PS3 sales almost 24 million, PSP near 56 million

Sony's console, portable approach new milestones as of June's end; platforms expected to hit 36.8 million, 70.9 million by next year.


Who will be PS3 owner #24,000,000?
Who will be PS3 owner #24,000,000?

Last week, Sony reported a loss of $390 million during the April-June period. It also revealed a slowdown in quarterly sales of the PlayStation 3, which fell from 1.6 million to 1.1 million year-over-year, and of the PSP, which went from 3.7 million to just 1.3 million. Sales of the PlayStation 2, recently repriced to just $99, rose from 1.5 million to 1.6 million.

Shortly thereafter, Sony released its life-to-date sales for the PS3 and PSP. As of June 30, 2009, the high-powered and relatively high-priced console had sold 23.8 million units worldwide since its November 2006 launch. By comparison, the hardware-issue-plagued Xbox 360, currently the cheapest game console with a hard drive-less $199 base model, had sold 30 million units as of May 28. (When it reported its games division was profitable two weeks ago, Microsoft did not release worldwide 360 sales totals through June 30.) In its own downbeat earnings report last week, Nintendo reported sales of the $249 Wii, which also launched in November 2006, had surpassed 52.6 million units.

The PSP Go, due October 1 alongside the portable Gran Turismo.
The PSP Go, due October 1 alongside the portable Gran Turismo.

The PSP, which launched in 2004 (Japan) and 2005 (all other territories), had sold 55.9 million units as of the end of Sony's last fiscal quarter. With Microsoft not in the portable market--for now--the handheld's main competition is Nintendo's DS and its two variations, the DS Lite and camera-equipped DSi. Combined, all three models have sold 107.8 million units as of June 30, according to Nintendo.

Looking to the fiscal year ahead, Sony is forecasting sales of 13 million PS3s, which would bring the console's total to 36.8 million as of March 31, 2010. The company is predicting the PSP will rack up 15 million sales during that period, bringing its global installed base to 70.9 million. Sony is hoping the October 1 launch of the $249 PSP Go will reverse the portable's apparently flagging momentum.

PS3 hardware LTD - 23.8 million
PSP hardware LTD - 55.9 million

PS3 hardware FY09 forecast - 13 million
PSP software FY09 forecast - 15 million

PS3 hardware LTD sales through March 31, 2010 (predicted) - 36.8 million
PSP hardware LTD sales through March 31, 2010 (predicted) - 70.9 million

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Enough about sony and Microsoft. Let's talk about the Wii needing a price drop and some better games.

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@kavadlas1981 You also have to keep in mind microsoft lost abit of support of the companies that brought their biggest hits to life.Bungie left them in order to make games for others and Bioware did the same.Both will still make games for the xbox 360 but they lost a link to a chain of exclusives because of how badly they treated those companies.The restrictions were terrible.There are many articles supporting this.Look them up if they are still around, im sure they are since gameinformer and a few other sites had the articles and official interviews. Also the ps3 is starting to gain many exclusives and more game companies are leaning towards the ps3.MAG is the biggest one i think that will take advantage of the ps3's capabilities.Many more im sure are to come.With the online community for the ps3 becoming larger and larger everyday the long term run will make it for them.Besides with game companies starting to really lean towards the ps3 now the price cut will be the last incentive needed to make many xbox 360 gamers switch.I know quite a few who have sold their 360s and got a ps3.They just play the 360s "exclusives" they liked on the ps3 or pc.Most of them have tired of halo and switched to killzone 2 and resistance 2, or even UT3 all of which are better games.Players per match for K2 and R2 and the immense customization from UT3.The unreal engine customization you can do far out does the forge of halo 3.

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@Urworstnhtmare That's true, unfortunately Sony doesn't have an almost infinite supply of funds to fall back on like M$ does.

