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PS3 Rock Band 2 due Oct. 19, PS2/Wii in December

MTV Games and Harmonix's rhythm game debuts on Sony's platform on Sunday with $190 bundle, $60 stand-alone; Wii game to get previously released DLC.


Microsoft's third-party strategy in staying competitive in the console race has been clear: Identify the highest-profile games and find some way for them to be better on the Xbox 360. For MTV Games and Harmonix's hit rhythm game Rock Band 2, the publisher was able to finagle a "first on 360" deal, whereby the game would see a timed exclusivity window making it available for purchase only on Microsoft's console.

That period is now rapidly drawing to a close. Confirming retailers' expectations, MTV Games said today that Rock Band 2 will be available for the PlayStation 3 beginning October 19, with the Wii and PlayStation 2 releases following in December.

Beginning Sunday, gamers can pick up the Xbox 360 and PS3 stand-alone software for $59.99. The game will also be available on both consoles as part of a $189.99 special-edition bundle that includes the newly designed drum set, guitar, and mic. MTV Games will also be offering an $89.99 stand-alone drum kit and $69.99 solo guitar package for the PS3 and PlayStation 2.

MTV Games also revealed more details on the Wii version of Rock Band 2. Along with the PS2 edition, the Wii game will retail for $49.99, with a special-edition bundle and stand-alone instruments following the same pricing outlined above. The game will include the same 84 tracks included in other versions of the game, and Wii owners will also qualify for MTV's previously promised bonus song downloads, for which registration is currently available.

The introduction of Rock Band 2 for the Wii will also rectify one of the central detriments of its predecessor, released in June. MTV Games said today that Wii renditions of previously released downloadable content will be rolled out each week "until the entire back catalogue is available."

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