PS3 sales near 17M as Sony profits sink

Electronics and financial services drag down Japanese company; game losses narrow as PS3 outpaces 360 in July-Sept.


Sony wasn't joking when it said last week that it was in for a grim fiscal year 2008. As a portent of things to come, the Japanese electronics company revised its profits projections downward an additional 39 percent for the year, which runs April 1, 2008 to March 31, 2009, in all putting them off a full 59 percent from last year's performance.

Keeping in line with those expectations, Sony said today that net profits for the July-September quarter slid 72 percent, falling to ¥20.8 billion ($213 million) from ¥73.7 billion ($755 million) a year ago. Total revenue stood at ¥2.07 trillion ($21.3 billion), off half a percentage point from last year. Operating income skidded 90 percent year over year, falling to ¥11 billion ($113 million) from ¥111.6 billion ($1.14 billion).

Sony's bread-and-butter electronics segment, which accounts for the bulk of the company's revenues, saw a .6 percent decline in sales for the reporting period, dipping to ¥1.7 trillion ($17.4 billion). The decline comes despite stronger sales of the Bravia LCD TVs and Vaio PCs. As the company noted last week, the yen's strengthen in the global market as well as tighter profit margins due to increased competition contributed to the company's lackluster performance in this area.

Gamers will be pleased to know that Sony's games segment actually saw some gains during the period. For the quarter, Sony's games arm generated ¥269 billion ($2.76 billion), a 10 percent increase year over year. Naturally, the publisher attributed its performance to rising sales of the PlayStation 3 and PSP, with the former shifting 2.43 million units and the latter moving 3.18 million systems. PlayStation 2 sales continued to dwindle during the quarter, falling to 2.5 million units.

Of note, PS3 sales stood 200,000 units higher than those of the Xbox 360 over the same stretch. Last week, Microsoft said that the Xbox 360 sold 2.2 million units during the comparable period of time, which was a 20 percent increase year over year. To date, the PlayStation 3's global lifetime sales stand at 16.85 million units.

Though the game's unit saw increased revenue for the quarter, it remained in the red. Sony's games arm posted a ¥39.5 billion ($405 million) operating loss for the July-September period, an improvement over the ¥96.7 billion ($991 million) deficit it posted for the same period last year. Sony noted that this tightening of losses was due to a decrease in production costs on the PS3, an increase in software sales for its flagship console, and strong hardware sales of the PSP.

Not unsurprising considering the global economic crisis, Sony's financial services segment took a significant hit during the quarter, seeing an operating loss of ¥25 billion ($256 million) and falling revenues of ¥100 billion ($1.02 billion). Conversely, the movie business performed quite well--with sales increasing 3.4 percent to ¥196 billion ($2.00 billion)--on the strength of Hancock, Step Brothers, and Pineapple Express.

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I'm sick of console wars too. We have PS3, 360, and Wii at our house. I'm not a huge Wii fan outside of all the Mario titles, but I've played great games on all systems, crap games on all systems, and buggy games on all systems. A good game is a good game. I have PS3 and 360 so I don't miss out on any good games. Also, there are things I like that are unique to each system and vice versa. I won't say which system is my favorite...*cough*...PS3 but who cares anyway. I think everyone should play Halo 3, MGS4, Mass Effect, Resistance 1 & 2, Lost Odyssey, Fable 2, Little Big Planet, Killzone 2(soon), Valkyria Chronicles, and Left 4 Dead to name a few that are exclusive to one console or another. The kick is you need both consoles to pull this off. That's only my opinion though. Do what makes you happy.

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PS3 is doing well, now when the hell will Gran Turismo come out?, I want to see console sales jump 200%!!.

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Firstly, I'm sick of console wars, really. Whatever system you like or adore, just keep quiet, stop telling others that their systems suck, and play your damn games and have fun, I don't think the companies released these consoles to fight over, but to play. Dang, man. Anyways, On to my point. The year is ending soon, and PS3 seems to have a good way on finishing off this year, especially with HOME coming out, that would attract alot of attention, and yes, Gears of War 2 and the other games for the 360 are out as well, but it seems PS3 has got more than the 360, in my opinion. Plus, Sony has spent money on many projects. MAG[Massive Action Game], with 256 players online is coming soon, HOME, like I mentioned is about to be officially released, Trophies are now going to be mandatory after Jan 1st, 2009. It looks like PS3 is the victor, for now.

