PS3 Hacker Joins Twitter To Help Improve Search

George Hotz is now an "intern" at Twitter trying to help improve the site.


George Hotz, who famously hacked the iPhone and the PlayStation 3, is now working at Twitter. Hotz is now an "intern" at Twitter and is working to help improve the social media site's search functionality. Twitter has become one of the most talked-about companies these days after Musk acquired the company and made serious, significant, and swift changes, including mass layoffs in recent weeks.

Hotz said on Twitter that his mandate from Elon Musk is to improve Twitter's search systems. "Whatever feelings you have about Twitter and Elon are not about me," Hotz said, adding that he took the limited-time position at Twitter to "learn and improve things."

At present, Hotz is trying to eliminate Twitter's "nondismissable login pop-up" that can appear on Twitter. After that, the developer is trying to create a system that allows people to search their likes.

Hotz hacked the iPhone in 2008 at the age of 17 and then turned his attention to the PS3. Hotz and Sony became entangled in a legal dispute over the PS3, and the two parties eventually settled out of court.

Before this, Hotz created his own self-driving car software that rivaled that of Musk's Tesla. Musk is said to have offered Hotz a contract with a multi-million dollar bonus to join Tesla, but Hotz passed.

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