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@WolfGrey I hear what you're saying and in the long run I hope that Sony pull through. It's just that with banks now more cautious with where they invest their money and Sony flushing hundreds of millions of dollars of their own money down the tube every quarter, exactly how long do they expect to be able to hold out like this? The business isn't making any money and they are or have been sacking tens of thousands of employees to keep their heads above water. Their business plan and strategy was not thought out well enough to cope with their short term financial situation and with M$ having nabbed a huge portion of its consumers, franchises and developers it looks highly unlikely that they will be able to pull it back in the long term either. Yes, people can say "but sales of the PS3 are increasing" or "Sony will bring it back" but the reality is that these steadily increasing sales aren't going to bring Sony back up to speed until they can match something like Nintendo's sales. As someone commented before, it is the Dreamcast all over again and this has me worried.

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@kavadias1981 The Xbox 360 was the big money sponge of this generation. Microsoft are selling them cheap and are having to replace them if they go all red rings of death. Sure Sony are selling the pS3 cheap, but they don't have to fork out every time a console breaks...

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for me, the price of the hardware is not the issue compare it to its features but the game man.. they are very expensive, 69USD. I have my PS3 few months it came out and I only have a handful of games. I wish I have money too buy all the games I want. PS3 have alot of good games but the price are way too high. PSP is alright but game sell is not because of piracy and homebrews. I really like sony because they have credibility. They stick to their promise "10 year life cycle of there consoles". Lastly, I'm glad they didn't go for 2nd nub for psp because I just bought my psp. What should I do if most of the games need use 2 nubs?

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That's a lot. Although I do have all console, I mostly prefer playing on PS3 unless X360 have exclusive.. and Wii... -_-;;

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even a $50 pricecut would help the sales a lot i imagine. i know the ps3 still isn't profitable based on how much it costs to manufacture, but people just aren't going to buy it at the current price. and it doesn't help everyone thinks we're in a recession. if it hits $300 ill definitely pick it up since it has some quality games

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with more games, more content, and more power... There is no doubt taht the ps3 will surpass...LET ME NOT FORGET VALUE!!!

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Price cut is coming, but they are going to take over the Wii or XBox 360 anytime soon. Microsoft will also be doing some kind of price reconstruction before the holidays hit. No idea what Nintendo has up their sleeve. They are still outselling the PS3 2:1 worldwide, so they may wait until next year to do their price cut.

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@kavadlas1981 Sony is losing money but will also be outselling the 360 as soon as the fore mentioned price cut comes.Or the slim.Then they will be making millions with superior hardware and capabilities.So i dont think they will be having problems for much longer in the long run.You really need to look into the future more and pay attention to the actual stats they got there.They will quickly overcome it.The only question now is when.

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@Mcgregor: finally, someone else realises that competition is a good thing

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Price cut is most likely coming.

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@DeanoFantasy Without microsoft sony would be able to do whatever they wanted. You should be glad they brought in some competition, even if you don't like them, they are keeping your console prices, and game prices down.

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Nothing is wrong with SONY its Microsoft's greed for more cash and so they fashioned the Xbox, then the Xbox was the first next-gen console in the market and thus more or less everyone bought it, that's why I cant be arsed the the "Xbox" I couldn't care less If I am on of these fanboy people, Microsoft came in and screwed things over for me.. f**k em..

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When did it all start going so wrong? The PS1 and 2 were a business success and yet Sony went and made poor choices for the PS3. Not exactly the responsible actions of an international company. I just want to see how long they can hold out when they keep losing hundreds of millions of dollars like this.

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I think its time for Sega & Sony to unite and make a game console to suit the needs of all gamers Although Sega never really forgave Sony for the death of the dream cast when it released the Playstation2

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@ WolfGrey: I hope you're right! But, this is not unlike the Dreamcast scenario, Sega was the Sony of the 80's and 90's until they released the Dreamcast, which was very costly to produce but far better than the competition... I am not hoping any kind of demise upon Sony's game division what so ever, but this is a tad bit of Deja Vu coming from a gamer for the last 25 years...