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@nintendokid Uh, no I haven't. You said that Sony didn't wait for its competitors to launch their hardware. It was Sega who didn't wait for Sony. You also said "strike first, strike hard", and I said that history suggests the opposite. Sony has been a trailing competitor ever since it entered the video game industry, with every single console it has ever released. What I'm saying is not that it doesn't matter who is first out of the gate... I'm saying that it DOES matter. Master System, TurboGraphX-16, 3DO, Saturn, Dreamcast, all these consoles show the detriment of being first.

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@rarson Thank you. You have even proved my point further than I intended.

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Sony continues to amaze me, they built a great system with each one of the consoles and the PS3 continues the tradition. I have bought more games brand new for the PS3 in 1 year than I ever did for the PS1 or PS2 combined.

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@rarson Well said.

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"Sony sure as heck didn't wait with PS1 and PS2 - strike first, strike hard, strike fast when your opponent is not ready." Uh, the Dreamcast was the first console of that generation, not the PS2. It also had a MUCH better selection of launch titles, lower price, etc. If anything, with the PSX, PS2, and PS3, Sony has shown that not only is being first usually a bad thing, but that the quality of the launch doesn't mean much.

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@world69star69 << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Well chowderhead I can tell you graduated from the clown collage your accusations are totally laughable. Let me get everyone of your pet-peeves so I can knock them down 1-by-1. First off I'm no Xbot I am not a robot with an X on it. I believe anyone who uses this word to be a silly child. I'm not denying that MS rushed out the 360 for a possible advantage in the console race nor am I going to say I'm absolutely positive they released early for that reason. I am un-certain if this was the case. What I am skeptical of is whether or not Sony delayed the PS3's release for hardware reasons. I do not recall stating I was 100 percent certain they did. From the information I gather Sony had to hold back the PS3's launch because they had to find a way to to keep the cell processor from over heating. "I was under the impression that the PS3 and 360 were supposed to come out around the same time. The reason why they did not release simultaneously was because Sony pushed back the launch of the PS3 which gave 360 the early advantage." By word of mouth I was led to believe that SONY chose to push back the release of it's PS3 unit. No matter what the reasoning it was their call am I right? Heard it had an earlier release of 2005 before they encountered the cell problem. Now, I cannot say for sure and I haven't displayed certainty of it to begin with. I simply believed my friends and the news sources I've read at the time. In anycase that "could have" been the case. Moving on... Those PC titles you're referring to are still on a Microsoft platform; Microsoft is simply porting games to it's own system, what is this original bull crap you speak of and why should I care? Whatever argument you try to make in terms of everything else I can care less for but in terms of software line-up I believe there are original games in Xbox 360's repertoire. I'm more into the gaming aspect of things right now, in comparison what has Sony done in to earn originality points? Very little...unless you have a convincing argument for me Sony isn't much different from Microsoft. I believe Nintendo is the only pure one here. You talk about stealing ideas this is a business practice Sony specializes in. The whole sixaxis controller is a blatant rip-off of the Wii's nunchaku controller. How about another? Sony has copied Xbox 360's Achievement system. Trophies are such a poor compensation for not having Achievements. It doesn't even reward players with gamerscore to show how experienced they are instead it gives you a super meter. Then you win these virtual hunks of scrap. They don't even work in all games which is unacceptable. BTW this is another original concept Microsoft has come up with, the Achievement system. "RROD! 30% failure ratings, and this is with no built in features, most things are propritary accesories you have to buy separately for more cash." Actually I believe that is now a 10% failure rate thanks to the falcon model 360. In response to the hardware matter Microsoft will repair your console FREE and even include a month free of XBL gold, for that week and a half you missed gaming (that's how long mines took). My belief is this is a weak argument you bring. I can see if Microsoft didn't do anything about it after a while of acknowledging but they took responsibility and that's all the consumer can ask for. Unlike few buddies I know who's Playstation 3 encountered the "Yellow Light of Death" (YLoD). Here are some videos of the dreaded yellow light: << LINK REMOVED >>+yellow+light+of+death&search_type=&aq=0&oq=ps3+yellow+light Sony wants 175 bucks to fix a PS3 system if it was manufactured at an early date, 145 if you have insurance. That's alot of dow to pay even if the PS3's failure rate is a bit lower factoring in whatever the amount you had to pay for the system 600-400 the additional 145+ charge is overkill! These proprietary figures you speak of are "optional" you aren't forced to buy any additional add-on for the 360 which I think is a problem the PS3 has. The PS3 forces you to buy the additional USB port, HDMI, hard drive, where as the 360 you can choose not to have these things which makes for a much cheaper platform. 200 dollars cheaper than it's competition. Some people are fine with a stripped down 360 I know a few friends that own just the 200 dollar system and have an XBL silver account they are content with. I'm like rubber and your glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you like a Caulobacter crescentus adhesive, particularly with this negative state of thinking you perceive. I find harmony with sensible individuals who share my view on this subject matter almost everyday which is alot more people than jokers such as yourself who do not exercise the majority publics stable train of thought. The reality is despite your bogus claims 360 offers a greater gaming experience than PS3, if you do not share this view then your logic is inconsistency. Those so-called "excuses" you rag on have been mostly resolved (RRoD) and justified (XBOX Live). PSN is at best sub-par it gives you online gaming but with too many flaws. Games loosing connectivity too often, no universal private chat, downloads take way too long, laggy games. PSN is not yet where I want it to be. Now XBL on the other hand... Has a unified online structure which means all games on XBL, unless they are being run on a 3rd party circuit like the EA games, XBL will always allow you to play your games online, no matter how old the game is. XBL has the video marketplace which offers movies, clips, and TV shows. Of all the features so far I'd say my absolute favorite is Xbox Live Arcade which offers a ton of cool games. You know you sit up there and you bash people who support Xbox 360 one of the most popular gaming consoles out there, if it's something the people love then let them be the fact that you criticize them for enjoying a system they love is just sad. If so many people like the 360 then there must be more to it than meets the eye, something you have been missing out on do to your biased reasoning. You should be thanking them if not for Microsoft constantly putting Sony in their place then PS3 wouldn't have any real competition and they wouldn't be forced to add/improve on features, more competition means better games for all. I believe in the fanboy wars there should be a sort of mutual respect between the two parties, after all it's thanks to these two companies contributing to the gaming industry is one of the reasons why it's so big today.

