PS3 FFXIII demo in March; Parasite Eve, Agito PSP-bound

Sample of Square Enix RPG will come bundled with the Blu-ray edition of <em>Advent Children</em> in Japan; third sequel and Final Fantasy XIII spin-off headed to Sony's handheld.


TOKYO--Unlike the past two summers, Square Enix isn't holding a general-admission event. Instead, the company invited select fans to a private party held today cryptically called "DK Sigma 3713." At the ongoing event, attendees played the latest demos and saw the newest trailers from Square Enix, which also used the proceedings to make some newsworthy announcements.

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First, the Shinjuku-based publisher reconfirmed that Final Fantasy XIII is planned for worldwide release sometime in 2009. It also announced that next March in Japan, a playable demo disc for the PlayStation 3 FFXIII will be bundled with the Blu-ray edition of the computer-animated film Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. The demo disc will also include new high-quality trailers for Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which remains a PlayStation 3 exclusive, and Final Fantasy Agito XIII, a mobile game that is also now coming to the PlayStation Portable.

Square Enix also announced some new steps in its multiplatform strategy, which was highlighted last month by the E3 announcement that Final Fantasy XIII will be coming to the Xbox 360. Parasite Eve: The Third Birthday and the aforementioned Final Fantasy Agito XIII, both originally announced for mobile phones, are now officially making their way to the PSP. Neither game has a release date yet.

Square Enix also reconfirmed that its all-star game Dissidia: Final Fantasy is set for release this December in Japan on the PSP.

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