PS3 MGS4/Killzone 2 bundle now available

Best Buy begins offering rumored $400 retail configuration, which packs in 80GB console with nearly $90 of top-rated games.


With rumors of a new slimline PlayStation 3 and an August price cut still circulating, it's likely many cash-strapped would-be buyers of the console are taking a "wait and see" approach. Now, though, retailer Best Buy is trying a new tactic to get consumers to plunk down $400 for the console--by bundling it with nearly $90 worth of highly rated games.

$489.97 value for $399.99? Not too shabby.
$489.97 value for $399.99? Not too shabby.

Following a weekend of unconfirmed reports--which Sony reps dismissed as "rumor and speculation" just yesterday--Best Buy's online store is now offering the 80GB bundled with Killzone 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4 for $399.99. While the former still costs $59.99, the latter was recently named a Greatest Hit by Sony and carries the collection's $29.99 price point. Both titles, however, were critically hailed, with Killzone 2 scoring a 9.0/10 rating from GameSpot and MGS4 being named the site's 2008 Game of the Year.

While the PS3 KZ2/MGS4 bundle is confirmed, it remains unclear whether or not it is exclusive to Best Buy. Currently, GameStop and Amazon are only listing the a la carte version of the 80GB PS3, and Sony reps would only offer the following statement when asked for clarification: "We work closely with all our retail partners to deliver compelling entertainment options for our consumers."

$13.75 on Amazon
$0.99 on Walmart

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