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cos they spend so much on stuff like OLEDs. Sony has to spend tons of money on research and development to be on top of there game on the likes of Toshiba, Samsung etc as an electronic company. Then they need to beat pictures like warner brothers and then they got to try and beat the likes of microsoft who has unlimited money at there disposal. Not an easy task

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Sad news for sony, coz they arent actually doing that bad but they r losing money.

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@world69star69 The PS2 came out a year before GameCube and XBOX. DS came out before PSP. What's your point? Should companies have to wait for other companies even if their product is ready to go? Sony sure as heck didn't wait with PS1 and PS2 - strike first, strike hard, strike fast when your opponent is not ready. Reggie Fils-Aime said it best in regards to Sony trying to justify high DS sales as a result of simply being released early: "That's Sony's issue, not my problem." Obviously, you do not keep up with the 360. If you did, you would know that 360 launch lineup was more than Call of Duty 2. Did you forget that little, or shall we say freaking huge game, Elder Scrolls 4? Or how about Perfect Dark Zero, Kameo, Project Gotham Racing 3, and Condemned, all averaging 80% ratings? Let's look at the PS3 launch lineup: Resistance and Call of Duty 3 was good. Tony Hawk 8 was ok. Genji, and Mobile Suit Gundam, not so great. Do you see where I'm going with this? PS3 launch wasn't that great either and both had their share of good and horrible launch games. What operating system is the whole world using on their PC? What was the first console in history to successfully implement online gaming with commercial success (hint: not Dreamcast)? What was the first console in history to implement built-in hard-drive which the PS2 later utilized and the PS3 now utilizes? What was the first console that allowed streaming media from PC? What game franchise singlehandedly showed the world that video games can in fact rival Hollywood opening weekend gross (hint: it made $170,000,000 overnight, more than Spider-Man 3, Pirates of Carribean, and Dark Knight, and it's not on the PS3)? I am challenging you to prove me wrong. I want you to prove me wrong. Try your best because it will be very hard.

