PS3 sells 1 million in PAL regions

Sony confirms that its latest sales figures show the PS3 selling faster than the original PlayStation or PS2.


After a low-key midnight launch at Virgin on London's Oxford Street, a long European launch delay, and the latest news that Nintendo's Wii is outselling Sony's PlayStation 3 5-to-1 in Japan, this week finally sees some good news for the console. The latest sales figures show that the PS3 is enjoying a healthy success in PAL regions including the UK, the rest of Europe, and Australia.

Across PAL territories the PlayStation 3 has now sold more than a cool 1 million units since its March 23 launch 10 weeks ago, as reported by trade site MCV. This makes the console a faster seller than either the original PlayStation or the PlayStation 2.

As far as first-party software goes in PAL territories, Sony also confirmed to GameSpot that Resistance: Fall of Man was the top seller so far, having shifted some 600,000 units, and MotorStorm is revving in second place with a total of approximately 500,000 sales.

The PS3 broke UK console records by selling 165,000 units in the first two days it was on sale in the UK, the second-best debut only to the handheld PlayStation Portable. It was also announced in April that the console had reached the 800,000 milestone, with CEO Howard Stringer commenting, "We came into the [European market] with more games, and perhaps we lived up to the expectations in Europe in a way that perhaps we didn't in Japan."

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that's good to hear..

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you PS3 haters dont know anything about the console do you? I have one and it is amazing. I also have a 360 and i can tell you the PS3 has never crashed, unlike the 360 and makes far less noise. the PS3 is great and all it needs are some good games to back it up which are literaly on the horizon! so unless you have played the ps3 at all then stop bugging sony and play your console. 360 has good points too like more games and good online support (i love the game command and conquer 3 for it) and is a good console so stop trying to bring the PS3 down because you only make yourselves look stupid. ____________________________________________________ And? My 360 has never crashed and it's a launch model. By never I mean never.

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Bull crap. the 165,000 people who bought a PS3 on its launch weekend are roughly the sum of everyone who wants one. Only 2 people I know bought one, and both hate it.

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you PS3 haters dont know anything about the console do you? I have one and it is amazing. I also have a 360 and i can tell you the PS3 has never crashed, unlike the 360 and makes far less noise. the PS3 is great and all it needs are some good games to back it up which are literaly on the horizon! so unless you have played the ps3 at all then stop bugging sony and play your console. 360 has good points too like more games and good online support (i love the game command and conquer 3 for it) and is a good console so stop trying to bring the PS3 down because you only make yourselves look stupid.

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Or maybe they have the sense to invest in a system that will have a portfolio of amazing games by the end of the year? Also have the sense to buy one of the cheapest bluray players on the market? That combined with a media center that can play content stored on other devices, through your TV. Hmm.... _____________________________________________________ 1) No-one in the UK cares about Blu-ray. Very few people can actually get any benefit from Blu-ray at the moment, and games do not yet require the capacity for Blu-ray or HD-DVD to be a necessity. 2) Have you not noticed that the Xbox 360 and Wii will also have a portfolio of amazing games by the end of this year? 3) Erm - if you bought the PS3 for a media center that can play content stored on other devices, then man, you bought the wrong console. The Xbox 360 has seamless integration with XP/Vista PCs - and as such can stream whole music collections rather than the limited collections found on MP3/MP4 players. Basically, the PS3 has done nothing new here - I've been able to do everything that the PS3 can do as a media centre for the past year and a half with my Xbox 360, so anyone that trumpets this as an advantage of the PS3 is obviously a ridiculous Sony fanboy who refuses to accept that it's not as great as it sounds.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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lol @ lanista. Blueray is not the reason the ps3 sells in Europe. The reason the PS3 sells in Europe is the brand. Trust me, there aren't that many people with T.Vs that can output the true beauty of blueray.

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Kids, one million units are A LOT! You gotta'believe me!