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@TheImporter Thats a great fact.So putting that into context ps3 will completely surpass the 360 soon.Lol must be why microsoft didnt post theirs.Says it right in the article. But ya with a short time the ps3 easily caught up to the 360.So ya will most likely surpass in sales if the rumored price cut or slim happens.

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@TripSe7en Even with the lower number compared to the 360, its very strong in the gaming market.So if anything sony will keep going.

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remember this is a long term strategy, which means it pays off after a few more years

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Sadly, this could be the beginning of the end of Sony's game division if they cannot adapt to this market... Very reminicant of the Dreamcast days IMO, which was a great system, again IMO.

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@flyingteddy, Thanks! You saved me from having to type those same words about the PS3 and PSP. Only six million separates the PS3 from the 360 when the 360 has been on the market for one whole year longer. The fanboys conveniently overlook this fact.

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Wow, like the last few pages of comments is nothing but a handful of guys arguing over who is biased when both groups are obvious biased. Its like red/green/red/green/red ...

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I just want to know how long Sony is going to continue with this strategy. Sony has lost at least 3 billion dollars on the PS3 and $390 million just this last quarter... but the real numbers are that the gaming division lost $415 million and the others had a modest profit. Because of this, Sony is going to let go 16,000 employees and shut down 8 processing plants. How long until investors demand action?

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Bah Discount the PS3 already!

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So much for a PS3 price cut ........

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@mayceV The reason why i reply to your comments is because your ALWAYS on ps3 posts bashing the ps3....take that idiocy to the proper place. If you love the xbox360 then by all means, but dont talk so much BS.

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People do not realize how much 1/3 of a lot is a lot!!! PSP's numbers are very impressive. Take the price and gaming variety into consideration. For about 3 years the DS was 40 bux cheaper so it only natural for the basic consumer to go for the cheapest option. For every 2 DSs sold 1 PSP is sold, that is not bad for first attempt at the handheld market.

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@freetv People like you are the reason why many more xbox360 have been sold. You should have made MS fix it for you, not buy a new one. I dont believe your story dude. You say for $200 you got an xbox360 with games?? The only xbox360 system that costs $200 is the arcade and it doesnt come with any games. Well i hope the xbox360 works for you this time. Remember first time shame on them, second time SHAME ON YOU.

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@ izmickey "Xbox360 obviously isnt good if it cant keep you entertained enough so you come here and try to start console wars." Ironic how you are also ALWAYS here to reply to anything I say. must you have the last word?

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"The problem with these numbers is how Sony defines 'sold'" how do you know this?

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" Xbox 360 has two Tetris games, while PS3 still has zero Tetris games" not true, ps3 has trash panic which is an upgrade verison of tetris

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Again I am predicting that Sony will fall and become a a SEGA!! Even with the mega hardware issues for the 360 its still the best gaming system out there with the best games.

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Wow, the PSP sells well. Too bad the games sell very poorly...

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Can't say those sales numbers are bad at all, only 6 million or so behind the 360 for a year's worth of sales is doable, and for 1 out of 3 handhelds to be a psp is also amazing. psp came into a new market and managed to grab a decent % of the market, well done sony.

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[quote="freetv"] So I decided to wait for the ps3 price to get to around $300 and it never even came close.... [/quote] Depends really where are you looking for it, I got mine for 380 (the newer 80gb model) in January 2009 with 2 games , even with a risk like what they took, I partly also see some towards the . I'm just saying I'm glad I bought a PS3 and I'm fine with what you bought. Thanks for reading, hopefully you didn't find this arrogant

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A lot of people put across the argument that PS3 is in fact as good or better value than the Xbox and i agree, but the simple fact is I only know one friend who has a PS3 and plays it online (and hes been a fanboy since the original PS1). Most of my other mates (and brothers) own and play Xbox 360 on/off-line, we often have 10 player plus private matches, and XBL provides great service and im more than happy to pay for it. The day when my Xbox dies, all my mates buy a PS3 and Sony provide a service that'll allow me and my mates to have as much online fun as XBL, then i'll think about buying a PS3. By which time the next gen consoles probably will have been released.