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to TheArcade, get your facts straight, I never heard more xbot fanboy talk in my life! The 360 came out a year earlier because they knew if they came out when ps3 did they would loose. So what did they do, they rushed the console and brought it out a year earlier. The 360 launch titles, were complete crap(cod2 withstanding) they just took pc games and ported them over, nothing original at all. Hell when has ms done anything original in its 20+year lifespan besides steal ideas and bribe? So the 360 got its year head start at what cost? Sure they had a year to themselves with no let them take 2nd place in total sales, but its a skewed number if you factor in time the consoles have been in the market. The biggest problem with 360 rushing a year to market is the shoddy design, and faulty hardware. RROD! 30% failure ratings, and this is with no built in features, most things are propritary accesories you have to buy seperately for more cash. People have had to send in their consoles 3, 4, even 5 times. Time with no console is time with no game playing and that just sucks! The situation hasn't improved. EVen the new chipset is having problems(check out the tgs rrod kiosks) Then there is the class action lawsuit vs ms from the state of California, because of rrod. ALl Ms does is outspend its competition, that is how they won so many lawsuits in the pc world in the 90's! Anti-trust settlements, where ms had more money they would could stay in court and pay teams of lawyers while smaller companies ran out of money and couldn't afford to stay in court so they settle.(its a messed up judicial system we have here where the person with the most money usually wins...) Why do you think they came out in 2005 while Nintendo and sony came out a year later? It was MS who rushed out to market and this is a known fact. Cognitive dissonance for xbox owners is amazing. They rationalize to themselves the rrod problem by making up excuses for ms, and rationalize having to pay for online play when its been free for years from every other console. Sorry to rant, but people supporting ms and their bad for the industry business tactics makes me sick..

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yunarce19 Did you even read the article? Ps3 has been selling more every month over 360-- I'll point it out to you-->with the former(ps3) shifting 2.43 million units Of note, PS3 sales stood 200,000 units higher than those of the Xbox 360 over the same stretch. Last week, Microsoft said that the Xbox 360 sold 2.2 million units during the comparable period of time, which was a 20 percent increase year over year. To date, the PlayStation 3's global lifetime sales stand at 16.85 million units. 2.43Million ps3's sold in July- September while 2.2million for xbox = ps3- 200,000 units higher then 360 sales, It's funny how xbots think that 360 sells so good, why do you think they had to lower the price? Because it was selling even worse before. They can lower the price because there is significantly less hardware in a 360 then a ps3.(espcially arcade ver.) For total sales, yes xbox is higher, 20mil around there, but look at it this way-- 360 had 1 year head start starting in oct 2005, while ps3 started at nov 2006(usa) jan 2007(eur) and is only 3million units less with a year less in the market, meaning they sold a crap load of units fast. For its price point that's incredible! Take into account all the exclusives like res2, lbp, mgs4, k2, gt5p, r&c, uncharted, hsw, infamous, gow3, white knight, heavy rain,disgaea3, valkeria chron, and motorstorm2, etc... the ps3 is going to pull out on top in the long run! There is just a better variety of games, and more games that are generally good. I own 28 blue-ray games(plus 12 psn titles) since I got my ps3 in April for gta4, and since then games have been coming out all the time, Sony is on a roll! It may have started out slow but they are picking up pace in the games dept. This is a bad year in general because of the global financial crysis, for all games companies. Sony has multiple revenue streams which will help. Hopefully the economy bounces back soon!

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I thought they'll reach 20 million by 2009

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xbox 360 is selling more because they can pirate the games(HD disc). whereas, the ps3, which uses the BD format, can't be pirated...

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@Alizerothree "Sony and Microsoft suck! Go Panasonic 3DO!! Honestly, I like all consoles. I love my 360 and PS3 and Wii. Brand loyalty is dead..." AGREED! Brand loyalty is a thing of the past. It's all about which console is pushing the most quality games. You the public get to decide. I'm with you on the 3DO bit. If I'm a fan of any console it's got to be Panasonic's REAL Interactive Multiplayer. Hell I still own two 3DO units, my other one broke. XD

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Honestly, I like all consoles. I love my 360 and PS3 and Wii. :) Brand loyalty is dead...

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Sony and Microsoft suck! Go Panasonic 3DO!! :)

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what's the problem, at the end of the line , PS3 is going to reign supreme, or at least tied with the wii...the same has been for every generation, just wait...actually i have my PS3, so whatever...

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@residude "People seem to be arguing as if, if the 360 gets more sales this christmas, it will be the end of Sony?" No they don't. Nobody said that here. We are just having a discussion about whether or not the PS3 is capable of over-taking the 360's 2nd place slot in this generations console cycle is all. By the way nice cheap shots thrown at Microsoft keep them coming. Brand loyalty is DEAD.

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They're both going to be around for a long time. Xbox cut prices, PS3 didn't. Which stratagy is going to pay off this holiday season (depends on wheter your talking units, revenue, or both), time will tell.