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"as far as Blu-Ray movies outselling HD DVD or vice versa. Who cares? I didn't buy my PS2 to play DVD's and I sure didn't buy my PS3 to play Blu Ray. So.... who cares?" Part of the reason why Sony's PS3 is starting to show some success over here in the UK, may be because of Blu-Ray I understand that in the USA and Japan, HD is already fairly established, whereas that's not the case in PAL regions. Therefore buying the PS3 as probably the cheapest Blu-Ray player over here at £425 (= $835 US) makes sense Those adults may also buy a game or two, but that's it, they didn't really buy it for gaming, just occasional maybe. If they also don't have kids which is likely if they're in their 20s, then that's it So these numbers sold may not be entirely good news for game developers if they think they will all be a potential market base Wiis and X360s numbers will be to gamers, so their numbers will be entirely reflective of that, and hence more reliable

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dam they did good

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What can you say ? Released late last year, yet the only good title seen so far is Resistance. This next gen war is turning into a farce. A three way contest, between : A : The Sony PS3 which promises everything but delivers almost nothing. A powerful console with nothing to show off its supposed power. And what happened to the exclusives ? B : The Microsoft X360 which has a one year lead, but its hardware are so prone to faults and breakdowns that money is simply thrown into MS pockets and down the drain. Cheap and crappy power supplies are the Master Chief's favourite. C : The Nintendo Wii, basically el cheapo Gamecube version 1.2 with a new look and shallow gameplay. An initial novelty, but Wii games will not be keeping you up all night, and certainly not after Wii sore arm and cheap strap broke TV damage syndrome. Congratulations to Sony - selling 1 million consoles on hype alone - all style, no substance. Hurray !

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people talkin about affordability being sonys problem i went into bestbuy today and saw a wireless 360 controller for $70 bucks what part of the game is that. none of these consoles have justified the price to me all i c is the new fps and magic forest 7. how about some new gameplay mechanics and original ips that arent based on old wars. im still waiting on some truly original games that will make me forget about the price. p.s. for all thoughs who think that ms will sell more than sony ms is lying to you sony has had two system sell over a hundred mil. ps3 is atleast gonna do that, 360 best hope is a bigger slice of the pie. i like the games for 360 but ms is trying to nickel and dime u to death. congrats to sony i guess?

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I won't spend anytime begging Sony to come out with games for two reasons. 1. They are already coming. and 2. SONY has nothing to do with when games come out. Sheesh. Well, a few titles are under them, but even so, I'd rather they be done right than rushed out. But rest assured, the draught soon endeth. And as far as Blu-Ray movies outselling HD DVD or vice versa. Who cares? I didn't buy my PS2 to play DVD's and I sure didn't buy my PS3 to play Blu Ray. So.... who cares? Love Resistance, love it more than I could ever love Halo. I love Splinter Cell, love to play it online, 1 vs 3 hard bots online (can't do that on the 360)

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They got my money now so it doesn't matter but Sony, please start releasing some decent games soon! My 360 is still clocking up the miles whilst the PS3 remains cold!

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SonyRulzU > I honestly don't see a lot of PR stunts like that coming from MS at all. And your name tells me you have no idea what you are talking about either, because you believe everything Sony tells you. Maybe sony told you to say that? nevershort > Sony trying something new and innovative? Who's @$& you pulling that one from?

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that was pretty quick and no i dont want or care to know how fast the wii reached this.

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i command EVERYONE to start using paragraphs from now on. its annoying reading that wall of text

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CidStormwind" Ahhh, our 9 thousandth person that didn't quite look up their information... Evinco_DX I can't say I agree with you on all fronts.

