PS3 Def Jam demo drops Thursday

Free sample of Electronic Arts' latest hip-hop slugfest headed for the PlayStation Store; will be accompanied by new Resistence videos, movie trailers.


While EA's Def Jam: Icon is the third installment in the publisher's series of hip-hop hybrid fighting games, it represents a significant departure from its predecessors in terms of gameplay. Later this week, PlayStation 3 owners will get a chance to see if they like the change, as Sony today announced that it will release a free demo of the game on its PlayStation Store tomorrow.

Where Def Jam Vendetta and Def Jam: Fight for NY played like wrestling games, with an emphasis on brawling elements, Def Jam: Icon attempts to blend the music into the gameplay. Players can time their attacks to the beat of the music to dish out extra damage, and the music can also trigger explosions and create other interactive elements in the game's levels.

The Def Jam demo isn't the only piece of new content arriving on the PlayStation Store Thursday. Sony has also said it will release a free trailer and behind-the-scenes videos on Insomniac's first-person shooter Resistance: Fall of Man, while movie buffs can download new looks at Disturbia (trailer), Premonition (trailer), and Shooter (trailer and behind-the-scenes video).

While Def Jam: Icon released for the Xbox 360 and PS3 on the same day earlier this month, a demo of the Xbox 360 version arrived on Microsoft's console in February. For more on the game, check out GameSpot's review.

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I agree with you henry4th...I tried the demo out from xbl and all I can say is if they were giving it away for free, I still wouldn't want it.

Avatar image for henry4th

Why wouldn't we get this demo before the game's released? Because EA apparently thinks the game would sell like crazy even without a demo on ps3. But a junk game is a junk game. So now they are showing a demo and hoping more poeple on ps3 will buy it. Still, what a junk game!

Avatar image for gmayronne

hm, not gonna get it anyway and i certainly wouldnt taint my ps3 harddrive with this turd, pass

Avatar image for Chronos_GF

Man...The def Jam icon is great, But I thing they should of kept the blazin' moves like on vendetta and fight for NY. But it still an awesome game

Avatar image for LOGGER13

I think Gamespot mentions the 360 in every PS3 news release just to instill in "fanboys" the confidence to say how much better the 360 is than the PS3. I'm getting tired of reading 360 versus PS3 comments.

Avatar image for jaredgood1

Who is dropping it? Why can't they just hand it to who want it?

Avatar image for blackspyda

Why are so many people talking s**t about def jam. It is a good game with great graphics and this time around it is an actual fighting game instead of wrestling game.

Avatar image for labatbleu

this game sucks....we dont care about that crap !! we want lair and co

Avatar image for Unassigned

Another ghetto simulator, too bad.

Avatar image for blackace

Most games are already playing the full version of the game now, so they aren't worrying about the demo. At least people who haven't gotten the game can give it a try. After playing the demo, the game wasn't all that impressive. It looks great, but the gameplay needs work.

Avatar image for theKSMM

Of course, every "real gamer" knows that the best console on the market is the one that gets it's demos first. * rolling eyes * So if you think it stinks to be a PlayStation 3 owner right now, just imagine what it would be like if you had a Wii.

Avatar image for lusitanogamer

Why is this late? Europeans will only have this game on March 23rd.

Avatar image for swiftstar183

why is this So called news in the 360 Forum??????? i own a 360, why would i give a flying F#$k about a demo being released on PS3??

Avatar image for LosDaddie

XBL gets the demo first because it's the superior service. I own both consoles, so I would know. Still, it's good to see PSN get the demo albeit a few weeks late.

Avatar image for ragrdoll21

Is there a fanboy bragging that Geow(a 50$ game) Sold more than the PS3(600$)....:lol: OMG what has the world come to.Hey fanboy did you know that FF12 a PS2 game is out selling Geow?!:roll:

Avatar image for zsc4

Nice :roll: ... but late.

Avatar image for DiscGuru101

-Funny. 360 users were done with this demo two weeks ago. I think its a lot better than Fight Night 3, but I hate boxing games save for Punch Out!

Avatar image for deepdishpizza13

Kinda late......

Avatar image for MATERAZZI_23

@blackspyda Not 5 months, its still short of 4 months by a few days actually....

Avatar image for LuminosityBlaze

I really wish they would have custom soundtracks in the PS3 version. That is one thing that is better on the 360. I don't understand why they can't do it, 20 songs is not enough. I want to change Method Man's music to "Du Hast" and beat the hell out of Redman.