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People seem to be arguing as if, if the 360 gets more sales this christmas, it will be the end of Sony? Grow up guys, Sony will always have dedicated fans like myself who have bought a PS3 for the Sony exclusive games and for the fact i prefer the console, which has not once broken down on me, has provided me with hours of entertainment, and has easily payed for itself by now. Just play the games >_

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@Erik198299 OPINION!! Neo Geo is the best. :P

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ps3 is the best

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hatieshorrer btw not everyone here are fanboys i have all 3 consoles i still prefer sony but people that talk about fanboys should get a life im not saying what you said is completly wrong but you should still learn to keep your comment to yourself. this is a forum to talk whats hapening with PS3 not talking about whos the dominant console

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man if this anhtor company it shuode history by now but this sony we taking here so good work

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And before any of you children start.I do remember the last recession and therefore i am not so blind to the ecconomic effects.Maybe instead of waisting your lifes arguing which console is better you should consider learning a little bit about the world outside your window!

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In this worldwide recession you will see the cheeper items will sell more period,people just are not willing to risk spending huge amounts of cash right now.I also think you will find that this worldwide recession is here to stay for at least the next few years.Anyone thinking we will see new consoles any time soon is an idiot.Even microsoft and sony know that with the state of the world right now they have to remain faithfull to this generation.

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@suprsolider well said :-)

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Hey kiddies...this aint a forum to go on and on about which console is better you load of num nutts,its about something called FINANCIAL PROFIT!!! I guess some of you havent even read the story above,all youve done is scrolled down and started in future please comment about whats been said and NOT the typical fanboy crap! And b4 anyone starts ive got a ps3 and xbox 360 both of which I like for their own reasons and none of em are for FANBOYISMS!

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Ahh yes the mighty PS2, as great a system as it was it's ashame it doesn't get killer games anymore. Games like Devil May Cry 4, RE5, Virtua Fighter 5, Soul Calibur 4, GTA4, Beautiful Katamari, and Final Fantasy XIII. For those people who haven't upgraded to the newer systems they are just going to be stuck without these games. I think developers have moved on and the only thing alive on PS2 are really imports and niche games.

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lol you PS3 fans finaly get it. What people want in a console veries from person to person. No more tough talk about the PS3 is going to saling 20 million over christmas and becoming the dominant console.

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PS the first x box had a lifespam of 5 years big woop, and it was stronger then PS2 till today we still have PS2 games

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anyone ask me if i care about what you all think. actualy don cuz i don give a ****, everyone tat are postin remarks abot 360 leading the market and braging that 360 is better should all go to..................... well need a i say more, you guys have no life. grow up and choses the console you love playing for. me i persenaly thiink that saying x box is cheaper and playing live for, lets say since first x box is out. then you have no brains, youve been throwing money out of your pocket for nothin, i repeat NOTHIN. TY

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why do you all constantly argue in this never ending battle one these companies financial matters, go buy a game and play it, your never going to convince either fanboy side different.

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--Makaatsu-- ;)

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Sony has taken a risk investing in the cell technology and implementing the Blu-ray drive in their PS3s and has yet to pay off. I'm glad to see that they took that risk in trying to make cutting edge technology for us gamers, but I think the lack of exclusives could possibly lead Sony to third place in the console race. I know some people prefer one platform over another, as do I, but if a console has a particular game that is exclusive that I like, then I'll have to shell out the cash to get that console.Also , not everyone can afford to buy all three, which would be the best way to solve all your gaming needs, but isn't likely.Sony is a big company , who generates revenue from all other types of entertainment, i.e. Movie production,music labels,Cpus,Tvs and Audio ,etc. and I don't see them throwing in the towel any time soon.I believe this holiday season will be strong for all three consoles.