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SonyRulz is saying that MS is holding us back in gaming with the DVD format being the choice for storage for games. I think that's not true, they chose the DVD drive for games because it's the more affordable format. Rather holding us back in gaming, MS is helping keeping gaming in business and when the time comes, possibly for the next Xbox console they'll make a leap toward an HD optical drive when the technology for the drives become cheaper to manufacture and thus not resulting to having a console that costs over a half a grand to play games for. The mistake Sony made with the PS3 is Blu-Ray because it drove the cost of the console way up. (and don't give me that "Oh, but the 360 with the HD DVD drive costs more than the ps3 because 360 customers don't have to buy it) Sure Blu-ray has a lot more space for games but has anyone forgot that developing a game is getting more expensive each generation of consoles? So I doubt that any developer can afford to make a game big enough to fill up a Blu-Ray disc. I believe of course because of common sense tells me so, that Sony's intention for having Blu-Ray in the PS3 isn't for bigger storage for games but rather to take over the DVD market. If Sony truly cared about the gaming industry they would have thought about the development community and made the PS3 easier to develop for and at the same time made a console powerful enough at an affordable price for gamers like MS did with the 360.

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Heri012, SonyRulzU, and all the rest of you: I am, and most of us, aren't hating on the PS3. At least I am thinking logically about this issue. Sony is saying Sony rocks. Sony is giving us numbers that says Sony rocks. Sony has been known to be very deceptive in the past. Now if you are level headed you should get this. Don't believe everything Sony says just because you like them. They have lied and deceived so many times in the last year I don't know why you would blindly trust them. Truthfully Sony is probably talking about the number of consoles sold to stores, not consumers. Why? Cuz that seems to be how Sony rolls. Wait till the official sales reports before you jump to conclusions.

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I'm not a PS3 hater, read my below comments (that is if you mean me). I do agree though.

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Every good news about PS3 haters will come and ruining PS fans excitement. That`s the nature of true fanboys especially in GS.

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Next time, paragraph your essays.

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The Sony fans are so happy to get some good news they aren't even thinking to vet the source. Sony is reporting this. The same people who like to report shipped units vs sold units. This is good Sony PR but not necessarily anything more. At least wait for the official numbers to come out before you do your victory dance. Just trying to say Sony isn't trustworthy. If MS or Nintendo reports 10 million units were sold in 2007 so far would we believe them? Of course not.

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Oh yeah, I havn't been doing my research because to be perfectly honest - I can't be bothered. Blu Ray movies havn't taken off at all (not in the UK anyway). Nor has HD-DVD, but I'm not interested in the movies, it's my bro that'd buy one. I'd just be able to use it if I wanted to.

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this is great news for Sony! and PS3 will not die

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what a lie

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I know, everyone wants to bash the people bashing the PS3. The only thing you can do is to blame Sony, and go back to playing your games. EVERYONE knows that launch games aren't the greatest example of what a system can do, everyone except Sony. The problem is, people are trying to hold them to promises we knew they wouldn't be able to keep, be it exclusive titles, launch dates, or the steady stream of quality titles. It's a great system that I plan to own one day, but I knew that nothing I had to have was coming out in the first year. Others.... well they had some of the koolaid and wonder why their stomachs hurt...... Anyways, people will continue to bash this system until they do something right, and since we know that Sony counts systems shipped as systems sold, this is just another announcement that's going to add fuel to the fire.

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Start doing research online....... Blu ray is winning the format war currenty

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Yea sold to STORES not customers. To anyone who may argue this point it is a FACT as sony has said BEFORE that they announce units sold as units SHIPPED to stores. This does not mean that 1 mill people bought just means that 1 mill has gone to store!

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I mean really... all the haters have just been bashing on brand new PS3 whose only been out for 6 months!! What do people seriously expect at launch time?? Every single Sony console starts slow and evolves over time and gets better and better... these new system updates are pretty exciting and I can only imagine what they will be like in the future... or who knows how Home will transform online gaming, its exciting!! I absolutely think its awsome that Sony is so innovative and tries things that other companies may view as to risky at this time.. I have faith in Sony.......... You guys check out those new Location Free setups that we can use with our PS3s, PSPs, ect.???

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I don't own a PS3 - or plan to unless Blu Ray kicks off, but I want Sony to still be around to inspire decent competition so that games and consoles can still improve. So yeah, in short - good on Sony.