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It saddens me that the greatest console creates thus far is lagging behind sales to inferior counterparts. What really annoys me are 360 fanboys complaining about price; the ironic thing is that you need to pay for online for it, and thus are paying more for the 360 then you are for the PS3 in the long run. Then again, not a lot of people are able to use mathematics.

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@Gelugon_baat (sorry for the previous blank message) I think you got it all wrong, completely wrong. The one thing that Sony has to worry about is Hardware sales, b/c everyone knows that PS3 games are plentiful and they're most definitely good, the problem is there aren't enough people with PS3s out there to buy them. (Even though it is time to release Gran Turismo 5). But in my opinion, Ps3 games are in good order.

Avatar image for aurora_born_93


Avatar image for Gelugon_baat

What Sony should focus on is not sales of their hardware - they should be focusing on developing good, marketable games FOR the hardware. Sony can only sell so many PS3's until the market is saturated after all - that is the consequence of selling relatively reliable, high quality hardware (if compared to the hideously manufactured Xbox 360 of course - Microsoft sure can find the lousiest of business partners).

Avatar image for NandoSupes

And the reckoning begins......

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Certain subjects have no room for debate. Last generation, there was no doubt that the PS2 was the best console in every genre of gaming, except for First-Person Shooters. This generation, there is no doubt that the Xbox 360 is the best console in every genre of gaming. Price isn't the only problem the PS3 has at this point in time. Remember, the PS3 was on the store shelves for three full holiday seasons before it saw a game in the Real-Time Strategy genre and other niche genres. Games in genres such as RPG, RTS, Puzzle, Party, and other unique genres are completely dominated by the Xbox 360 this generation. For example, Xbox 360 has two Tetris games, while PS3 still has zero Tetris games. Games like Tetris play key roles, because a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. There is always going to be a need for a console to fill the "niche" genres, or else the console will lag behind competitors who do fill the niche genres. This is what we've seen happen to the PS3 this generation. It's bad enough for the PS3 that multiplatform games released by third-party publishers always end up with better graphics and better online features on the Xbox 360--a console that costs less money. But when you consider that the PS3 has a smaller library of games in every genre, and you consider that PS3 versions of games are often delayed and cost more money once they are eventually release, it just shows that things have not gone well for the PS3.

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I hope that the supposed price cut of the PS3 will help Sony increase the sales of the console. The ps3 is a great console and brings alot of stuff but seeing the diferences in prices between the PS3 and 360 many ppl prefer the 360. Personally I think the ps3 is superior than the 360 but the developers want the easy way and just want to make 360 games for sell more and not try the real challenge.

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when people say that the two systems virtually have the same games, they clearly lack intelligence. Obviously they arent very smart consumers to tell the two system apart either. Scrolling down to see fps_dominator's comment and bashing the ps3 hmmm pretty hypocritical.

Avatar image for jtthegame316

fps_d0minat0r the ps 3 has kill the xbox line up according to you i think not considering aside from the odd few exclusives here and there both consoles have virtually the same games. if anything the xbox line up kills the ps 3. but seriously most the games match up on both machines it just comes down to weather you are crazy enought to pay more for a ps3 just to be playing virtually all the same games or not. a ps 3 cheaper than anyxbox model are you trippin?

Avatar image for jtthegame316

you know i rekon ps 3 fanboys spend all day looking throught the comments marking down anything that says anything remotly negative about the ps 3. clearly the console does not keep them entertained well enough or they would be to busy enjoying there games to much to behave in such a way.

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The current price for a PS3 is a rip off. Now that is a fact.

Avatar image for izmickey

These two guys are the biggest xbox360 fanboys (MayceV & SalarianChemist) Everytime there is some good news about sony they come and try to correct facts with their opinions. If you guys love bashing ps3 so much please go to the CONSOLE WAR forums.