Disc development and next-generation home electronics. In his interview about the future business strategies for Blu-ray Discs, Nishitani commented, "We'd like to establish a ground by adopting read-only BD-ROMs for a home video game console."

Nishitani's statement does not mention any concrete plans, and he also does not identify any specific console by name. However, Sony is unlikely to allow its division to work on a rival company's console or create a new peripheral for the PlayStation 2 or PSP just to read a Blu-ray Disc. The adoption of Blu-ray Discs by the PS3 would also help spread use of the format, similar to how the PS2 did with DVDs.

Currently, BD-ROMs can hold up to 25GB of data--about five times the volume of a standard DVD disc--and double-layered 50GB BD-ROMs will be appearing within the year. Sony is also the first and only company that has a Blu-ray Disc recorder on the market, one that carries the steep price of 390,000 yen ($3,700). In July, Panasonic will become the second maker of Blu-ray machines when it releases a double-layer-compatible Blu-ray recorder with DVD functionality. Sony will release a double-layer BD recorder by the end of the year as well.

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