PS3 sells 1 million in PAL regions

Sony confirms that its latest sales figures show the PS3 selling faster than the original PlayStation or PS2.


After a low-key midnight launch at Virgin on London's Oxford Street, a long European launch delay, and the latest news that Nintendo's Wii is outselling Sony's PlayStation 3 5-to-1 in Japan, this week finally sees some good news for the console. The latest sales figures show that the PS3 is enjoying a healthy success in PAL regions including the UK, the rest of Europe, and Australia.

Across PAL territories the PlayStation 3 has now sold more than a cool 1 million units since its March 23 launch 10 weeks ago, as reported by trade site MCV. This makes the console a faster seller than either the original PlayStation or the PlayStation 2.

As far as first-party software goes in PAL territories, Sony also confirmed to GameSpot that Resistance: Fall of Man was the top seller so far, having shifted some 600,000 units, and MotorStorm is revving in second place with a total of approximately 500,000 sales.

The PS3 broke UK console records by selling 165,000 units in the first two days it was on sale in the UK, the second-best debut only to the handheld PlayStation Portable. It was also announced in April that the console had reached the 800,000 milestone, with CEO Howard Stringer commenting, "We came into the [European market] with more games, and perhaps we lived up to the expectations in Europe in a way that perhaps we didn't in Japan."

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i smell a rat ......called sony

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its good to see the sony haters here trying to put down sony after some good news like this.

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When I first read this thread headline, i was thinking of the word from Tychus Findlay from Starcraft 2 Cinematic Trailer... "Hell, It's about time"

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Hey someone dared M$ fans to say something so I did. Sorry you hate me, but I couldn't care less. Maybe all of us should stop the hate.

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i hate randy120 because he is a fanboy... dont care what system just hate fanboys making everything a console war...

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MMMM im in the us so it dont really matter to me. Looks like the pal territories will buy anything. But good for sony i cant hate on this.

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the ps 3 is gonna dominate

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wow.. their first mil :P

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1 million means they are far behind. PS3 hardware is good, but not a huge leap over the power of Xbox 360. Throw in the extra $200 that could be spent on games, and Sony still has a problem. Lack of exclusives, lack of A games don't help either. Sony won before because they had the exclusives and first party games. Now they have mostly first party titles.

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Wow. We're such idiots. We get the delay, the higher price, the crappier backwards compatibility, the more expensive model only (though I know it's not produced for any territories now) and yet we STILL buy a glorified Blu-Ray player in droves? We really "don't mind" getting ripped off, as the Sony execs like to put it.

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finally good news.

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i myself am proud to say that i helped sony reach that 1million. so sony you welcome. now come on games hit me.

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reallaughingman Although I love blue -ray technology, I think the future is not in blue ray- or in HD dvd; the future is in downlodable content. Its hard to go out and buy a hd DVD for 30 dollars when i can download the same movie in the same quality for 10. Neither will win out since the future is not in either of these forms. My humble opinion. _______________________________________________________________ Downloadable content? Sure its fast and ez to download HD movies. And if your HD takes a dump then what? Physically having a library of HD movies is waaaay more convenient. I can look at it when I want and take it wherever I want. Oh wait, I can burn it too for my personal use. And I have something to show for and it's called a library of movies posted on a stand. Downloadable content only goes so far til you remotely access it and its not common....

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good to see Resistance ther

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'as i said before, the legendary PS2 took one year to outsell the Xbox' One of is on drugs. Is it me or you?

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What WHAT M$ fans come and try and say something!

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as i said before, the legendary PS2 took one year to outsell the Xbox, and when it i have to say what happened?! the PS2 ruled! just like the PS2, the PS3 will rule, and that's just the beginning. PS3 is selling more than the legendary PS2 did. those who wanted Sony to fail, those who say PS3 is not worth, those who did not even play PS3 and say it's not good, wait and see. i am a PS3 owner, but i don't need to say the 360 is not good. if i say the 360 is not good, it will show that i fear the 360. as i do not fear it, because i know PS3 will rule, i don't need to say PS3 is better and 360 is not good. and, honestly, i think both are excelent, but PS3 has a better hardware and features. well, besides that, i have to say it: the PS3 is not considered as good as the 360 in U.S. because of the advertising that Microsoft and others(Gamespot, IGN, ...) do. and so, people keep listening to this, to what Microsoft say and to its advertising about Xbox360 and don't see what the PS3 really is. see, PS3 is going very well in Japan and Europe, better than the 360. just in U.S. 360 sales are better...and, according to Gamespot, Microsoft is trying to aim at family market because M$ is afraid the 360 becomes the old Xbox. don't believe? read the article: "Xbox360 aims at family market"

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This time next year people will still be talking about giving the PS3 more time. 'You'll see, it'll be fine.' The only reason the PS2 sold less or slower is because you simply couldn't find any. There's no big mystery behind it. The PS3 is doing poorly, and that's that. SONY will say anything at this point to rally the troops. Look at the Wii, still hard to find, but kicking the PS3 in the ass. So is the 360.

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Well, kudos to the European launch-- at least they HAD enough consoles to support that kind of sale...unlike certain countries *cough*

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What are the sales trends? Up down or about the same?

