PS3 sells 1 million in PAL regions

Sony confirms that its latest sales figures show the PS3 selling faster than the original PlayStation or PS2.


After a low-key midnight launch at Virgin on London's Oxford Street, a long European launch delay, and the latest news that Nintendo's Wii is outselling Sony's PlayStation 3 5-to-1 in Japan, this week finally sees some good news for the console. The latest sales figures show that the PS3 is enjoying a healthy success in PAL regions including the UK, the rest of Europe, and Australia.

Across PAL territories the PlayStation 3 has now sold more than a cool 1 million units since its March 23 launch 10 weeks ago, as reported by trade site MCV. This makes the console a faster seller than either the original PlayStation or the PlayStation 2.

As far as first-party software goes in PAL territories, Sony also confirmed to GameSpot that Resistance: Fall of Man was the top seller so far, having shifted some 600,000 units, and MotorStorm is revving in second place with a total of approximately 500,000 sales.

The PS3 broke UK console records by selling 165,000 units in the first two days it was on sale in the UK, the second-best debut only to the handheld PlayStation Portable. It was also announced in April that the console had reached the 800,000 milestone, with CEO Howard Stringer commenting, "We came into the [European market] with more games, and perhaps we lived up to the expectations in Europe in a way that perhaps we didn't in Japan."

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Is 1 million a lot? How many wii's have sold in europe? Some info'd be nice.

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Happy to hear good news about Sony I cant wait to see what E3 will be packing for us

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+1 for Sony! I knew the PS3 has the potential. It just needs some time to develop and use the full power that the console that is capable to offer. In the future, It will definitely surpass the 360 in consoles AND in games. Nice Job Sony!

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wow i have on idea that's great

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PS3 Is an HDTV component, as well as a game machine. As more people adopt HDTV, it makes even more sense. When you want hi-def movies, multimedia, and the biggest game library (PS1, PS2, and PS3) it's a bargain. I have all 3, and even all my old games look better. And if you haven't seen a movie on blu-ray, you're missing the best your set can deliver.

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what the **** ****ing great!Sony rulez!but i dont really care about the sales...Playstation 3 is the best console in my opinion.

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Its sad when you need news like this to actually defend your console on gamespot. Grats for Sony obtaining these sales figures, however it doesn't change much for the users actually enjoying their respective console of choice right now. As of those of you quoting to wait 2years for its full potential... sigh... I guess this is the reason most of you are in here. All consoles are dominating in some of the markets segments and many of them have made promises on expanding those. Those of you who are already enjoying their console/ PC and games, I salute you for being true gamers. Those of you ranting and chanting on how great your console is going to own everyone next year... maybe you should just drop gaming altogether and join the gamespot forum mod staff.

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"no thanks. i'll play, you wait. forza 2 rocks." While I'm not here to dis other consoles or other games, I'm not waiting with my PS3 either. The games worth owning, the games worth renting, downloadable content that's not too pricey but packs in some fun gamplay, some of the best looking movies on the market...I honestly do not have enough free time in my day to run out of fun things to do with my PS3...but that's just me. I play a ton of PS3, PS2, and a bit of 360, while my wii sits off for weeks on end. But then again, maybe Sony is hitting the market just right with this thing. If you have the money to buy the system, then you probably have a job, which means you don't have time to sit at home 24 hours a day and play entirely too many video games. I guess the rich kids whose parents bought it from them are out of luck...because that's the only way I can see the PS3 not having enough stuff to do right now...unless of course you're just being ignorant for the sake of complaining on a message board.

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Yeah way too many people cry about the price..... Its worth every penny... you can tell its a well built and solid gaming machine and doesn't look cheaply made at all.. to top it off it just going to evolve and get better and better as far as its capabilities are concerned, just as all the previous PS's did before it......... I'm EXCITED and can't wait to see what they have in store for us!! The PS3 is in the exact same cycle as all its previous consoles: A slow march turns into full-blown domination!! give it a year or 2, for those that can't wait, don't! I can and will cuz i know its all good!!

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Alot of people says that they will buy a PS3 when the games comes out or when the price drops arrives.. So PS3 will do fine and soon all the old/new great franchises will come, and then people will have alot of different genres to choose from and thats why Sony is best imo :D

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@finaleve nevershort > Sony trying something new and innovative? Who's @$& you pulling that one from? -How could you say this even if you hate PS3 with a passion that the console isn't trying features thta are new or innovative?? I have never seen anything close to what Sony is attempting to do this generation... AND IT IS JUST GETTING STARTED, its gonna get way crazier you just watch, I already know......

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lol every article turns into a arguements of which console is better. I've always said that the best console is the one that satisfies your needs and expectations regardless of sales. But again sales help that console you like get better games so i guess you can somewhat argue.

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"you just wait". no thanks. i'll play, you wait. forza 2 rocks.

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PS3 will get its feet here in North America too. Europeans are however so much more sony inclined and its good to see PS3 get a nice boots. But given another 6 months or so PS3 life is coming to its 2nd coming in US as the games start coming out. hopefuly there will also be a little price drop, which wouldn't hurt em for sure!

