PS3 firmware update 4.45 locking up some consoles - Report

Update allows gamers to disable trophy notifications during gameplay.


Update: The 4.45 firmware update has been taken down from the site. Sony Computer Entertainment is currently fixing the problem. Users are advised not to update their PS3s until further notice.

Problems are arising with Sony's latest update to the PS3, according to comments on the official PlayStation forum .

The new firmware update may brick your console; beware!
The new firmware update may brick your console; beware!

Several user comments on the PlayStation forum have stated that the latest 4.45 update is causing a lockdown on their consoles. User JadeTreeInWind, for example, said that after the PS3 logo was on display post update, the crossbar menu would not show up. The user tried restarting the console, but the same problem still persisted.

Reports on the thread stated that PS3s over 500GB were affected by the error. One of the main features of the new update is to allow users to disable trophy notifications during gameplay.

GameSpot has reached out to Sony for comment and will update this article as more information surfaces.

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