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PS3 to target a 'slightly younger demographic'

SCEE CEO Jim Ryan addresses Sony's future plans to extend the PlayStation 3's life as the system enters its sixth year on shelves.


Sony's latest console has just started its sixth year in the marketplace, and as the price continues to drop, it becomes more accessible to larger chunks of the market. To make sure the PlayStation 3 completes a decade-long life cycle like its predecessors, Sony is looking to make sure offerings are in place for a wider market.

You know… for kids!
You know… for kids!

Speaking with the Official PlayStation Magazine UK, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe CEO Jim Ryan addressed the future approach to expanding the PS3's market growth potential. Ryan said that the bulk of original PlayStation and PlayStation 2 systems sold at or below the £129 price point, suggesting the PS3--currently £199--has a long life left.

"I think you'll see us taking the console more towards a slightly younger demographic," Ryan said. "More family market. The core gamer will absolutely not be neglected. There's going to be tons of great stuff for the core gamer but from our own studio, third parties there's some quite interesting stuff happening in a number of areas which would allow us to open up a market that we accessed pretty successfully on both PS1 and PS2 but haven't yet got to on PS3.”

Sony's foray into motion controls, the Move, launched last year and has seen integration and support in titles targeted at various demographics, including the aforementioned younger group. The latest Move-only game out of Sony is the family-friendly Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest.

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