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PS3 controller dubbed Sixaxis

Sony announces foreign prices, release dates for newly named motion-sensing controllers, Blu-ray remotes, and memory card readers.


If there's one thing gamers and fashion designers should be able to agree on, it's the importance of accessorizing. But what used to be a trifling purchase where even first-party controllers topped out at around $20 is getting more expensive with the next generation of consoles. Microsoft's wireless Xbox 360 controller retails for $49.99. Nintendo announced last month that its Wii controller will retail for $39.99, with the analog stick attachment running an extra $19.99 on top of that.

The Sixaxis.
The Sixaxis.

Now Sony Computer Entertainment has tipped its hand on next-gen peripheral pricing, in Japan at least. The company today released a list of PS3 peripherals and their prices. First up, it was revealed that spare wireless controllers--now officially dubbed Sixaxis controllers in a nod to their motion-sensing capabilities--will go on sale next to the console November 11 at a cost of 5,000 yen (about $42) each. It will also have a 30-hour battery life, according to Sony. A memory card adapter, suitable for reading PlayStation and PlayStation 2 memory cards, will also be released on launch day for 1,500 yen (around $12).

Additionally, a remote control to take advantage of the console's Blu-ray functionality will slightly trail the PS3 launch. It will be released in Japan on December 7 and will cost 3,600 yen (roughly $30).

Sony has not yet confirmed the Sixaxis name or peripheral pricing for the US market. However, in late August, the company did register the word "Sixaxis" with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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