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PS3 Portal 2 buyers get PC version free

PS3 version to support cross-platform multiplayer against PC and Mac; will also feature online chat and cloud-based save game storage.


PlayStation 3 users who buy Portal 2 will be able to download a PC or Mac copy of the game for free, provided they link their PlayStation Network and Steam accounts, Valve announced today. A number of cross-platform features were also revealed, which allow PS3, PC, and Mac users to play together, complete with online chat. PS3 users will also be able to save their games to a cloud-based storage system.

"What does this button do?"

Portal 2 was originally announced for the PlayStation 3 at last year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. Valve's Gabe Newell revealed that it would be fully supported by SteamWorks, allowing for auto-updates, downloadable content, and community support directly from Valve. He also praised the PS3, saying that it was "the most open platform of all the current generation consoles," adding that it would have "the best console version."

Portal 2 follows on from the events of Portal and will see gamers facing off against the sadistic artificial intelligence known as GLaDOS. It will feature a single-player campaign twice as long as the original, as well as a new multiplayer cooperative mode that tells a parallel story to the single-player adventure. Portal 2 is due for release this April on the PS3, Xbox 360, PC, and Mac.

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