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Its seem kinda strange how sony have so much bad press but they still manage to sell 1 million consoles in the pal quicker than both the ps1 and ps2. Ps3 has had a slow start , but so did sony's previous consoles. Is there something people are missing here, history tends to repeat itself. The ps3 will be fine.

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Sony promised and delivered what they set out to do at launch... Unlike the Xbox360 or even the Wii, your lucky to find a Wii anywhere... When the X360 at launch you were unable to buy one until 3 or 4 months after it launched... But Sony rammed up its production monster and spitted out as much PS3 as it could put out there so everyone and their mama could purchase one, by Xmas, thats why I love sony so much! I walked right into a Bestbuy three or four weeks after launch, literly the day before Xmas... And that is exactly what's helping them sell more and more, its the availablity of the console... What gets me the Wii has been out for 7 freakin months and you can't find that console anywhere... Go figure? I guess they don't have enough special screws to put the machine together so its slowing down production.... Whatever! How hard is it anyways to manufacture a system that is just a tad bit better than the gamecube... Nice way to keep the demand going Nintendo... :P

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The games are comming... I seriously don't know how I'm gonna make it come September...till edn of the year. I have 10+ PS3 games I NEED to buy!!! Lair, NHL 08, Heavenly Sword, Haze, Dark Sector, Need for Speed:Pro Street, Ratchet and Clank, WarHawk, Killzone, Assasin's Creed just to name a few... Man I will become a zombie!!!

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Wow, I'm not suprise at all since alot of European like high tech equipment.

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Pretty amazing that it costs even more over there and that there still aren't a whole lot of good games and it's still selling like hot cakes

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That's nice. Still no games worth playing.

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This is a trend of demgraphics from the last generation of consoles! Before PS2 dominated Asian market now its strong in EU. Probelly because a lot of people their have HD tv's making PS3 quite popular!

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Good news for Sony.

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Just needs a lower price now... and a few big budget PS3 EXCLUSIVE titles and i might consider buying it myself.

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How come we have Nintendo telling us one thing, then Sony telling us another.

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To all people bashing the console, wanting Sony to dissapear into thin air, hating the PS3, thinking it will sink, thinking it sucks, thinking it;s too expensive and yet never even tried the console...All I have to say to you people is...THIS IS JUST THE BEGGINING!!! WE CONSTANTLY said that the PS3 has sole more in 6 months than the PS2, PS1 and X360 (when they were only 6 months old) but you people laughed at us...WELL, finnaly, Gamespot writes something that holds weight!!!

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I'll certainly be buying it when it's more reasonably priced.

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so what? anyway in US it's gonna sell only when the good games pop (same for japan), so around the end-200 to early-2008. I suppose that in early 2008, you'll see the sells of ps3 reach more than half the sells of x360, then FFs (I know it's for 2007, but yeah right, lol, no FFs pop the date they told us anyway, lol, always something) in 2008 (maybe mid to end) and I suppose that the ps3 will outsell the xbox360 in 4-5 years. By then, the ps3 will cost around 299$ and the x360 around 199$ I'd say.

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lmao@ even sony must have some fans. that's the most retarded thing i've ever read. Sony has owned the last two gens and will eventually win this one. everyone THINKS the PS3 is failing but in it's first 6 months it's sold more than the PS1 did, more than the legendary PS2 did, and yes...more than the Xbox360 did. know your facts. if people had to know what they were talking about to speak we'd be surrounded by mutes i swear.

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SONY greates technologies in one shiny sistem that´s great thinking.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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They also forgot to add the fastest PS3 returns and trade ins.

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Europe is Sony's home ground. But they always s***w us up with launch dates.

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reallaughingman: Although I love blue -ray technology, I think the future is not in blue ray- or in HD dvd; the future is in downlodable content. Its hard to go out and buy a hd DVD for 30 dollars when i can download the same movie in the same quality for 10. Neither will win out since the future is not in either of these forms. My humble opinion. ___________________________________ I do think the future is blu-ray, but right NOW it is irrelevent because you can simply have double sided discs... However I feel that later on, games will grow larger and a larger capacity format will be needed. Downloadable content is great and while you can access everything from the confort of your couch, a lot of the people i know would prefer to have the data physically (on a dvd) because it gives them comfort to know they can pop it in to watch whenever they want and not worry with corrupted or lost data...

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Just 'cause it's shiny

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Can't believe they would give them that much support after that 5 month delay.

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The PS3 lives! I was beginning to think that it was dead in the water. I know, shame on me, right? But seriously, with the news that the Wii was outselling the PS3 in Japan, things didn't look all too well for Sony's PS3. So this is good news, of course. Honestly though, i still have an incertitude about the price. $600 is alot to pay for just ONE console! Although to be fair, the technology is quite advanced, and then there's Final Fantasy XIII to consider... *Dreams about playing it on a PS3*

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keep up the good work sony , time will tell the difference between power and weakness.....................das ist das besser console. Es el mejor sistema de todos buen trabajo sony.

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Although I love blue -ray technology, I think the future is not in blue ray- or in HD dvd; the future is in downlodable content. Its hard to go out and buy a hd DVD for 30 dollars when i can download the same movie in the same quality for 10. Neither will win out since the future is not in either of these forms. My humble opinion.

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this shows they should invest more on the european market instead of delaying stuff...