PS3 sells 1 million in PAL regions

Sony confirms that its latest sales figures show the PS3 selling faster than the original PlayStation or PS2.


After a low-key midnight launch at Virgin on London's Oxford Street, a long European launch delay, and the latest news that Nintendo's Wii is outselling Sony's PlayStation 3 5-to-1 in Japan, this week finally sees some good news for the console. The latest sales figures show that the PS3 is enjoying a healthy success in PAL regions including the UK, the rest of Europe, and Australia.

Across PAL territories the PlayStation 3 has now sold more than a cool 1 million units since its March 23 launch 10 weeks ago, as reported by trade site MCV. This makes the console a faster seller than either the original PlayStation or the PlayStation 2.

As far as first-party software goes in PAL territories, Sony also confirmed to GameSpot that Resistance: Fall of Man was the top seller so far, having shifted some 600,000 units, and MotorStorm is revving in second place with a total of approximately 500,000 sales.

The PS3 broke UK console records by selling 165,000 units in the first two days it was on sale in the UK, the second-best debut only to the handheld PlayStation Portable. It was also announced in April that the console had reached the 800,000 milestone, with CEO Howard Stringer commenting, "We came into the [European market] with more games, and perhaps we lived up to the expectations in Europe in a way that perhaps we didn't in Japan."

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this is good for sony because i am a sony fan and that is good that they sold 1 million ps3 i hope they sell more.

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"master2 My brother his 30 years old and as a 60" widescreen and he bought a WII. I know it'S sound weird for a 30 year old to buy a WII, but that's what he wanted." How is this even remotely odd? Hell, I know more late 20's people buying Wiis than any other age group. Every person I've ever seen buy a PS3 has been under 23, and I worked at a gaming store. That should tell you something about the real maturity level of your "adult" system.

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mohammed888, this link was posted a bit ago, has the charts you desire... << LINK REMOVED >>

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so this is there milestone

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-Yeah, but the hype is dead in the US and the units are stacked as high as the clerks head at every EB games I have been to.

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good for u sony.

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This is good news.

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I always said that I thought the PS3 would be successful in Europe. Perhaps if they'd delayed their launch in the US until they were ready, they would have done better over here as well. Still, this gives them a chance for a comeback. If the system continues to sell well in one region than developers will continue to make games for it, which may allow a turnaround in other parts of the world in the future.

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Some people don't have a sense of humor (why the hell is this site using an American dictionary?) The PS3 is a powerful games machine, but at the moment the games on it are not up to much, Resistance looks good, but the controls are rubbish, only just better than Perfect Dark Controls, Oblivion is an old game and the other are not up to scratch. I play Flow the most and thats not for long. Lets hope the PS3 gets some good games that are not available on the 360 and I don't mean AC, I hate stealth games, so thats MGS4 out as well. At the moment have Mario Galaxy, MP3, Paper Mario, RE4, Manhunt 2 and RE:UC on pre order for the Wii, GTA4, Bioshock, RE5, Mass Effect, Halo 3 and DMC on pre order for the 360, Still waiting to order something on the PS3, Was even considering spending £20 on an old film just so that it gets used.

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Redsyrup wrote "I hope the UK can keep SONY afloat." Yes.... Because Sony is in danger. Oh please, let the UK sales save them. OMG! If Sony's entire game section had to be written off, Sony would still be OK. They bring in revenues between 60 and 70 billion. Billion! Now I know some of you posters are a little challenged when it comes to math, not all, but some. Don't lose any sleep for Sony. They'll still be around after you're all in the cold, hard ground. And I bet people will still be playing Tetris. Except with their MINDS!

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The facts have been spinned to seem significant! Beat the PS2 you say? WOW! The PS2 had shortages til X-Mas 2001!

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Yes Sony reached 1mill in PAL regions but what about the competion, I would like to see comparison charts gamespot..

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Now will the european studios/publishers start producing more games for the ps3; ubisoft, edios, etc. this is your territory, back it up. I know that the gaming industry is mostly global now.