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WOW!! Gamespot is actually posting some positive news about the PS3?!?! Its a miracle... j/k... Anywayz thats the sh*t, PS3 is just gettin started an this is proof to that... just wait til the games hit, then we'll see what all you haters have to say then... But nough of all that anywayz letz squash this dumb-a** console war...... peace P.S.- This comes as absolutely no suprise to me... PS3 is far from dead and we all will have to get used to hearing more and more positive news, so prepare yourselves for the 3rd coming of Sony!!

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finally some good news on the Sony front.But i dont really bother about PS3's success.The console is new.The games are not yet that compelling.but aas time goes,things are definitely sure set to change.Oh wait and see.

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I like how they use sales" Records" but really their using shipped records, shipping to store records This isnt at all actual sales records, its just shipped records

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"ps3 is going to fail!" what happened to that sony haters??

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Honestly, Sony :P

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I'm really surprised

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Even though I haven't been playing my PS3 much lately, I still have a substantial amount of faith in that it will do better. Since launch, Ive probably clocked in well over 500 hours worth of gameplay. And that's not including all the DVD's and BD's I watched on it. And I've never encountered a single freeze, error, or glitch. It works just as good as the day I bought it! That really tells me something about the amount of time and quality that went into the PS3. To me, SONY means quality. If you had the option to choose between a free portable Panasonic CD player or a Sony?? Which would it be? Be honest!!

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Heh, lets be honest, those 2 games that have shifted 600,000 and 500,000 units shouldn't exactly be praised too much - there's nothing else out there really worth playing. Pleasantly surprised that PS3 has shifted 1million systems in PAL regions though.

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hovan316, "To all people bashing the console, wanting Sony to dissapear into thin air, hating the PS3, thinking it will sink, thinking it sucks, thinking it;s too expensive and yet never even tried the console...All I have to say to you people is...THIS IS JUST THE BEGGINING!!! WE CONSTANTLY said that the PS3 has sole more in 6 months than the PS2, PS1 and X360 (when they were only 6 months old) but you people laughed at us...WELL, finnaly, Gamespot writes something that holds weight!!!" I agree with what you said at the top, most people who bash the PS3 know nothing about it, this kid in school said, "the 360 is better than the PS3... but I don't know anything about the PS3". Which to me is insanely idiotic, me and my friends then went on to explain all three consoles to him, what each one has good and bad, and the types of games on it and turns out he hates shooters, sports games, and racing games... so I was like... "what the hell! why did you say you like the 360". And the sad thing is a lot of fans of videogames are the same way, my own brother thought I was stupid for buying a PS3 till I bought it and he played it, and now he plays it pretty much everytime I set the controller down. My cousin has a 360 and the Wii doesn't interest me so not only is the PS3 my system of choice, there is no reason for me to buy a 360 (as I don't really like online gaming, I can just play my cousins game and occasionally go online with his 360) or a Wii (which I will probably buy for Zelda and SSBB when it's like $150 or $200). There is no 'best' console, it's all about opinion, no matter what you say it doesn't change anything, you can't PROVE that Halo, or Gears, or any other game is the best. The PS3 has a lot of good points, so does the 360, and so does the Wii, your not only lame if you don't like a console, but your stupid, your missing out on a lot.

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@randy120 yea dont think anyone will stop, ITS IMPOSIBLE, ive tried doin somethin, didnt work, wont stop nothin, just laugh at the f00ls dat bother to hate

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Wow you can tell from the writing that Gamespot was happy to finally say some good news about the PS3. As for me I really don't believe anything Sony reports any longer; they always seem to lie or skew their numbers somehow. I will wait for the official European sales figures to come out.

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good to hear

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i dont care about any of the sales data i dont care abput the price i dont care how well the wii is doing 9 i hate that i bought this crap at launch) im calling the ps3 will win this gen the first three peat in console history.