PS3 MOH: Airborne grounded until November

Sony console owners won't be able to strap on their jump boots in EA's WWII shooter until the fall.


In April, a trailer for Medal of Honor: Airborne debuted on online retailer GameStop's Web site. Though brief, the preview contained some big news: The latest installment in Electronic Arts' long-running series would arrive in stores on August 28, beating the fourth-quarter crush of releases.

Today, though, EA revealed that the trailer's release date only applied to the Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game. Tucked inconspicuously away at the bottom of the announcement that Lost composer Michael Giacchino would score the forthcoming World War II shooter was official word that the game would arrive "in November for the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system." No explanation was given for the delay.

Much like the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers, Medal of Honor: Airborne follows a group of US paratroopers as they jump out of a perfectly good airplane and into Nazi-occupied Europe. As outlined in GameSpot's previous coverage, the game will feature several missions based on actual WWII battles, such as D-Day and Operation Varsity, the largest military airdrop in history. Each mission will begin with a parachute drop to a starting point of the player's choosing, and will then become a free-roaming action game.

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