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@PSN store commenters... ...Yeah...I think every country deserves MUCH more love for the PSN... It's almost like they're trying us on purpose...

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great news

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@NagasH_Malkavia Well, maybe now they can send some love to European users, for example, adding more items (demos) to the PSN. I agree with you their we need more stuff

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Can't go wrong with a SONY product. I got a PS2 and PSP. Very satisfied! I,m getting a PS3 as soon as my budget permits me. I don'T have as much time to play as i used to, when i was a teenager, so i don'T need 3 consoles. So that's why a need to be sort of a fanboy. My brother his 30 years old and as a 60" widescreen and he bought a WII. I know it'S sound weird for a 30 year old to buy a WII, but that's what he wanted. His friend got a 360. He's got two kids and he's a big baby himself LOL and his budget is probably more strict then mine since he'S got 2 kids. Know what i mean. ALL THIS TO SAY...SHUT UP...GET THE CONSOLE YOU WANT... I KNOW I'LL BE HAPPY WITH PS3

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sony will rule the video game industry., and of course ...with a system like the ps3´ll take over the world.

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What . . . .people actually paying money for a ps3 no way.It cost to much,it dosen`t have any games,x- box live is better,have you played Gears yet?Or maybe just maybe people can see that MS dosen`t have a plan past Halo 3.Maybe just maybe HOME isn`t a bad idea.Or maybe they heard about Sony putting rumble back.Maybe they saw the weaker 360 elite for 500 bucks and said hell for that money might as well get the stronger ps3.Or maybe they found out that sony can tell you about games that wont come out till 09 and MS has nothing but more gta 4 pics.I could be wrong,. . .but have you played Gears yet,or wait till Halo 3 comes out or Mass effect or Fable 2,. . . and then what will you play MS fanboys.Cause I`ll be playing Socom 4, Motor Storm 2,God of war 3,GT.The 360 been out for over a year and half of you are still playin Halo 2,you could have saved yourself 400 bucks if all you were going to do was play the same old games.

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Outselling the PS2 is a tainted accomplishment, as the PS2 had a severe Sony-created shortage designed to keep demand high. Sony is not having any trouble meeting demand with the PS3, especially in Japan and the USA. Personally, I find the fact that neither of the top two games has sold at anything close to a 1-to-1 rate with the number of consoles purchased.

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@GohanSSJZ You'd be surprised at how fast electronics drop in cost, they've already been able to drop the price of their stand alone bluray player in half. Another thing worth noting is that the PS2's Emotion Engine was exclusively made for the PS2, the PS3's Cell processor is made by IBM and used in many other products which means its cost will go down much faster than the PS2's totaly proprietary processor.

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puppiemaster: the spelling on this site is terrible, not to mention the diction. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ROFLMAO !!!

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A sentence normally starts with a capital letter by the way puppiemaster. As I said already lets see how the next million sells. If people feel that Europe is Sonyland, I would say think again. The Xbox 360 came out quite a while and is selling well, also the Wii as well which doesn't need an HDTV in order to see games at their best. Sony would make a killing if they dropped the price but with so much R and D costs put into that machine, any hope of a price cut is just wishful thinking.

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I bought a PS3 at launch, i got Resistance, Motorstorm and Genji. i then went on to buy Oblivion, SM3, POTC and NHL2K7, on top of that i got two free Blu-ray movies when i bought and registered it and ppl are trying to say theres nothing worth buying a PS3 for atm? i attend college and when i have free time i struggle to fit in all of the amazing stuff i can do with my PS3, whether it be games, movies, browsing the net or shopping on the PSN (just bought Mortal Kombat II!) lets just wait until the major franchises arrive such as MGS, DMC and FF, history is repeating itself and the PS3 is going to win. Well done Sony for hitting the 1 million mark, Keep it up!

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the spelling on this site is terrible, not to mention the diction.

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Well, maybe now they can send some love to European users, for example, adding more items (demos) to the PSN.

