PS3 firmware heads to 1.80

Latest update will upscale movies, along with PlayStation and PS2 games; adds Remote Play and other tweaks.


The PlayStation 3 will be getting another upgrade tomorrow, May 24, when firmware version 1.80 will be available for download. The latest update adds the ability to upscale PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games, as well as DVD movies, to 1080p resolution (when viewed on a compatible HDTV set).

Version 1.80 of the firmware will also add the ability to use the Remote Play function, which allows owners of a PlayStation Portable to use the handheld to access their PS3 over the Internet.

Other additions include the ability to print photos stored on the console's hard drive or storage media to some models of Epson printers via a USB cable. Users on a home network should also get improved streaming of movies, music, and images to their PS3 from a PC.

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