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PS3 line hit by drive-by BB shooting

Kentucky TV station says four people hit by pellets; no serious injures reported.


Those who camp out for system launches know ahead of time that they'll have to endure a number of hardships to walk away with a new game console on day one, but being shot probably isn't among them.

A drive-by BB gun shooting hit four people at a Best Buy store in Lexington, Kentucky, last night according to reports from the local CBS affiliate, WKYT. Three of the people hit were camped out in line to buy a PlayStation 3 when it goes on sale Friday morning, while the fourth was a WKYT reporter covering the line for a story.

Two of those hit reportedly packed up and left the line, saying "a PlayStation 3 simply isn't worth it." The third customer remained in line, telling WKYT "I'd do it again, even if I get shot again."

A representative with the Lexington Police Department told GameSpot the shooting happened about 8 p.m., with nobody requiring medical attention, and none of the people hit by the BBs filing a police report. While the police are keeping an eye on the line, he said there have been no more incidents at the Best Buy, and no reports of lines from any other retailers in the area.

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