PS3 preorders sold out at GameStop, EB

Limited quantities of PlayStation 3 preorders vanish quickly from GameStop, EB Games; information on online, Canadian preorder campaigns coming soon.


Yesterday, GameStop and EB Games outlined the retailers' preorder program for the much anticipated PlayStation 3. With problems stemming from last year's preorder campaign for the Xbox 360 and that system's subsequent short supply, the two retailers buckled down this year, limiting most stores to only eight PS3 preorders and requiring a $100 deposit from customers. The program began this morning when the company's more than 3,500 stores opened their doors for business.

As expected, the PS3 preorders went like next-gen hotcakes. GameStop and EB Games have updated their Web sites with grim news for anyone hoping to reserve one of Sony's next-gen consoles from any of the company's thousands of stores in the US.

Messages on both sites read: "Due to high demand and limited quantities, our US in-store preorder for the PlayStation 3 has ended."

However, American gamers set on getting a preordered PS3 may be able to head north to get that valuable voucher.

The message continues: "Information regarding the launch date of our Canadian in-store preorder will be posted when available. Online console preorder information coming soon!"

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