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Not a real surprise, the PS2 was very expensive aswell when it came out, so the price of the PS3 actually isn't a reason why it would sell less. Ofcourse consoles were always left behind the PC, and for the first time consoles (X360 and the PS3) are on the same level as the PC, thanks to some powerful hardware and HDTV's But just because it sold better now then the PS2 did, doesn't mean they will match the sales, the PS2 was cheap to make after a few years and Sony was able to lower the price a lot without having any losses, with the PS3 that will be difficult, and it might take years before Sony can do a reasonable price-drop, and even then it's probably still to expensive for most families to buy.

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Of course Resistance going to be the top seller since thats the only "good" Sci-Fi FPS thats out.

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PS3 is not like ps1 and ps2 anymore, no matter how fast it sells...or even better result than 1 and 2... it will never sells better than Wii. Nintendo is back in business.

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i wonder what the total sales are at now then.

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Great, but i'm wondering how its selling when compared to the competition.

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@khoofia_pika " I have always said that PS3 is one of the most powerfull computers ever created." The PS3 will never reach the lvl of power in desktop computers. Especially with Crysis running in directx 10 and a dedicated 512mb video card.

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And the bashing seemed to come to a 100% stop on this topic. That's news in itself.

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Redsyrup: I wonder why someone gave you a thumbs down... I take it because a fanboy waltzed in a PS3 only related topic for some dumb reason perhaps?;)

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rey06: Lol...true.

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I hope the UK can keep SONY afloat.

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Pete5506: Your presence here is nothing to the PS3 only topic... And to say it more of my way: This is selling. Enough said. You pestimistic person...

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Dogswithguns wrote: That's bcuz PS3 will have better games in the future. and it is a better built system....... You and I know it. Do you really see a better system than PS3? - no, not really! -like these kinds of arguments also gets lots of thumbs up by random people, especially sony fanboys.

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That's bcuz PS3 will have better games in the future. and it is a better built system....... You and I know it. Do you really see a better system than PS3? - no, not really!

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Jestarius: Wonderful watch as you (And now me.) get rated down by random people... ...I gave you a thumbs up.:)

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ok sony that is nothing to the wii or the 360

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yes rey06, the wii is still outselling the ps3 2 to 1 in europe. And I like how a poster who placed completely neutral information, something that anybody can look at without fanboy prejudices (this would be blackace) gets a bunch of thumbs down, while people who post "sony rulez" with nothing else get +7 or higher....amazing.

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@ avidgamer444 but doesnt the wii and xbox360 support HD as well.....

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uh??? ok??? *looks at wii sales*

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AvidGaMer444: Yes... Yes you have said this several times in every "PS3 sells this much in..." It's either you, or someone else really sounding like you... Outselling the PS2? Face it then, that's a sign, considering everything the PS3 has underwent. Now, can we say "Price drop" and watch the hate drop drastically. *Pending for the day that a small group of GS members are still bashing the PS3 on PS3 related topics, esp. if it says "Finally outsells teh 360"*:P

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I've said this b4, and I'll say it again...Europe is "Sonyland". This news isn't surprising. Sony haters kept saying PS3 wasn't selling well anywhere. Apparently, it is in Europe. But the real question is why? I've heard that High Definition penetration in Europe is higher than anywhere else. Could that be a factor for people buying PS3? If that is indeed one of the main reasons, then by the time HD penetration is really high in the U.S., people might flock to PS3. I hope not and don't want Sony to win for the 3rd straight time.

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A lot of the Sony faithful who had the cash went out to buy it, fair enough but in order to sell more I can still see the price tag being a factor. Let's see how the next million goes. I guess the recent UK Sony news linked with Resistance fall of man won't do Sony any favors/favours.

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I am really glad that sony's doan well (means i wasn't so crazy to buy a ps3 on launch, and that they won't go belly up before they get it to be compatable with ffVIII) and kick that wii's arse... [shudder] wii....

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PS3 sold 1 million in 3 months in EU, and the Wii roughly 2 million in 7 months in EU. So its pretty impressive for sony if u also take into consideration that the PS3 costs around 3 times the price of a Wii.