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@Kenji_Masamune "yeah.. the PS3 is outselling the 360 by about 3 million units.. people tend to forget the year head start and about this time during the 360 cycle it was 3 millions less. I doubt that once the 360 throws in the towel, that the PS3 will follow suit at the exact same time. Try again, try harder." You know, PS3 people keep talking about this year head-start. I was under the impression that the PS3 and 360 were supposed to come out around the same time. The reason why they did not release simultaneously was because Sony pushed back the launch of the PS3 which gave 360 the early advantage. At this time Xbox 360 was releasing quality games left and right, games such as Dead Rising, Gears of War, Lost Planet, DOA 4, Prey, and others. 360 was at the top of it's game thanks to PS3's delay, it was essentially competing with the PS2. In other words it was Sony's fault 360 got that year head-start. I heard it could be because PS3 was experiencing hardware problems that's why they decided to push it back so Sony could work out the kinks. First impressions are everything and Sony botched up theirs. With all the negative publicity during the PS3's launch and that 600 dollar price point I should have known from start they'd end up in 3rd place. One more thing you PS3'ers swear these words up and down "The PS3 is going to close the gap and catch the 360." and "This year will be THE year of the PS3." Astounding, I've read/listened to you all say this for almost 3 years yet it still hasn't happened. Each time you guys, Sony did NOT make good on your promise. I thought Sony would dominate as usual when they first announced the PS3 but the 360 has gotten so much more aggressive. In the year of MGS4 Xbox managed to grab Final Fantasy XIII and Tekken 6 all in the same year in only 3 months apart, 360 sales are still going strong. It maybe time to accept Xbox 360 as being the runner-up, current-gen, platform of gaming nation wide. It's close to 3 years now and PS3 STILL hasn't brought it's A game. I don't care if the PS3 is selling "faster" than the 360 ever did. When the PS3 surpasses it's arch-rival Xbox in worldwide user-base is when it clinches 2nd place in this generations console war, until then it shall remain in 3rd place. Between Microsoft's current-gen platform (Xbox 360) and Sony's (Playstation 3) which one is leading NOW? I thought so. This crap about PS3 has been selling faster than the 360 is meaningless to me until it actually has more units in house holds all over the world and it's main competition, the X360, finally hits 3rd place. Which at this rate I doubt is going to happen. Let's be real about this here.

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XXL2 Posted Oct 30, 2008 7:12 am PT @puppet-master if my information was incorrect then i apologise, but on the specifications page << LINK REMOVED >> it says:All games supported at 16:9, 720p and 1080i, anti-aliasing... i was just taking it from that. And that clearly doesn't say 1080p :S... Plz tell me if that page is incorrect in any way... . apology accepted XXL2 that page is correct ALL games since 360's launch support these resolutions but later games also have 1080p support after Microsoft updated the dashboard enabling 1080p. just look on the back of any box to name a few call of duty 4,grid, pgr 4, bioshock, the list goes on in fact every game that's released since the update should have full support.

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@darkride66 "I'm sorry. What's your point? I didn't follow. Oh, wait - do you have another source for sales data!? By all means - if you're going to call into question the data I'm using, I'd love to see what data you're using." Only an idiot would use such logic. "My faulty and inaccurate data is valid, because I don't have credible and accurate data available."

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Not unsurprising....?

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Nobody forces any of you to post here, don't like it don't read the article or post.

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I agree with sj nehama. Im out of here.

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is there a way to lock up these threads?

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Posted Oct 30, 2008 9:12 pm GMT philip-joe Posted Oct 30, 2008 9:11 pm GMT KC Hokie said:philip-joe - It's not an "emotional attachment"'s called letting the facts trump my opinion. And for the record I plan on getting both a 360 and PS3." I really don't give a care about the facts. I play to have fun. That's all I'm trying to say, and I'm glad your seeing it at least slightly my way.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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philip-joe - It's not an "emotional attachment"'s called letting the facts trump my opinion. And for the record I plan on getting both a 360 and PS3.

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Darkride Well my friend you have just proven yourself to be a liar. You said in march 08 i quote: " Short term sales don't matter. Long term trends matter. The current long term trend on the 360 and the PS3 look good, but looks like the PS3 should overtake the 360 in about a year," << LINK REMOVED >> So for that to become true must mean the PS3 must now sell 1.25m units a month without the 360 selling one. Slight problem with that is that right now the PS3 has to start actually selling more then the 360 which hasen't happend for best part of 4 months. But you also said "The PS3 is currently outselling the 360 by roughly one million consoles every 4 months or so worldwide......" Again that is not quite true now is it Darkride? It took 11 months just for the PS3 to get 1m back. But im not picking on you Darkride just reminding you of your predictions. I made a prediction too. I said "there is no chance in hell the PS3 will gain back 5m-6m consoles by the end of the year. At best it could do 2m if some of the games do well such as Haze and MGS4." The funny thing about reading those old comments is your saying the same thing now almost a year on and were still saying the same thing. Just what we said has come true and yours has well not.