PS3 Killzone to trump E3 trailer?

Sony exec Phil Harrison says parts of MIA shooter already "exceed" expectations; game won't be shown off until it's ready.


When the PlayStation 3 officially debuted at the 2005 Electronic Entertainment Expo, there was one clip of video that had the gaming world buzzing: the PS3 Killzone trailer. Clocking in at less than two minutes of raw havoc as a group of soldiers on hovering dropships attempt to establish a foothold in enemy territory under heavy fire, the trailer eclipsed most of the actual games at the three-day show and touched off heated debates as to its authenticity.

Some accused Sony of pawning off prerendered cutscenes as the real deal, while Sony itself insisted that everything in the trailer was done in real time. That was just about the last thing Sony had to say on the game, as it was absent from E3 2006 and hasn't been shown publicly since. With the PS3 launching in Japan last weekend and North America this weekend, it appears Sony is ready to talk about Killzone once again.

In an interview with the Official PlayStation Magazine and reprinted in part on the "semi-official" Sony blog Three Speech, Sony Worldwide Studios president Phil Harrison talked a bit about Killzone. Harrison said he wouldn't show the game until it's ready to exceed expectations, adding that it won't be seen until next year. He also acknowledged the high bar set for the game by the E3 preview, adding that "some elements already exceed the trailer."

Elsewhere in the interview, Harrison discussed the PS3's killer app, Sony's decision to abandon rumble feedback in controllers, and the company's European launch plans.

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