Avatar image for PseudoFinrod

Crazy how a simple news story about the release of a demo can get the fanboys spewing...

Avatar image for mastershake575

why is this under lastest news for 360 it should be under ps3

Avatar image for hi_im_derek

We already have it.

Avatar image for NinjaFoot

This is probably the same thoroughly terrible demo that is already up on XBox Live Marketplace.

Avatar image for Pablo620

Why is it mentioned that 360 got a demo of this in February...HEY GS...TAKE IT TO SYSTEM WARS

Avatar image for thekey

_UweBoll "Killagorilla27 "Nice we're getting demos for 3rd party games now. But why can't we get them BEFORE the game comes out like on 360..." . . . You mean like how MS put out a demo of Gears of War (GeOW) before it shipped, right? Oh yeah, they didn't. Maybe next time you post a message you might want to take off your rose colored glasses, ok." Unlike any Killedzone title Gears of War didn't need a demo to sell units and it was and is the greatest shooter out right now. Not only that it still currently has out sold the PS3 console its self.(one single game) Even if the european launch sells out. What do you have to say about that? Resistance fall of Man can't even show on the same screen as Gears of War.(That game is totaly forced.)

Avatar image for blackspyda

Why does everyone hate sony so much, the PS3 has only been out for 5 months and it will take them at least a year before the PSS is at least as good as MP if not better.

Avatar image for Tetsumori

Kinda late at the demo, but oh well.

Avatar image for playa42018

Cool, now PS3 owners to get experience the downfall of Def Jam games.

Avatar image for ShinAkuma777

WTF where is MKII????????????????? F*** DEF JAM

Avatar image for GrimGravy

maybe if i cred about this horriable game o would care eh

Avatar image for Somini

Sony's crap at giving demos, they should look at MS and see what they're doing.

Avatar image for Somini

_UweBoll: I hope you're not the real Uwe Boll, because then I will have to find you and then kill you...

Avatar image for Danold

To "_UweBoll" haha, apples and oranges numbnuts. GeoW was revolutionary, unlike Icon, thus it doesn't need a demo to sell the product.

Avatar image for serph-1925

sony get to the point dont send us a games thats out..after a few days now u want us to play the demo...TOO LATE.

Avatar image for _UweBoll

Killagorilla27 "Nice we're getting demos for 3rd party games now. But why can't we get them BEFORE the game comes out like on 360..." . . . You mean like how MS put out a demo of Gears of War (GeOW) before it shipped, right? Oh yeah, they didn't. Maybe next time you post a message you might want to take off your rose colored glasses, ok.

Avatar image for tekakwo

I hate hearing that playstation store will be getting trailers. It pisses me off. Where are the other demos, like Graw, Rainbow six. Both these game are out for 360 and ps3 doesent even have the trailer. Where is the Lair demo, warhawk,? oblivion e.t.c. This really sux when sony hypes trailers coming to ps store. But PS3 is a beast either way. the good will come later.

Avatar image for comthitnuong

Thats odd that the demo would come out after the release date.

Avatar image for rowletteagle09

kool now please give me demos before i waste $60 on a bad game

Avatar image for Pete5506

cool, I gess

Avatar image for thekey

Great nice and late!!!!

Avatar image for druggyjoe3000

this is in the 360 area because

Avatar image for IsmirZone

WillT12345 cayne_phoenix all games should be like this!! downloadable demos to see if it suits ur tastes or not... You should get a 360 then, practicaly every game has a demo on the MP, and usually its there before the game comes out. Heck some games get two demos, one for online one for offline. Posted Mar 14, 2007 9:03 pm GMT YAY Lets all get X360 just to play demos......DEE DEE DEE.

Avatar image for tonyleo01

slowly but surely, they're coming along....... i guess

Avatar image for R-Dot-Yung

bout time pstore got some treatment

Avatar image for hoff2007

lol isn't that game already out? its a shame that the playstation store can't keep up with the marketplace.

Avatar image for IpodHero176


Avatar image for Flame_Blade88

Why give us this crap? Give us a good demo at least.

Avatar image for mustang03

got bored in 30 seconds. the fighing controls are so complicated that it detracts from the game. also if i wanted a fighting game i would get WWE vs Raw way better.

Avatar image for Symphonycometh

... ... Can't wait for that FFXIII demo! YEEEAH! Whenever that is.

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