PS3 lines already spotted

Nine days before the new console goes on sale, a few determined gamers have already decamped outside a Burbank, California, retailer.


Americans are already getting in line for the PlayStation 3--nine days before its official November 17 release date. Seven people have been spotted camping out at Best Buy in Burbank, California, and date-stamped photos were posted as proof on various gaming forums including Cheap Ass Gamer.

Reports of other lines have also surfaced, bringing back memories of the queues outside movie theatres some six weeks before the Star Wars prequels came out. A "target" of 400,000 PS3 consoles will be available on the launch date in North America, with many no doubt already reserved by those who managed to put in a preorder.

Poster OneWingedAngel wrote that he had been at Best Buy for a job interview when he saw the hardcore campers outside. "The awesome thing was, as I was waiting outside, I saw a bunch of people coming to Best Buy and picking up Gears of War," he wrote. "A few people made some funny remarks. One guy is like, 'I hope you guys brought enough food!' Another one said, 'Where is the line for PS4? Is it on the other side?'"

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