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yeah gamespot has warned me for my last message, so I'll try not to bash MS, but come on. Every one has to agree with me that the 360 is holding us back, Rockstar agrees, and I bet that most of the game designers out there will agree, when you design games for multi consoles you design games for the weakest link. We will see PS3 exclusives blow away anything on the 360(I CAN't WAIT). as far as questioning SONY saying they're doing something new and innovative lets review what they did; put all you need in one console. That right there is new and innovative. I have yet to see any other company do that for their fans. As the name says I am a sony fan, and I realize that some people are slow and eventualy they'll come around. Until that time comes I'll say this "I told you so"! Join the Playstation Nation

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I dont want to be a fanboy but the xbox has sold over 10 mil consoles and a admire that but there has been alot of faulty ones and errors whith disk scratching. Anyway forget the complaining and lets just enjoy to what we are offered.

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I've said it a million times before, the PS3 will dominate in Europe.

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Its about time the ps3 gets some sales under its belt. We just need to see some better games out and more selection and the sales will go through the roof.

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cheap Canadian and American people who can't buy one ps3!

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That's good news for Sony, as they don't sell systems in the U.K. as fast as they do here in the states. Sony sold about 700,000 PS3 in the month of March during the launch week. So they sold about 150,000 for April & May, which isn't bad for the European market. Sony still has a big hill to climb because both the Wii and 360 is still outselling them overall each month. << LINK REMOVED >>

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why do the xbox 360 fan boys come here a mock the PS3? Can't you guys just admit it broke "UK" console records. Just admit it 360 fan boys, Halo 3 wasn't as expected so stop blaming on the PS3 how crap it looks

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daveg1, didnt you the article it said that it outsold the ps1 ans ps2 in the same 10 weeks period and you think thats not a good number, well look at the ps2 with more 40 million units sold wolrdwide, well to them and to the media seens like a great number

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o9n put it this way there are 3 360s to ever ps3 but seen as though the 360 has been out a whole year and the ps3 10 weeks, i think it's dominating

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People care sooo much about what is doing well and what is not. People care so much about defending THEIR system because they are afraid to see their money has gone to a failed system. Well NONE are failures and will not ever be! They all offer exactly what we all want! GAMES and games will continue to come for at least the next few years. Stop defending the Wii, the PS3, and the 360! Grow up and enjoy what you have. It gets too ridiculous that most of everyone's opinion is "oh we are outselling that or still the Wii is doing better!" Who cares!!!??? There are multiple reasons why people pick a product! Maybe it is what it offers it, not just because of the "brand" since the Wii offers a completely different experience! They are all good! Realize it!

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that isnt a good number when you factor in how many regions are pal..

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I hate the fact that the people they treated the worst bought the most amount of them, that is sooo annoying

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I want a PS3, but it is still far too expensive. And I am still annoyed over the way us in the Europe are being treated by Sony. I feel really annoyed at the way that it does not play PS2 games, while in America and Japan it does. they say they got rid of regional lockout to prevent discrimination with gamers. And yet this is an obvious version of it. this is why i have not got a PS3

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just a shame sony treated PAL users as second class citizens and made em wait and when they finally did release the thing it was at an inflated price hehehe i dont have one but resistance fall of man DOES look good heres hoping there will be a price cut soon

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Godhatch: Dominating? Hardly.... there are 3 360s for every PS3...

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well thts some good news at last for sony! But im still betting on my wii...

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whizzedOUTwoz your a dying breed of xbox fans, i think everyone knew the time would come when ps3 totally dominated the 360 and it only took 10 weeks. ownage? i think so

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how is it selling very poorly when it beat the PS2's sale's at that time? lol....

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whizzedOUTwoz : if it had no games it wouldnt be a games console, now would it. :D

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resistance fall of man is good enuf reason to buy a ps3, ps3 could look like a giraffe on stilts and i'd still buy it, and when did people become traitors to the sony brand, i bet all of you owned a ps and ps2, and ps2 had a bit of a rocky start, so just lighten up and stop nit picking lol

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So if it sold 165k units in the UK in 2 days, and its only managed to shift an extra 845k units in 10 weeks of all PAL regions, I would come to the conclusion that it's selling very poorly. So maybe the 165k units sold in 2 days was BS, its all about the games anyway not what the system offers, and the PS3 has NOOOO games.

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I don't really care for how Sony does, but maybe they will take this as a wake up call, and see that there is a good demand in the PAL regions. If they were smart they'd do a slight market shift to get more product to that region and cut that "in yo face" avertising crap they've been doing...

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azureliveson I think you have a but to much time on your hands unless you copied and pasted it from somewhere else

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and yet sony still treats europe and australia like crap....

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Ugh, I wish Sony would hurry up with new games. My PS3 has been serving as a glorified PS2 lately.

