PS3 gets GTAIV bundle in Europe

Hardware-and-software package announced for Rockstar's crime-'em-up; £319.99 deal will land on April 29.


Grand Theft Auto IV

It's fair to say that Grand Theft Auto IV's April 29 release date is a big day on the gaming calendar. Janco Partners' Mike Hickey said that the game could "conceivably" ship 9.5 million units in one week, while Variety said that GTAIV could make $400 million in revenue in the same period.

Box art for the bundle.
Box art for the bundle.

Such performance is also sure to drive sales of consoles, and while the game will land on both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360, Sony has made the first move to bundle hardware and software together at launch. A package of its 40GB PS3 console, a Sixaxis controller, and the standard edition of GTAIV will hit European stores on April 29, with a recommended retail price of £319.99 in the UK (approx $635) and €439 in Europe.

Sony's package represents a £30 saving ($59) on the recommended retail price of the game and the console when sold separately, as they retail for £49.99 ($99) and £299.99 ($595), respectively. The news follows a similar announcement in Australia, where the exact same bundle is being offered for A$749.95 ($713).

David Reeves, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, said, "We are delighted to offer the millions of PS3 and GTA fans the ultimate gaming package."

GameSpot contacted Microsoft UK to see if a similar bundle will be offered for the Xbox 360 in the UK, but had not received a reply as of press time.

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