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It's funny watching the die hard Sony fans drowning in their belief that things will get better, like people on the Titanic expecting a helicopter to come roaring by. "They just need the games" and "it's the most advanced system ever" are rookie excuses, not reasons. Especially from a company that has been around the block. This crap may have worked when the PS2 only had the Dreamcast to milk around with, but when one console has been out for a year prior and another is generating more buzz, bitterness and empty promises drenched over lost franchises and lukewarm exclusives (suck it up and deny it all you want, kids, Resistance and Motorstorm are not worth $600 to anyone except duped parents) are not going to win an arms race. The irony is, according to Microsoft and Nintendo, there IS NO arms race. Both Gates and Moore have publicly stated that their only viewed rival is the Wii in the next-gen wars, and Nintendo simply just doesn't give a damn what anyone does so long as they can keep making games and make people happy. The only one throwing out sales figures to warm their dying fanbase and screaming for a fight is Sony (the 6-1 Wii outselling PS3 figures were released by an independant source, not Nintendo). And their true fanbase is no different. Sure, MS and Nintendo fans will poke their jabs at the PS3 being... well... the PS3 (kinda hard not to). But to find a sophisticated die-hard Sonyite is like finding a needle in a haystack. Most will throw out the same contrived dribble Sony has spoonfed down their throat to assure them that they didn't make a mistake ("Trust in Blu-Ray, it'll get better we promise! Just look at UMD!") while instantly going after the Xbox 360 (GeekBox 360 wins the Still-Lives-With-Parents Originality Award, IMHO) and the Nintendo Wii ("Hehe, it sounds like wee. Like a penis And honestly, it gets extremely old. Will the PS3 get games? Yes, eventually. Granted 90% of them will be multiplatform, but the library will grow. But to say that the console is doing absolutely fantastic right now and citing little incidents in isolated backwoods towns ("My brother's cousin's sister's mama's baby nephew saw Best Buy sell a PS3 so it's still hawt. Lawlz!") is just depressing and demeaning to human intelligence. "One million units sold in PAL regions" is a good accomplishment, but not Sony good. Particularly if they actually want this to be a competition and not a "runner up race". For what it's worth, it's not that I hate Sony. Their practices are shifty, their figures are far from accurate (100 million PS2's sold, not accounting the 78% returned to their corporation for 'defective manufacturing'), and if they could enslave the human race I'm fairly sure they'd hop on board. And yes, I'm sure I'll own a PS3 someday if Sony can actually put their money where it counts and stop SOME franchises from leaving their system (*knocks on wood*). I'm just tired of listening to the uneducated who try to force Sonynomics on those of us who've been around the block and seen how they function (see: the first year of the PS2's existence, from horrific launch to starving gamers). Oh, and to the kid in the fourth row, yes I've played a PS3 on High Def. Yes, it had problems (God of War II looking like a PSone game? Come on, Sony) including being able to fry an omelet on the console (friend has two different intercooling units running on that monolithic beast). And no, it looks just like my 360 does on High Def. So please stop before you get ahead of yourself. Besides, I buy consoles for video games. Not for how many pixels it can show on Tom Cruise's nose compared to Christian Bale's nose in HD-DVD. That's not being a gamer. That's just... being really really sad.

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wats weird is that the ps3 has sold 1million in almost 4 months of being on sale her in PAL but the will which has been out for 8 months in PAL regions has sold 2.20 million hmnmmm so therefore the wii is also faster than the ps2 (1.1milllion in the same time period and wii's are impossible to find and once production increases sales will rise dramaticly)

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blu-rays outselling HDDVD 3-1

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I've read on one of these boards someone describing this thing as looking like a "grill" I always thought the PS3 design looked kinda weird to say the least, but I really couldn't thing of a word to describe it. A grill sounds about right. And by the way, I am not a fanboy of Microsoft or NIntendo and I don't have anything against Sony, except that the company's been making some serious and obvious errors. UMD movies for the PSP, betting on Blue Ray over HD DVD another bad idea, PS3 design and who can forget the boomerang controller. I remember how the orignal Xbox was being dissed in Japan for looking to bulky, but even that looks better than the PS3.

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It's good to see Sony getting some good news for a change. Also it is as TheUnionFrag pointed out, good PS3 games are only on the horizon. Hopefully this will help the poor worldwide sales figures. I want to see my two fav companies on top. Go Nintendo and Sony. Go to hell GeekBox 360.

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Now, this is PS3. I have always said that PS3 is one of the most powerfull computers ever created. The only problem is, lack of games, high price and that people cannot understand the high technology. And now the PS3 will rcok and will sell much more than this.

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No surprise, PAL regions are Sonyland.

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Okay first off, when people talk to me I'm going to talk back, so that is way I am once again posting. No-Go-Zone, I know that they are sales figures, and I know they may not be 100% even if Sony is an honest company. But from paying attention to my posts I'm not saying that they aren't precise figures, I'm saying it's Sony. These are the same guys who report shipped figures as if they were sold figures. No where in the article does it say these are accurate counts. The article just says that Sony is reporting this. I can't really make this any clearer. Sony has a motive to skew their figures, which they HAVE done in the past. I'm only saying it's very possible that Sony is doing it again.

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Just because you first dont succeed dosent mean you are going to fail...

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"The latest sales figures..." well that says it all the figures may not be precise but even so in a few days it will... Oh and this is an answer to -Squirrel- thats just some proof.

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good on them and i am one of the people who bought one in the pal countries.